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Inaugural Institute Symposium | Barclay College | March 4

Friday, March 3rd, 2017

I wanted to share a unique opportunity with you to join in the Inaugural “Robert Barclay Institute” symposium on Saturday morning March 4.  A brief understanding about the Robert Barclay Institute is as follows:


This scholarly resource supports Barclay College’s efforts to give historic Quaker thought a vibrant place in campus life and to allow Robert Barclay and other early Quaker voices to speak effectively in today’s world. The goals and aims of the Robert Barclay Institute fall under the identity, mission, and strategic plan objectives of Barclay College. This institute is made up of faculty, administrators, students, alumni, affiliated scholars and constituents.


  • Research the early voice (writings) of our Quaker leaders
  • Articulate ways the early Quaker movement speak into today’s culture
  • Reinvigorate evangelical expressions of Historic Quaker Faith and Practice
  • Connect contemporary Social Issues with evangelical Quaker Faith and Practice

Nurture Vocation and Calling amongst evangelical Quaker Christians

Here are the details about the presentation:

Saturday, March 4, 2017 | 9:30-10:30 a.m. (brunch to follow)
Student Center – Gathering Room
Theme: All Are One in Christ Jesus: The Social Justice Actions of Early Quakers as an Example to Contemporary American Evangelicalism
Presenter: Derek Brown, PhD
Responder: Aaron Stokes, MA in Quaker Studies, student
Moderator: Kevin Mortimer, PhD abd

Details for the gathering can also be found by clicking here.

I will share more info in the future about this Institute, but wanted to make you aware of this forthcoming opportunity.

Inaugural RB Institute Symposium Brochure

– Jesse Penna, Student Ministries Director

The Journey Project

Thursday, July 14th, 2016

The Journey Project Internship – John Larson

Last summer the Wichita area Tribe of Friends and the EFC-MAYM Home Missions Board began praying, dreaming and ultimately planning together for a summer missional community internship. While we had originally hoped to have a small group of interns this summer, God opened up the door for just one: John Larson. John is a Barclay College student. He finished up his first year this spring and joined us in Wichita early this summer. John has brought with him a wealth of life experiences and a heart for God and for people at the margins.imageimage (1)

The primary goal of the Journey Project Internship is to practice learning about what God is doing in a particular location, a specific place…to learn who the people are, their culture, their beliefs..to find out what the harvest field looks like from within, and also to learn from and walk alongside the harvest force already working to bring the Gospel of the Kingdom in this place. John has been a faithful learner this summer. We look forward to what God has planned for him on his journey ahead. 

John will share more about his “Journey Project” in Wichita this summer at the EFC-MAYM Ministry Conference during the Home Missions Board Meeting Thursday, July 21st at 2pm. Pictured is John helping with the ESL Class at Evergreen Library as well as helping to clean out the Elpisimage (2)Locker for a clothing distribution to those in need.

– Carrie Corliss, Wichita, KS

A Note From Dave’s Desk

Wednesday, May 18th, 2016

Jesse Penna

Following an extensive discernment process, I am happy to announce that EFC-MAYM and Barclay College have entered into a new and strategic partnership that we believe will strengthen our shared commitment to student ministries, not only within Mid-America, but among Evangelical Friends across the country and around the world.

Jesse Penna, our current Associate Superintendent for Student Ministries, has accepted an invitation to serve as the new Professor of Youth Ministry at Barclay, beginning August 1, 2016.  In this new role, Jesse will be devoting 4/5 (80%) of his time to Barclay during the academic year (August-May) and will continue to devote 1/5 (20%) of his time to serving as Director of Student Ministries for EFC-MAYM. Because he will be on a 9-month contract with the college, his summers (May-July) will be free to lead and/or participate in additional ministries on behalf of EFC-MAYM as well (camps, mission trips, wilderness retreat, ministry conference, etc.).  Adam Monaghan will be moving from 3/4 time to full-time to help cover a good portion of the administrative oversight for our student ministries.

Please hold Jesse and Abby and their family in your prayers as they transition to this new role in the coming months, and remember our entire leadership team as we make all of  the necessary adjustments as well.  The best is yet to come!

– David O. Williams, General Superintendent

Discover Barclay College | April 14-15

Monday, March 7th, 2016

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 2.53.17 PM

There is no better way to experience life at Barclay College than by visiting campus. That is why we would like to invite you to our spring preview event, Discover BC 2016, April 14th and 15th. Come and stay in the dorms, visit classes, tour campus and catch a glimpse of what Barclay College is all about.

A schedule of the event and more details can be found on the back of this page. You can register for Discover BC 2016 at http://www.barclaycollege.edu/forms/discover.html. Please join us for this special event April 14th and 15th.

We look forward to seeing you on campus soon!

– Justin Kendall and Tiffany Van Dame, BC Admissions

Discover BC 2016
Spring Preview Event

Thursday, April 14

7:00-9:00pm       Registration

9:00pm               Event Orientation

Friday, April 15

8:00am               Breakfast

9:00am               Class Options

10:00am             Class Options

10:50am             Chapel

12:00pm             Lunch

1:00pm               Campus Tour

5:30pm               Dinner

7:00pm               With Everything

Saturday, April 16 (optional)

10:30am             Brunch

Housing: Students will be assigned to dorm rooms for Thursday evening. If needed, housing can be provided Friday night as well (no charge). Limited housing options are available for parents. Please contact the Admissions Department for more details.

Meals: All meals on Friday and Saturday are offered at no cost.

Contact Information:

1-800-862-0226                           admissions@barclaycollege.edu

Barclay College Receives Grant

Friday, January 1st, 2016

Screen Shot 2016-01-01 at 1.22.17 PMBarclay College recently received a grant from the Lilly Foundation to begin a Youth Theology Institute for high school students.  The grants are part of the Endowment’s commitment to identify and cultivate a cadre of theologically minded youth who will become leaders in church and society. Barclay is among a select group of private four-year colleges and universities around the nation to receive the grant.  “These colleges and universities are well-positioned to reach out to high school students in this way,” said Dr. Christopher L. Coble, vice president for religion at the Endowment. “They have outstanding faculty in theology and religion who know how to help young people explore the wisdom of religious traditions and apply these insights to contemporary challenges.”

Brockie Follette has been appointed to serve as director of the program and Matt Macy will serve as the assistant director.

A copy of the official press release can be found here.

– David O. Williams, General Superintendent

Barclay College: A Transforming Community

Wednesday, April 15th, 2015

Barclay College Steve Teter Memorial Golf Tournament

Thursday, April 2nd, 2015

2015 Golf Tournament

From Dave’s Desk

Monday, March 30th, 2015

Dave WilliamsCheck out this link for important information on new and expanded degree offerings from the Barclay College School of Graduate Studies. Each of these master’s programs hold great potential for both personal enrichment and professional development for our current and prospective EFC-MAYM pastors and church leaders. Click on the links for complete details.

This is also a good time to offer a quick reminder that financial assistance is available for graduate theological education through the Leach Scholarship for evangelical Friends leaders as well. An application is available on our website here.

-David O. Williams, General Superintendent

Barclay College School of Graduate Studies

Monday, March 30th, 2015


Family Ministries

The Master of Arts in Family Ministries (MAFM) combines Biblical theology and practical understanding about families with a strong emphasis on personal growth and reflection. Families, both good and bad, are in the business of reproducing themselves. Many individuals recognize the brokenness that is passed down through their family and yet feel helpless to remedy that pain. Even healthy families have their challenges, but God’s promise is that individuals and families can endure, strengthen each other, and achieve the health and longevity that we all believe a family should experience.



Pastoral Ministries

The Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministries (MAPM) combines the study of theology and the Bible with proven principles and best practices for effectiveness in pastoral ministry. This concentration is especially designed to meet the needs of those who feel called to serve as a lead pastor or in another pastoral ministry position in a local church setting. Church leaders and elders who serve in a variety of leadership roles will also find benefit in this program and become better prepared to equip others for ministry.



Quaker Studies

The Master of Arts in Quaker Studies (MAQS) offers a rich examination of the Quaker (Friends) movement from an evangelical perspective, including its unique history, deep convictions, distinctive practices, and sense of purpose. This program is for church leaders, professionals, and anyone who would like to discover more about the Friends Church and its place in our world today.



Spiritual Formation

The Master of Arts in Spiritual Formation (MASF) recognizes that fulfillment in life and effectiveness in ministry increase as a person is shaped and conformed into the image of Christ. With its integration of Christian theology, Christian spirituality, and Christian community, the MASF program offers students a unique learning experience and opportunity to grow intellectually, spiritually, and holistically. Any church leader and follower of Christ will be stirred, challenged, and find personal benefit in this program.



Transformational Leadership

The Master of Arts in Transformational Leadership (MATL) integrates the best of the scholarly research and literature on leadership with a firm Biblical and theological foundation for effectiveness. This interdisciplinary emphasis is anchored in the application of transformational leadership theory and Christian theology to prepare men and women for leadership and service in a variety of settings. It is an ideal emphasis for anyone who works with people in any position of ministry, leadership, service, or profession, including: corporate, government, non-profit, faith-based, and community organizations.




For details, visit website here or contact Lisa Christensen, Director of Graduate Student Services.
Phone: 620.862.5252
Email: lisa.christensen@barclaycollege.edu



Barclay College Discover Days 2015

Monday, March 9th, 2015

Discover 2014 GraphicThere is no better way to experience life at Barclay College than by visiting campus. That is why we would like to invite you to our spring preview event, Discover BC 2015, April 9th-10th. This event is in conjunction with our annual Spiritual Formation Conference as well as With Everything, an evening of worship. Come and stay in the dorms, visit classes, tour campus and be challenged in your walk with Christ through chapel and worship.

Please join us for this special event April 9th and 10thTo register go online to our website.

barclay college 3-15-04

We look forward to seeing you on campus soon!

– Justin Kendall and Tiffany Van Dame | BC Admissions


Juniors Global – For Life, Service, and Leadership in the Global Classroom

Thursday, December 11th, 2014

JG Logo_black background_10-21-14“To belong to Jesus is to embrace the nations with Him.” – John Piper

Spring semester 2014 was Barclay College’s “pilot year” for the new program, Juniors Global. Students prepared the entire spring semester for the 3-4 week trip they took after school adjourned in May. Juniors are the target age for trips within this program, and as a reward for attending BC for five semesters, they receive the greatest discount off their trip ($1000).

The goals of Juniors Global are to:

Broaden students’ awareness of God’s global presence.
Enrich students’ educational experience through intercultural interaction.
Provide a cross-cultural service opportunity.
Fulfill the mission of Barclay College in a global environment.

Two teams were sent off in May with prayer and commissioning by BC employees and students. Team Brazil, led by Ryan Kendall (faculty) was composed of Caitlin Young, Brandie Brown, and Morgan Stander. This team partnered with World Renewal Brazil and allowed students to serve cross-culturally in schools and sports programs as well as share testimonies and worship in local churches. They were inspired by the passion and commitment of local pastors and missionaries. Team Greece was led by Jim Le Shana (administration/faculty) and was composed of Abbey Cox, Samantha Kegley, and Tyler Mullikin. Helping Hands Athens was the local ministry that this team partnered with in a variety of ways: leading a retreat for local pastors and missionaries, serving in the Muslim refugee facility, and joining refugees at a special camp. They witnessed first-hand the helpless plight of the refugees and the strategic location of this ministry.

Selections for Juniors Global 2015 were recently completed. Any student may apply for a place on a JG team, but preference is given to Juniors and students in good academic standing. The small committee of faculty reviews all applications, praying, discerning, and carefully reviewing each appliation. Three teams have been chosen to represent Barclay College among the nations in May 2015, each one with a different focus.

Team Kenya will be led by Kevin Mortimer (faculty), partnering with Friends Bringing Hope. The team (Lauren Wells, Sean Barber, Ross Smedley, Kristin Lee, Hannah White, and Jalyn McCarty) will focus on ministry to widows and orphans, through construction, visiting schools, learning business practices, and worshiping together.

The 2014 team that partnered with Helping Hands Greece made a positive impression and was invited back for next May. Since this trip, Barclay College has invited Kenn Dirrim, Athens Missionary and Short Term Team Coordinator with International Teams at Helping Hands, to be our “on-location” adjunct professor who will lead our Greece teams upon arrival. Preparation for Team Greece will be led by Tiffany VanDame (staff) and Hannah Kendall (JG Director). The team consists of Breanna Haack, India Gutshall, Kimberlee Naillieux, Tanner Huck, Aaron Altvater, and Matt Jarrell. The focus of this trip will be similar to the “pilot year” team, ministering to Muslim refugees in a variety of ways.

Our missionary in residence, Michelle Murray (BC Masters student), will lead our team to Cambodia. Michelle lived in Cambodia 13 years serving EFC-SWYM and is the Director of Marketplace Ministries. This team happens to be all female: Angela Richmond, Brianna Morin, Kayla Carr, Tiffany Graham, Karina Hooper, and Melynda Lujan. It will focus on supporting ministries who work with “at-risk” people through income generating projects, and mission as business will be emphasized.

Check out our Juniors Global blog at https://bcjuniorsglobal.wordpress.com/ and watch the promotional video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_EyW8WLxHyc.


2015 Juniors Global – Team Cambodia (C), Team Greece (G), Team Kenya (K) – Back row, left: Brianna Morin (C-Argonia), Karina Hooper (C-Wichita), Tiffany VanDame, Group leader (G-Haviland), Ross Smedley (K-Centennial, CO), Breanna Haack (G-Buffalo, OK), Sean Barber (K-Westminster, CO), Kristen Lee (K-Blairsville, GA), Hannah White (K-Huggins, MO), Kevin Mortimer, Group Leader (K-Haviland), Matt Jarrell (G-Brush, CO), Tanner Huck (G-Coldwater), Aaron Altvater (G-Hutchinson). Front row, left: Michelle Murray, Team Leader (C-Haviland), Kim Naillieux (C-Derby), India Gutshall (G-Yuma, CO), Jalyn McCarty (K-Pratt), Lauren Wells (K-Halstead), Kayla Carr (C-Fowler), Melynda Lujan (C-Caldwell, ID), Angela Richmond (C-Aurora, CO). Not pictured: Tiffany Graham (C-Newberg, OR), Hannah Kendall, Team Leader (G- Haviland).

Barclay College Approved as Candidate for Accreditation with HLC

Friday, November 21st, 2014

Barclay CollegeGreetings, friends!  

Barclay College President Royce Frazier recently announced that the college has been officially approved as a candidate for regional accreditation with the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.  Please see Barclay College Press Release for a full report.

During the month of November the college also was notified that it has received Limited Accreditation (the highest level of accreditation an institution can receive at the entry level) by the Kansas Department of Education (KSDE).  This will be official at the next KSDE State Board of Education meeting on December 10.

Finally, the Barclay soccer team completed one of its best seasons ever this month, having won the MCCC Conference Championship, the MCCC Tournament Championship, the NCCAA Southwest Regional Championship, and the consolation bracket at the NCCAA National Championship, finishing fifth in the nation.

We celebrate with our friends from Barclay College, and give all thanks and praise to our good and beautiful God, from whom all blessings flow!

– David O. Williams, General Superintendent of EFC-MAYM