Saltshaker 2017 India/Bhutan Update #2

posted on June 22nd, 2017

Monday morning we (the US portion of the Saltshaker team) gathered in Wichita for a day of orientation.  It was a long day filled with lots of information such as the history of India and Bhutan and common customs and practices.  One thing we learned was that in India they have tea 4-5 times a day.  We also learned to look at things not necessarily as right or wrong rather different.  Orientation day was successful and enlightening to the entire team.

We left the Wichita airport at 6am Tuesday morning and arrived in Kolkata around 9pm Wednesday.  The flights were long, but uneventful, and God gave us smooth, peaceful travel.  Customs in the Kolkata airport was an interesting experience full of many questions.  They reminded me of how blessed we are in the US to have religious freedom.

After DK and Choity picked us up from the airport, we were immediately thrown into the Indian way of life.  From the crowded streets to the chaos of traffic to the dogs roaming free, it was all new to most of us.  One interesting fact about Indian culture, they honk at EVERYTHING. Everyone found it really funny, and we had quite a few laughs on the way to our hotel.  At the hotel we met up with David from Bhutan, the final member of our team.

Tuesday morning started out with a breakfast of boiled eggs, bread, bananas, and some sort of spicy soup.  We then took a public bus (a very crowded and laughter filled experience) to the Friends office of Kolkata.  Hallie said, “That bus ride alone made all the flights worth it.”  At the office we were able to cool off from the immense heat outside.  There, we met Manti, Esther, and Biplap.  Manti, Esther, and David helped to teach us all some songs in various languages and dances to go with them.  

For lunch we had Jack fruit and butter and jelly sandwiches.  Chai tea was served before and after lunch, which we all enjoyed.  We then took off for a three hour bus trip to the island of Nazzat. There, we had the amazing opportunity to worship with the church.  Parker, Hallie, and Zack all shared messages and we all participated in some skits.  At the end, we each had a chance to bless and pray over some of the people in the church.

On our way to Nazzat church and village. 

In one day we utilized a public bus, our own two feet, a private bus, a river barge, and bike-drawn carts.  

Our first day was an awesome experience, one I don’t think any of us will forget.  The  team is healthy, please pray it continues that way for the entirety of the trip. 

-Lynnelle Bogan

Bethel Friends Church 

Updates from EFM

posted on June 20th, 2017
Lazarus John, pastor of the Sudanese Evangelical Friends Church in Omaha, Nebraska, is currently on a two-month exploration trip to South Sudan and the border city of Gambella, Ethiopia (Gambella is ethnically Sudanese and a stable base for operations). He is visiting leaders who have been leading and planting churches under the name of Evangelical Friends Church. Please pray for Lazarus as he makes this difficult journey, and for his wife, Veronica, and their family and church, as they continue on in Omaha while Lazarus is away.  Thank you to all of you who have already been praying for Lazarus and have supported him financially for this Luke 10 trip.
Here are some of Lazarus’ objectives:
  • To visit the Great Upper Nile, Great Equatoria, and Great Bahra Ghazal regions in South Sudan and the Gambella region in Ethiopia.
  • To visit new churches that have been planted over the last six years.
  • To further discern possible relationships with EFM and/or EFC-Rwanda and EFC-Africa, including the role Lazarus and his family would have in these relationships.
  • To assist with the registration and licensing of churches in South Sudan and Ethiopia.
  • To train church leaders in discipleship and Friends church-planting structures.
  • To lead in the preparation of self-sustainable financial strategies.
  • To clarify organizational structures for local, regional, and national leaders.
  • To build relationships and healthy communication patterns.  
  • To establish a unified vision of Evangelical Friends for an exciting future. 
Other missions-sending news in Central Africa:
Please pray for Rwandan Friends as they are currently planting worship groups and churches in Kampala, Uganda. EFM is partnering with Rwandans who are discipling and training both Ugandan and Sudanese leaders who currently reside in Kampala, seeking the right leaders who might plant other churches in Uganda or South Sudan in the future. Rwandan leaders are also making Luke 10 exploration trips to Juba, South Sudan, as they discern where or how they may begin a new mission to plant the seeds of a new yearly meeting in South Sudan.
Please pray for Burundian Friends as they continue a missions-sending objective in Kigoma, Tanzania. They have a handful of churches and worship groups in the Kigoma area, including some Burundian and Congolese refugee camps, with a base church building on property in the outskirts of Kigoma. The current leader in Tanzania is Mopendo, a Muslim back-ground believer who was led to Christ through a dream and later joined Friends via Congolese contacts. He is working with Burundian leaders to get the church, a seed for a new yearly meeting, registered with the government.
Thank you for praying for these African missions-sending efforts among Friends!  It is also wonderful to see EFC-Africa and FUM African leaders being transparent with each other, partnering where it makes sense, and always cheering each other on in the Great Commission!
– Matt Macy, Associate Director of EFM
P.S.  Please make note of EFM’s current mailing address: PO Box 771139, Wichita KS 67277.  Although the USPS is to forward our mail for 12 months, we have heard of some mail being returned to sender.

Summit 2018

posted on June 20th, 2017
SAVE THE DATE… Kingdom. Mission. Passion. 
Friends SUMMIT 2018 | December 28, 2018-January 1, 2019 | Denver Marriott Tech Center.
Conversations that could change your life!
Evangelical Friends Church-North America.
$340/person (at four/room rate).

Meet the Team | Saltshaker 2017 India/Bhutan

posted on June 19th, 2017

Official Saltshaker 2017 Team Picture from Orientation on June 19 held at University Friends Church in Wichita, KS

Meet the Saltshaker 2017 India/Bhutan Team! Please pray for our EFC-MAYM Saltshaker 2017 mission trip team headed to serve this summer in India/Bhutan. The team requests prayer support from friends, family and from churches and church members across EFC-MAYM and beyond. Several team members are also still raising funds. Please contact if you are interested in supporting these trips with a financial (tax-deductible) donation or make a donation online here. See more information about Saltshaker 2017 here

Saltshaker Prayer Requests
*For Security & Safety, that we would “be strong and courageous” and not be “afraid or discouraged” (Joshua 1:9).
*For Unity, that we may “be made completely one, so the world may know…” (John 17:23).
*For Discernment, that we may “trust in the Lord with all our heart and not rely on our own understanding…” (Proverbs 3:5-6).
*For Health & Comfort, that we would “be in good health physically just as you are spiritually” (I John 1:2).
*For Leadership that we would “imitate” the Apostle Paul “as he imitates Christ” (I Corinthians 11:1).
*For the Mission Fields in Bhutan/Nepal, that we would “promote love and good works” (Hebrews 10:24).
*For Humility that we would “make our own attitude that of Christ” and “assuming the form of a servant” (Philippians 2:5-8).

Saltshaker Itineraries (Official Dates)
June 19 – Saltshaker Orientation in Wichita
June 20 – 4:40 AM meet at Eisenhower Airport for send off, 6am United Flight Wichita to Chicago, afternoon flight to Abu Dhabi
June 21 – 9 PM Team arrives in Kolkata
June 21-30 – Ministry in West Bengal, India
June 30 – Team departs Kolkata for Bhutan
June 30-July 4 – Ministry in Bhutan
July 4 – Team returns to Kolkata
July 5 – Team departs Kolkata for USA
July 5-6 – Special Youth Gathering in Kolkata
July 6 – Team returns to USA
July 7 – Saltshaker Post-Trip Debrief in Wichita

Note that India is 10:30 and Bhutan is 11 hours ahead of US Central Time.

The sending churches for Saltshaker 2017 include the Friends Churches of Bethel, Northridge, and Rose Hill.

My name is Lynnelle Bogan and I attend Bethel Friends Church in Hugoton, Kansas. I am currently a senior at Hugoton High School and I will graduate in May. The Spring Invasion mission to Mexico in 2016 was my first mission trip. Over the past year I have felt God’s calling to short-term missions and I am excited to pursue that call. India and Bhutan have a very low percentage of Christians and I am looking forward to being a part of the ray of light reaching in to these countries.


My name is Jenna Easley and I will serve as the Assistant Director for Saltshaker 2017. Originally from Odessa, TX, I am a 24 year old senior at Friends University in Wichita, Kansas studying Religion and Philosophy as well as Christian Spiritual Formation. I will graduate this May and hope to pursue a life of vocational ministry, whatever that may mean. In Wichita, I attend and serve at Northridge Friends. I have previously had the opportunity to serve with IGo Global in Tokyo, Japan, with the North American Mission Board as a Student Missionary in Delta, Colorado, and most recently served in Mexico during Spring Invasion 2016. I enjoy thrift shopping, flannels, and tacos.


My name is Zack Leininger. I am a senior at Hugoton High School and attend Bethel Friends Church. I am active in sports and music at school and currently serve as Student Council president. I participated in two Spring Invasion trips to Mexico. I felt a calling to be part of Saltshaker last year at Camp Quaker Haven, and when I knew the team was going to Bhutan/India, I was even more intrigued. My family adopted my brother, Nathan, from India and the country holds a special place in my heart. On this mission trip I hope to grow closer to God as well as the team who is going. I also hope to further the Kingdom of God by equipping believers that we meet. I am excited to see what God has in store for my life in the future and to share these blessings with my church and all of EFCMAYM.


My name is Hallie Mayes. I am 15 years old and I will be a sophomore at Andover High School next fall. I live in Wichita, Kansas and attend Rose Hill Friends Church where I am involved in youth activities. I am so thrilled to go on the 2017 Saltshaker trip to India and Bhutan. During my time at reGENERATION in Decmember I felt led to join the India/ Bhutan Saltshaker team. I could not be more excited for this incredible opportunity to see and be a part of the work of the Lord in other cultures. 


My name is Adam Monaghan and I am the Director for Saltshaker 2017. I am from Wichita, Kansas and I serve as Associate Superintendent for Evangelical Friends Church Mid-America Yearly Meeting. I also lead a ministry to college students at Northridge Friends Church where I attend with my family (wife, Sarah, and three kids). I am really excited to be a part of the Saltshaker mission team because God has called us to be his witness to the ends of the earth (cf Mt 28:19-20, Acts 1:8). My favorite thing about missions is that God gets the glory (Ps.46:10b), the nations get the gospel (Mt. 28:19) and the church gets the “good life” of abundant blessings for being obedient and faithful to go, send, give and pray! I also really love the Evangelical Friends Church all around the world and am excited to get to partner with our churches and missionaries in Bhutan and India. 2017 will be my 10th Saltshaker and I have been blessed with the opportunity to lead or participate in over 50 mission trips! 


My name is Mark Persinger. I am a freshman at the University of Kansas, and I am studying human biology. I plan on attending medical school and becoming a pediatrician. I grew up in Hugoton, Kansas, and I attend Bethel Friends Church. I have gone on two Spring Invasion trips to Mexico. I had such amazing experiences on both of those trips, and that has prompted me to want to do more short-term mission work. I have never been to another country besides Mexico, so I am excited to see what it is like there. I felt led to join the Saltshaker India/Bhutan team to experience something completely different than what I’m used to and to help spread the gospel by doing whatever I can. I am extremely excited to see what God has in store for us on this trip!


My name is Bailey Pohlman. I live in Sedgwick, KS and attend Northridge Friends Church in Wichita, Kansas. This fall, I will be a senior at Sedgwick High School. I am super excited to be going on this Saltshaker. I felt called to go on this trip after I heard Adam talk about it at reGENERATION. After an assignment in 4th grade, I fell in love with the Indian people and their culture. While I do not know much, I am excited to learn more about Bhutan. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to spread the love of God to the people in India and Bhutan.


My name is Alec Schenck. I live in Wichita, Kansas and attend Northridge Friends Church. I am in the 11th grade and go to Northwest High School. I am extremely excited about this trip! At first I was nervous to sign up, but then I prayed for guidance and I was called to go on the 2017 Saltshaker trip to Bhutan/India. I did attend Spring Invasion 2016. On this trip I learned so much and am hoping for a similar experience in India and Bhutan. I am blessed to be on the team and am looking forward to seeing how God is working in other countries.


My name is Shiddarth Tamang. David is my Christian name. I am from Thimphu, Bhutan, which is the capital city. I attend and serve in Bhutan Friends Church. I am a student in Royal Thimphu College, studying political science. I am leading Youth’s fellowship, as well as helping my Dad in his ministry here in Bhutan. It is a real blessing and encouragement to serve our Lord here in Bhutan and to see God’s mighty work being done in all parts of the world through EFM. My passion for our mighty God is to teach and train our believers and leaders in church planting and disciple-making. Thank God we just celebrated our ninth class of leadership training who have been trained successfully in our Bhutan Friends Bible School. This gave me a true feeling of happiness and joy. It has been a great blessing and privilege to share God’s amazing love and grace among the people of Bhutan. I am excited to participate with the Saltshaker team during our ministry in India and also we are very excited to welcome the youth team in Bhutan. 


My name is Parker Titus and I am from Hugoton, Kansas and attend Bethel Friends Church. I am currently attending Friends University and studying Computer Science and Christian Spiritual Formation. I am very excited to be on the Saltshaker 2017 team. I have always been very interested in going on an international mission trip, and EFC-MAYM has made it possible. Many young adults are given a huge opportunity to serve God through Saltshaker mission trips. I have always been interested in international missions and I feel called to go to India/Bhutan. On this trip, I hope to allow God to work through my life and allow for personal growth in the Lord. I hope to encourage and bring God’s love to the people we encounter, and hope to advance God’s kingdom through love and faithfulness. I am excited to get to serve in India and Bhutan! Here is a video I made about my trip.


Leadership Institute Update | July 3

posted on June 17th, 2017

Dr. Adrian Halverstadt will bless us once more on July 3, 2017, as he completes our study of Christian theology, with specific emphasis on our Friends beliefs. Adrian knows the Church and Christian theology through studies in his Master’s and Doctoral work, as Professor in undergraduate and graduate Bible/Theology courses at Barclay College, and as a Friends Church pastor and leader. He has studied the great theologians and devotional leaders through the centuries. An additional blessing is Adrian’s broad knowledge of Friends history and theology, so he teaches Church history and beliefs through the eyes of Quakerism.

You will be able to see, hear, and interact with Adrian at these locations: Indianapolis, with Steve Turner, Louisville, KY Friends Church, Stone Mountain Friends Church, Atlanta, GA, Kickapoo Friends Center, St Paul, MN Friends Church (Bhutanese), Canadian Yearly Meeting (Montreal Monthly Meeting) at the homes of David Millar, Paul Etienne Mungombe, and Jonathan Esongo, Kingston, Jamaica (viewing and discussing YouTube videos), Lighthouse Fellowship Church (at the home of Jerry and Mary Louthan), Friends Community Church (Angleton), All Nations (formerly Sudanese Community) Friends Church in Omaha, Palmer, Alaska (at the home of David Miller), Noatak, Alaska (Robert Sheldon, Superintendent), Neighborhood Friends Church (at the home of Tom  and Bonnie Bousman), Friends Ministry Center (Wichita), Bangor Liberty Friends Church, Fowler Friends Church, Faith Friends Church, North Newton (at the home of Merl and Eunice Kinser), New Hope Friends Church, Friends Church at Liberal, and Barclay College (Jackson Hall).

If you also want to view the video recorded session and absorb your learning experience a second time, or if you cannot be at one of these sites, simply click on this YouTube link here.

After Adrian’s teaching in this session, I am certain that you, like me, will have a deeper understanding of the beliefs of our beloved Christian Church. This is important, because being firmly grounded in our roots, we will be able to grow and produce fruits for strong leadership and ministry today and in the future. Jesus’ teaching is clear, “The tree is known by its fruit” (Matthew 12:33 NRSV). This applies to the Church, of which you and I are servant leaders.

The class begins at 7:00 p.m. central time, July 3, 2017, with a time of friendly fellowship at 6:50.

Inviting you to enrich your faith, knowledge, and life by sharing in Adrian’s final class on Christian Theology.

-Dave Kingrey, Director of Leadership Institute

The Way in the Wilderness

posted on May 9th, 2017

“A voice of one calling in the desert,
‘Prepare the way for the Lord, make straight paths for him.’”
– Luke 3:4

When God is about to do something new and wonderful in the world, he often calls his people to the desert in order to prepare the way. It’s as if he must begin with models before he is ready to build a movement. And more often than not, it seems, his workshop is found in the wilderness.

Throughout his forty years of tending sheep in the Midianite desert (Ex 2-3), God was preparing Moses to lead his fellow Hebrews out of slavery and into the Promised Land. While seeking asylum from Saul in the desert strongholds of Ziph, Maon and En Gedi (1 Sa 23-24), David was being prepared to rule over the nation of Israel as God’s anointed king. Elijah’s frantic flight into the Sinai desert (1 Ki 19), following his initial contest with the prophets of Baal, prepared the way for a fresh encounter with God and a renewed call to return home and finish the job. It was in the wilderness of Judea that the word of God came to John the Baptist (Lk 3), launching his ministry as the forerunner of the Messiah. Following his baptism by John in the Jordan, it was into this same Judean desert that Jesus was led by the Spirit (Lk 4), where he made final preparations for public ministry by facing his demons on their home turf and demonstrating a divine identity that would soon be revealed to the whole world. And whenever he needed to be reminded of his true identity, “Jesus often withdrew to the wilderness for prayer” (Lk 5:16).

If Richard Foster is right in his assertion that “our adversary majors in three things today – noise, hurry and crowds”– then there is no better path towards healing and deliverance than the way of the desert. But, as Kenneth Leech has observed, those who are called to the desert must be “conscious of the severe temptations which the desert environment itself held. For these waste regions were the abode of the demons and the forces of evil … to enter the desert then is to enter the arena of spiritual conflict.” And yet, it is in the midst of such intense conflict that true character is forged, argues Henri Nouwen, for the desert itself provides a “furnace for transformation,” and “it is from this transformed self that real ministry takes place.”

It is interesting to note that as persecution began to diminish during the third and fourth centuries of the Christian church, “red martyrdom” (giving one’s life for the sake of the gospel) was gradually replaced by “white martyrdom” (dying to one’s self for the sake of the gospel). It was during this time that an increasing number of devoted Christ followers found themselves drawn by God to leave the relative comfort and complacency of organized religion in favor of the silence and solitude of the desert. These Desert Fathers and Mothers were desperate to exchange material prosperity for moral purity, worldly passion for eternal purpose, and shallow companionship for genuine community. They did not go into the wilderness in order to escape trouble, but to seek transformation. They sought to become less attached to the empty values of this fallen world and more fully attached to God’s vision of a better world.

I have never spent extensive time in the desert myself, but I have experienced firsthand the immeasurable value of silence and solitude and the rich blessings of the common life, especially during my tenure as a professor and campus pastor at Barclay College. I often refer to Barclay as the “Quaker Monastery on the Plains” due to its small size, close-knit community, commitment to meaningful ministry and remote location on the Kansas prairie (a region that, ironically, was once referred to as the “Great American Desert”). Needless to say, students and faculty don’t come to Barclay because it is a place of power, prestige and material prosperity. In fact, this reality has a wonderful way of purifying one’s motives. One could easily argue that those who come to study and serve at Barclay are either clearly called or just plain crazy!

It seems only fitting, then, that our 2017 Ministry Conference will be hosted by our friends at Barclay, especially during the college’s centennial celebration year. In keeping with our theme, “The Way in the Wilderness,” we will gather in Haviland, Kansas, a place that has served as formational furnace for our extended family of Friends in Mid-America, North America and all around the world for more than 100 years now. During our time together, we will pay special attention to the Israelite’s long, arduous, transformational journey from slavery in the land of Egypt to freedom in the promised land of Canaan. Throughout their 40-year camping trip through the desert, God’s people were faithfully sustained each and every step of the way by Yahweh, their good and beautiful God.  This is the same God who continues to lead His people through the wilderness of this world today, not merely by cloud or by fire but by the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit, as we all look forward to that great day when we will arrive safely at our final destination in the ultimate Promised Land (cf. Rev 21:1-22:5).
The question is: “How are we called to live while we are on the way?”

That is the question that will provide the primary focus for our time together in Haviland this summer, July 20-23, as we gather on the campus of Barclay College. I hope that you will join us as we wander together along this transformational journey with Jesus, “the pioneer and perfecter of our faith” (Heb 12:2) and our one and only reliable Way in the wilderness.

– David O. Williams, General Superintendent


Journey Project Internships

posted on May 9th, 2017
The Home Missions Board is excited to partner in several unique Journey Project internships this summer in different locations across the yearly meeting. The purpose of The Journey Project is to develop leaders – the kind of leaders who live out their faith in such a way as to change lives and communities through the sharing of God’s unconditional love.  Journey Project interns will be stretched beyond their comfort zones as they serve those in need. They will be equipped and trained to make disciples and make a difference in the world. And they will experience the joy of their salvation in ways they never imagined!
In addition to the summer internships, the Home Missions Board is hoping to bring on a young Spanish-speaking couple, Dario & Raquel Bastias, to EFC-MAYM for an extended, year-long “Journey Project” internship.  Dario & Raquel would start their year with us this summer in Wichita and then on to Tyler, Texas for a Luke 10 trip to explore a potential calling to help plant a new Friends church there when their internship concludes. If you are able to provide a camper or RV for them for 3 to 6 weeks this summer (June 4 – July 20) for this Luke 10 exploratory trip, please let us know!
From August 2017 through May 2018, Dario & Raquel would be available to spend time in a number of areas to learn from and connect with the local church and the local community. The interns’ ministry focus would be to have presence in the community. As they arrive in a unique community, their mission is to learn who the people are and where God is at work outside the walls of the church, and to join Him there. Through a partnership with a host church, we believe this internship will help build a bridge for the church to re-engage or engage for the first time with a unique community outside of its walls. What an exciting opportunity!
Host Church Opportunity: Dario & Raquel could come to your community for 1, 2, or 3 months. We ask the host church to provide housing for them in the target community. The interns will be raising some of their own personal support in addition to some Home Missions Board support for their other living and personal expenses. 
While at the host site, we also ask the host church to provide a mentor that would meet with the interns weekly for one hour in a Life Transformation Group. No training is required for the mentor, but note that a commitment to a Scripture reading plan is. 
We invite you to visit to learn more about The Journey Project.
– Home Missions Board Chairman, John Harkness

Jr. High Bible Quiz | Final Tournament

posted on April 28th, 2017

The 2017 Quiz season came to a close with the final tournament held at Northridge Friends on Saturday, April 22.  Fourteen teams from 8 churches competed over the chapters of Matthew 1-14.  Taking top honors was Bethel Blue followed by Bethel Red.  Third place went to Northridge Blue and Argonia Blue came in 4th.  The other teams placed as follows:

5th – Chandler , Friendswood Blue
6th – Friendswood Red, Friends Community
7th – Argonia Red, Friendswood White
8th – Tribe of Friends, Haviland Blue
Honorable Mention – Haviland Red, Northridge Red

In addition, the top average scorers for the year were recognized as “All Star” Quizzers.  This year the awards went to  Aubreigh Haxton of Argonia with an average of 103 points per tournament, Rolanda Gerber of Bethel averaging 148, Aspen Sohm of Bethel with a 150 average, and Hannah Harvey of Northridge scoring an average of 162 points per quiz.

The Frazier Award was also given to an outstanding quizzer who exemplified great leadership and good Christian testimony as well excellence in quizzing.  The nominees were Luke Ballard, Cooper Dawson, Hannah Harvey, Aspen Sohm, Madelyn Campbell, Grayson Bergquist, Rowan Davenport, Ky Leslie, and Aubreigh Haxton. This year’s winner is Rowan Davenport of Friends Community Church.

Congratulations to all the quizzers and coaches for a great quiz season.


Meet EFCMAYM Summer Intern

posted on April 28th, 2017

Christa Follette recently completed her second year at Friends University where she is double-majoring in Health Science and Christian Spiritual Formation. While growing up, she attended Grinnell Friends Church (Grinnell, Iowa), where her father was the pastor. She has been attending Northridge Friends Church since coming to school at Friends University and she has become plugged into the church and yearly meeting through being an AWANA Recreation Leader, being a part of the college and young adult gatherings, and the annual Friends Friends Friends Retreat. Northridge has helped her to fall in love with Wichita and the people here, and she is excited to spend the summer serving alongside Mid-America Yearly Meeting (and Northridge Friends) as a summer 2017 intern.

Her internship will cover a broad array of work and service to the Yearly Meeting and Northridge. The internship is being funded by the Clarence and Lilly Picket Endowment Grant for Quaker Leadership. Some of her duties will include: assisting Janet Penna in the office, covering office hours, helping in camp planning for MAYM camps at Camp Quaker Haven, planning and executing Yearly Meeting Gathering in July, helping plan summer programming and VBS at Northridge Friends, and other projects for the MAYM and Northridge staff members.

She has expressed that she is thrilled to spend the summer serving the Friends Church and she hope that her work will be a blessing to the Yearly Meeting and its churches! Stop in to the office this summer at 2018 W. Maple to say hi to Christa!


Job Opening | Argonia Friends

posted on April 19th, 2017

Argonia Friends Church is following the Holy Spirit in our search for a shepherd to lead our congregation.  We are looking for someone to connect with our community, connect with the youth and lead a congregation seeking God’s direction in every aspect of church life.  We have been led the past four years by a caring and loving leader that is following the Holy Spirit in leaving us to go where God is taking him.  He has led us to look deeper into every aspect of worship, community involvement and personal growth.  This leading has given us a stronger desire to do whatever God wants.

If you are interested in accepting this challenge and growing with us please contact Brian Fitch, presiding clerk:  You can learn more about the ministry of Argonia Friends by visiting our church website, town website and school website.

Applications Open for Kaleo Academy

posted on April 14th, 2017

screen-shot-2016-09-09-at-2-38-01-pmHow is your church investing in Leadership Development for the future? Do you have anything in place to encourage young people towards a life of ministry, service and calling? Kaleo (“to call”) Academy would like to come alongside your church in helping develop high school leaders for the Friends Church, and most importantly, for the Kingdom of God. Kaleo Academy is a National Friends Youth Training for students entering their sophomore, junior or senior year of high school in the fall of 2017 and is sponsored by Barclay College. The Academy is a 10 month program which includes: a week long Theology Camp on the campus of Barclay College (June 25 – July 1, 2017); a supervised Mentor Program to walk alongside the student and mentor from your local faith community; an Online Learning Community with students, mentors, and Friends teachers/leaders; and the Released Project directed towards 50 hours of student service learning.

Kaleo Academy Staff is interested in visiting your local church or your Yearly Meeting Region and presenting a workshop on how the program can take place in your congregation. If you are interested in more details, please contact Kaleo Academy Director, Brockie Follette at or 620-862-5252 ext. 26.

The group that formed around George Fox and started the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) were known as the Valiant Sixty.  Those early Quakers were young and passionate in telling people about Jesus, the One who can speak to every person’s condition.  We are looking for the new Valiant Sixty; young people who are ready to answer the call and help lead the Friends Church into the future!

Visit our website for more information and to apply: Applications are now being accepted through May 31, 2017.

– Brockie Follette, Kaleo Academy Director


Leadership Institute, May 1 | Dr. Adrian Halverstadt

posted on April 14th, 2017

This week we are remembering with inexpressible gratitude the love of Christ revealed in his suffering love for us on the cross. Then, on Resurrection Sunday, we will celebrate Christ’s victory over the grave. So we will gather with our Institute family on May 1, 2017 as a new people filled with the new life of the Living Christ. We will also begin a new course on Christian Theology and Church History. Dr. Adrian Halverstadt will be our teacher for the three classes in May, June, and July, during which he will bring clarity to the central beliefs of our Christian faith from a distinctively Friends perspective.

Dr. Adrian Halverstadt is my personal friend and colleague. Adrian is Chancellor at Barclay College and represents the college around the nation and across the branches of the Friends Church. He is Professor of Christian Theology in the Master of Arts studies at Barclay College, Director of the distance learning studies, and Professor in the undergraduate Bible/Ministry Division. Serving the wider Friends Church, Adrian is Superintendent of Rocky Mountain Yearly Meeting and Director of Evangelical Friends Church-North America. He is a Recorded Friends Minister in Evangelical Friends Church-Eastern Region, with more than thirty years of pastoral service. Adrian received the Bachelor’s degree from Ft. Wayne Bible College, the Master’s in Christian Ministry from Huntington University, and the Ph.D. in Theology, with a concentration in conflict management and systems theory from Trinity/University of Liverpool. Before coming to Barclay College, Adrian was Interim Pastor of the Pratt Friends Church, Executive Pastor of Willoughby Hills Friends Church, and a District Superintendent in Evangelical Friends Church (Eastern Region). He also opened a mission field in Brazil. Adrian is married to Lisa, and they are the loving parents of Adrian III, Joel, and Tim, and grandparents of six beautiful grandchildren. Adrian describes his commitment to the Church. “Lisa and I enjoy visiting churches and speaking on behalf of Barclay College.  We love the Friends Church and are committed to Biblical holiness.  I am convinced that God can transform the world for His glory through Barclay College and the Evangelical Friends Church!”

Adrian’s presentation will be available on YouTube. So if you cannot listen to his presentation on May 1, I encourage you to view the recorded session. Perhaps you can gather a group in your church to discuss Adrian’s teaching. Another brilliant idea was given to me. You might want to have a Sunday school class to discuss Adrian’s classes and other courses. This is the YouTube link.

If you are able to share in the interactive session with Adrian, here are the locations: Kickapoo Friends Center, Louisville, KY Friends Church, Stone Mountain Friends Church, Atlanta, GA, Indianapolis with Steve Turner, All Nations (formerly Sudanese Community) Friends Church in Omaha, Palmer, Alaska (the home of David Miller), (Alaska Yearly Meeting), Noatak, Alaska (Robert Sheldon, Superintendent), Neighborhood Friends Church (at the home of Tom and Bonnie Bousman), Friends Ministry Center (Wichita), Lighthouse Fellowship Church (at the home of Jerry and Mary Louthan), Bangor Liberty Friends Church, Fowler Friends Church, Barclay College (Jackson Hall), Faith Friends Church, North Newton (at the home of Merl and Eunice Kinser), Friends Community Church (Angleton), New Hope Friends Church, Friends Church at Liberal, Arkansas City Friends Church (at the home of Bud and Pauline Lawrence), Kingston, Jamaica (viewing and discussing YouTube videos), St Paul, MN Friends Church (Bhutanese), and Canadian Yearly Meeting (Montreal Monthly Meeting) at the homes of David Millar, Paul Etienne Mungombe, and Jonathan Esongo.

We seek to be informed Friends and explain clearly our beliefs. This we can do as we understand more fully our rich Christian history and the beliefs of prominent theologians in our 2000-year history. Adrian Halverstadt is committed to guide us in this high goal. Will you join him and others in our Institute family on May 1, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. central time? I invite you also to participate in a time of fellowship at 6 :50, during which we will hear the story of one of our members.

May the grace of our Savior be overflowing to you and your church,

Dave Kingrey, Director of Leadership Institute

Jr. High Bible Quiz | Update

posted on April 10th, 2017
The third quiz of the season was held in South Texas.  For the first time ever, Friends Community Church in Angleton, TX hosted our quiz.  The competition was fierce as 14 teams from 8 churches quizzed over Matthew 1-11.  Bethel ended up taking top honors with Bethel Red taking first and Bethel Blue coming in second.  Northridge Blue took 3rd while Friends Community came in 4th. 
The others teams ended as follows:

5th–Argonia Blue, Friendswood Blue
6th–Haviland Blue, Friendswood Red
7th–Chandler, Argonia Red
8th–Northridge Red, Tribe of Friends
Honorable Mention–Friendswood White, Haviland Red

The finals will be held at Northridge Friends on Saturday, April 22.


Home Missions Update

posted on April 7th, 2017

New Church Planters – Doing the Work of the Church!

Missiologist and author Alan Hirsch believes that many people in the church of America today have forgotten that the gospel mandate is actually to “make disciples of the nations”. In his book “Forgotten Ways”, Hirsch highlights the missional priority of discipleship and helps leaders reframe their understanding and practice of evangelism in the context of disciple making. By reframing mission and evangelism around discipleship, not only do we grow more obedient, but also make space for long-term, authentic, loving relationships with the people in our lives. Hirsch points out that if every follower of Jesus simply did this with just two or three people in their lifetime and asked those people to do the same—disciples making disciples making disciples—in just a few generations we would accomplish what we have sought to accomplish through most of our evangelistic efforts. “Disciple making lies at the very core of the church’s ‘sentness’ and mission,” he writes. “It has never been an optional extra.” This work of discipleship very accurately describes the vital and strategic work of our new church planting leaders here in Evangelical Friends Church – Mid America. We are actively supporting and working with these leaders in eight active projects, and praying with other leaders in several other new mission points throughout our region. Please prayerfully continue to lift these leaders with us!

Gerald & Deloras Mendenhall – planters at Oasis Church in Dodge City KS ~~ please pray for this veteran new church planting couple, and for the strength and renewed energy for building up believers and reaching the lost in this city and beyond. Please pray for the established leaders there, and also for the new believer’s stepping up in ministry. Pray for Gerald this month as he travels to various prisons across this country ministering to those incarcerated and their families. Pray for new leaders who may be found to work with the growing community of young people becoming a part of this church. Pray that an intern would be found to work this summer.

Emilio Sanchez – planter at Iglesia Evangélica Amigos de San Antonio TX ~~ please pray for Pastor Emilio in these days of transition and for new leadership there in San Antonio. Pastor Emilio will be completing his ministry there at the end of March, and either returning to Guatemala, or engaging in other ministry here in the states. Pray with the Partner Church Advisory Team (PAT) and the local team searching for new leadership, especially during this time without pastoral leadership.

Lazarus & Veronica John – planters at All Nations church in Omaha NE ~~ please pray for this couple, along with children, Deng and Aguel (college age), and Chuok, Nyawuda, and Juoly in elementary school. Pray for the many new leaders that Pastor Lazarus continues to disciple and equip for ministry and leadership in the work of the church. He is working with several interns from area colleges on numerous community issues, and is hosting a youth ministry team from Northridge Friends Church in Wichita KS over Spring break. He actively leads the Omaha/Lincoln Sudanese ministerial Alliance and is also preparing to travel with EFM this spring to his homeland to establish new church planting efforts there. Veronica continues to support the family by working in an area hospital. Prayers are appreciated also for the PAT team comprised of leaders from EFC-MAYM and Iowa Yearly Meeting.

Isai & Sucely Ramos – planters at Iglesia Evangélica Amigos de Oklahoma City OK ~~ please pray for this couple, along with daughter Stephanie in elementary school, working to overcome some learning difficulties, and son Benjamin, growing and learning at their home. Continue to pray for some health issues that Sucely has been battling. Pray for the continued strength and energy for Isai, who is working at the Hobby Lobby store and striving hard to maintain and disciple new leaders. Pray for Sucely’s parents, the Aldana’s, who are now living in the city and assisting in this new ministry. Pray also for the leaders from First Friends and COK area that are supporting this ministry in so many ways.

Joel & Blanca Mayorga – planters at Iglesia Evangélica Amigos de Emporia KS ~~ please pray for this couple and the leaders here working alongside the members of First Friends Church to reach this community. Pastor Joel requests prayers for the work and for their personal financial support. They have need for new tires on the vehicle provided by the Zortman family from Fowler Friends Church.

Jeremiah & Wendy Williams – planters at Friends of Lawrence KS ~~   please pray for this couple, along with their little daughter Abi. This ministry team continues to reach out to their neighbors and to live their Friends witness to the community in new and exciting ways! Pray for Jeremiah as he works to renovate this historical church facility for God’s glory.

Dal (D.B.) & Sangita Tamang – planters at Living Friends Church in Ft Worth TX ~~ please pray for this couple along with their daughter, Neemah (20), and son, Silas (19) beginning this new Friends Church in northwest Ft Worth TX. Pastor D.B. is gathering new disciples from his apartment complex as well as numerous other communities from across the metro area. Their leadership team is requesting prayer for Pastor D.B.’s job situation and a feasible new worship location. I was privileged to preach there a couple Sunday’s ago. The congregation has around 50 men, women, and children gathered in, or I should say, packed into a member’s garage. A True Blessing!

Kumar & Jossuda Tamang – planters at St Paul Friends Church in St Paul MN ~~ please pray for this couple along with their two sons, Amrit (18) and Samuel (12) beginning this new Friends Church in the Roseville MN community outside of the St Paul MN area. The church shares a location with Galilee Lutheran Church and have around 30 new disciples in the ministry. They have an active community gardening ministry that is reaching into this predominantly Hindu refugee neighborhood. Their leadership team is requesting prayer for a ministry van to commute members to and from the church for services. Currently leaders are mobilizing their own vehicles for this outreach. Home Missions recently provided several new NIV and Nepali language Bibles for this ministry and the people were truly appreciative of the gift.

George & Beverly Miller missional planters in Caldwell TX ~~ pray for this couple beginning a new Friends vision in a community outside of the College Station TX area. Pray for acceptance and fellowship with neighbors and community to receive this new vision.

Lowell & Melissa Adams missional planters in Dripping Springs TX ~~ pray for this couple beginning a new Friends vision in a community outside of the Austin TX area. Pray for acceptance and fellowship with neighbors and community to receive this new vision.

– Randy Littlefield, Director of Multiplication Ministries

Camp 2017 | Registration Open

posted on March 24th, 2017

Camp Registration is open. Further details and registration can be found here.  Please register by May 17 to avoid a late fee!

ALL IN – Living a Life of Worship
Romans 12:1-2, The Message
Kids Camp – June 3-7 (Grades 3-6)
Camp Director – Pam Chambers, Event Director – Sarah Harvey, Speaker – Josh Bunce
Sr. High Camp – June 8-12 (Grades 9-12)
Primary Director – Gabe Hancock, Assistant Director – Royce Bryan, Speaker – Keas Keasler
Jr. High Camp – June 12-16 (Grades 6-8)
Primary Director – Gabe Hancock, Assistant Director – Royce Bryan, Speaker – Jason Porterfield


Counselors are needed as well as the following:

Primary Counselor: Assigned 10-12 campers at each camp. Directs campers through the program and gives oversight. May teach an initiative activity. In charge of nightly cabin devotions/reflections. Debriefs campers through spiritual decisions made.

Assistant Counselor: (age 18 or over/at least 1 year prior experience) Assists Primary Counselor in all cabin responsibilities as stated above. Is willing to maintain an attitude of learning and service to the Primary Counselor and Cabin group each day.

Counselor in Training (CIT): (age 16-18 and/or first year counseling).




– Jesse Penna, Director of Student Ministries

Jr. High Bible Quiz Update | March 4

posted on March 24th, 2017
Bethel Friends Church in Hugoton Kansas hosted the second quiz tournament on March 4.  Eleven teams from 8 churches competed over Matthew 1-9.  The home team, Bethel, took 1st place while Friendswood finished in 2nd place, Northridge Blue in 3rd, and Friends Community in 4th
The other teams standings are as follows:
5th–Argonia Blue and Tribe of Friends
6th–Haviland Blue and Argonia Red
7th–Northridge Red and Chander
8th–Haviland Red
Congratulations to all the quizzers on a job well done.
(Order of photos from left to right: Haviland Red, Chandler, Northridge Red, Haviland Blue, Argonia Red, Argonia Blue, Tribe of Friends, Friends Community, Northridge Blue, Friendswood, Bethel)

Kyrie Eleison

posted on March 22nd, 2017

At first glance, some of you may look at the title of this post and wonder if I am about to sing the praises of one of the best point guards in the NBA, a Rookie of the Year, four-time All-Star, and Olympic gold medalist who just happens to play for the world champion Cleveland Cavaliers. But you would be wrong. That would be Kyrie Irving. (And yes, of course, I am pulling for Kyrie, LeBron and the rest of the Cavs to become just the twelfth team to repeat as NBA champions. But that story will have to wait a few weeks longer.)

Kyrie eleison is not a person, but a prayer. The first time I remember hearing this mysterious yet strangely attractive phrase was back in the mid-1980’s when I was still in my early days as a youth pastor in northeast Ohio. “Kyrie” was the title of a hit song recorded by a band called Mr. Mister (I know, it sounds a bit redundant, doesn’t it?). If you want to experience a little blast from the past, you can still find the music video here. It’s actually a pretty cool song.

I’m not sure what inspired the recording of the popular song, but I can tell you about the origins of the ancient prayer itself. Kyrie eleison is a Greek phrase that means, “Lord, have mercy.” Its frequent use as a central prayer of the Christian church derives from several New Testament passages where some form of this phrase is invoked as a passionate plea from a genuinely broken and contrite heart. A Canaanite women, for example, cries out to Jesus, “Have mercy on me, O Lord” (Mt 15:22). Two blind men call out, “Lord, have mercy on us” (Mt 20:30). Bartimaeus implores Jesus, “Have mercy on me” (Mk 10:46). But the kyrie eleison is perhaps most powerfully illustrated in the Parable of the Pharisee and the Tax Collector (Lk 18:9-14):

“Two men went up to the temple to pray, one a Pharisee and the other a tax collector.  The Pharisee stood by himself and prayed: ‘God, I thank you that I am not like other people—robbers, evildoers, adulterers—or even like this tax collector.  I fast twice a week and give a tenth of all I get.’

“But the tax collector stood at a distance. He would not even look up to heaven, but beat his breast and said, ‘God, have mercy on me, a sinner.’ 

“I tell you that this man, rather than the other, went home justified before God. For all those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted.”

Over the centuries, the phrase kyrie eleison (“Lord, have mercy”) has become one of the most beloved and frequently repeated prayers in the entire church, especially among our Eastern Orthodox brothers and sisters. This is also the same phrase that inspired what is commonly called the Jesus Prayer (“Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the living God, have mercy on me, a sinner”), a humble petition that has become increasingly popular among Western Christians as well.

So why am I spending so much time describing, affirming and commending to modern day Friends the value of an ancient prayer that has its roots in Eastern Orthodoxy?

I have been following Jesus for nearly 40 years now, and I have always found prayer to be the most essential and most challenging of all the spiritual disciplines. But what has helped me most in recent years is the discovery that prayer is not limited to a few, specific methods or models that are unique to any one denomination or tradition. As my good friend, Fil Anderson likes to say, “There are as many ways to pray as there are moments in the day.”

I have found that the more that my prayer portfolio has expanded, the more freedom, depth and joy I have experienced in my walk with Christ. This has also helped me to more readily embrace the biblical admonitions to “pray without ceasing” (1 Th 5:17) and to “pray always” (Lk 18:1).  I have found it much more do-able to pray always when I am better equipped to pray all ways.

If you are interested in expanding your prayer portfolio, I would encourage you to explore the kyrie eleison or Jesus Prayer, especially during this season of Lent. Try them on for size and see how they fit.  To borrow from William Penn, you might think of it as a “holy experiment.” At the end of the day, I pray that you will be encouraged and empowered to pray as you can, not as you can’t.

Oh, and one more thing. It is critical to remember that we are never alone when it comes to this life of prayer.  Our good and beautiful, triune God is always praying with us. As the Scriptures reminds us, God the Father “knows what you need before you ask him” (Mt 6:8), God the Son “always lives to intercede” for us (Heb 7:25), and God the Spirit “intercedes for us with groans that words cannot express” (Rm 8:26).  As we learn to pray with God, not just to God, we grow to understand that prayer is simply a matter of staying in the conversation, i.e., continually and intentionally resting in the gracious embrace of our Creator, Redeemer and Sustainer, the Lover of our souls, the One who longs to communicate with us “face to face, as a man speaks with his friend” (Ex 33:11).  And somehow, in the midst of this unfolding friendship with God, we are mysteriously and progressively transformed in such a way that others can actually see in us an imperfect yet increasingly authentic reflection of the very face of God (cf. 2 Co 3:18). As C.S. Lewis has testified, “prayer doesn’t change God; it changes me.”

Lord, have mercy.


– David O. Williams, General Superintendent

Leadership Institute, April 3 | Derek Brown on Worship Leadership, Part III

posted on March 22nd, 2017

The Church Leadership Institute for Ministry will gather April 3, 2017, during the season of remembering Christ’s death and celebrating His resurrection. We will be filled with gratitude for God’s supreme gift of Christ’s sacrificial love for us. We will also share feelings of gratefulness for God’s gift of our Ministry Institute.

Derek Brown, who has carefully and wonderfully taught our previous two classes, will speak to us and guide our discussion in his third and final session on Worship Leadership. Derek, as we have discovered, is a very articulate teacher. Derek is Chaplain, Chair of the Pastoral Ministry Department, and Director of the Pastoral Ministries and Transformational Leadership concentrations of the Master’s studies at Barclay College. As Professor, he teaches courses in Bible, Theology, Pastoral Ministry, Leadership, Preaching, and Worship. Derek received the B.A. degree from Barclay College, the M.A.R (Master of Arts in Religion) from Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary, and the Ph.D. degree from Johnson University. Derek’s doctoral studies were in Friends Faith and Practice, particularly the history of the Faith and Practices in the six Yearly Meetings in the Evangelical Friends Church – North America. He also studied the development of the Friends pastoral system in North America. His dissertation is a significant resource for 21st-century Friends. Derek is married to Jessica Huffman, who is the great-niece of Max Huffman, former Director of Indiana Yearly Meeting’s Missions Department. Jessica and Derek are the loving parents of precious twin daughters,

Our hope is to make available this Institute class, and all Institute classes, to as many Friends as possible. With this goal we offer live, interactive classes at these locations: All Nations (formerly Sudanese Community) Friends Church in Omaha, Friends Bible Training School in Alaska Yearly Meeting, Noatak, Alaska (Robert Sheldon, Superintendent), Neighborhood Friends Church (at the home of Tom and Bonnie Bousman), Friends Ministry Center (Wichita), Lighthouse Fellowship Church (at the home of Jerry and Mary Louthan), Bangor Liberty Friends Church, Fowler Friends Church, Barclay College (Jackson Hall), Faith Friends Church, North Newton (at the home of Merl and Eunice Kinser), Friends Community Church (Angleton), New Hope Friends Church, Friends Church at Liberal, Arkansas City Friends Church (at the home of Bud and Pauline Lawrence), Louisville, KY Friends Church, Stone Mountain Friends Church, Atlanta, GA, Indianapolis with Steve Turner, Kingston, Jamaica (viewing and discussing videos),  Kickapoo Friends Center, and St Paul, MN Friends Church

(Bhutanese). If you are unable to join one of these Institute groups and you prefer to view the video on YouTube, click here.

Derek will begin teaching at 7:00 p.m. central time, April 3, 2017, preceded by a time of fellowship and sharing at 6:50. You will want to make this class a priority, because from it you will take many ideas that you will find useful in your churches.

– Dave Kingrey, Director of Leadership Institute

Twaddells Raising Support in EFCMAYM | March-June

posted on March 9th, 2017
EFM Missionaries Roy and Jinky Twaddell are living in Haviland, KS for the next 4 months as they complete their deputation and support raising to prepare to go as missionaries to the Philippines to do ministry among Muslims. They are available March through June to speak in EFC-MAYM churches and to share about their ministry. You can contact Roy directly at or 949-633-8925 to schedule a visit to your church, Sunday School, small group, mission group, Friends Women group, etc.
Please pray for the Twaddells as they seek to complete their fundraising support. They are currently at 70% and need to raise the remaining 30% before returning to the Philippines.
Thanks for your love for missions, care for our missionaries, and partnership in the Gospel!
– Adam Monaghan, Associate Superintendent

Inaugural Institute Symposium | Barclay College | March 4

posted on March 3rd, 2017

I wanted to share a unique opportunity with you to join in the Inaugural “Robert Barclay Institute” symposium on Saturday morning March 4.  A brief understanding about the Robert Barclay Institute is as follows:


This scholarly resource supports Barclay College’s efforts to give historic Quaker thought a vibrant place in campus life and to allow Robert Barclay and other early Quaker voices to speak effectively in today’s world. The goals and aims of the Robert Barclay Institute fall under the identity, mission, and strategic plan objectives of Barclay College. This institute is made up of faculty, administrators, students, alumni, affiliated scholars and constituents.


  • Research the early voice (writings) of our Quaker leaders
  • Articulate ways the early Quaker movement speak into today’s culture
  • Reinvigorate evangelical expressions of Historic Quaker Faith and Practice
  • Connect contemporary Social Issues with evangelical Quaker Faith and Practice

Nurture Vocation and Calling amongst evangelical Quaker Christians

Here are the details about the presentation:

Saturday, March 4, 2017 | 9:30-10:30 a.m. (brunch to follow)
Student Center – Gathering Room
Theme: All Are One in Christ Jesus: The Social Justice Actions of Early Quakers as an Example to Contemporary American Evangelicalism
Presenter: Derek Brown, PhD
Responder: Aaron Stokes, MA in Quaker Studies, student
Moderator: Kevin Mortimer, PhD abd

Details for the gathering can also be found by clicking here.

I will share more info in the future about this Institute, but wanted to make you aware of this forthcoming opportunity.

Inaugural RB Institute Symposium Brochure

– Jesse Penna, Student Ministries Director