‘Church Plants’

Multiplications Ministries Conference 2018

Thursday, August 30th, 2018

The last multiplication movement among Friends in North America was in the late 19thcentury, moving from the eastern seaboard, through the central plains, and on to the west coast.  Today, the winds of God’s Spirit seem to be blowing again. 

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the next movement came in our generation and began in the middle of the country?  That was the very heartbeat of the 2018 National Friends Church Multiplication Conference, co-sponsored by MCM Associates and Barclay College, held August 1-3 in Haviland, Kansas.  Our God showed up along with more than 100 evangelically-minded Friends from all over the United States.   Friends clearly want to make church multiplication a priority! 

Our guest speaker for this year’s conference was Pastor Dave Ferguson from Community Christian Church in Naperville, Illinois.  Dave is a nationally-known multiplication leader who serves as the primary face of the Exponential Conference, called by many across America and around the world as the “largest gathering of new church planters and teams on the planet.”   He has authored numerous books including Hero Maker, which provided the central focus for his five plenary challenges at this conference.

It was an inspiring Great Commission (Mt 28:18-20), Great Commandment (Mt 22:37-40), and Great Collaboration (Jn 17:20-23) gathering of Friends from Mid-America, Rocky Mountain, Eastern Region, Northwest, Southwest, Iowa, Indiana, and North Carolina Yearly Meetings. These intense five days (including travel) included strategic workshops and equipping sessions to help leaders and churches to get outside of themselves and to see the ripe harvest fields all around us.  The beautiful new Ross-Ellis Center at Barclay College was the setting and the unusually cool summer weather in Kansas made it the ideal place to be at this moment on God’s beautiful creation.   

Dave Ferguson brought a timely challenge to be about Kingdom business by making new disciples into “Kingdom Heroes,” rather than building our own reputations and realms. There were challenges to set goals and then multiply them by 100 or a 1000 like our great big God does, in order to meet the needs of this world by deploying new leaders who start new churches. Though we already have most of the tools we need, we recognized that we do need to develop a culture and commitment to continually make new disciples and to start new churches, so we were challenged to develop new networks for church planting because it is our corporate calling.

With tracks and workshops for Latino leaders in Spanish, as well as other cultures, this conference was relevant and inspiring for all.  The Thursday night session included an invitation to pray at the front of the auditorium where numerous individuals and couples prayed to be used and empowered by the Spirit of God to go and to build Christ’s Kingdom!   

We invite others to join in the quarterly MCM-hosted “Catalyst Conversations” with people who are actively involved in the stateside mission work of new church planting to hear what God is up to and to learn how we can be more involved.  The next Multiplication Conference will be decentralized into multiple regions and is planned for the year 2020 with inspirational leadership coming from online sessions presented by some of our international heroes from around the world.   More information will be coming, so plan now to be a part of the beautiful “new thing” that the Lord of the harvest is doing in our midst!


– Randy Littlefield, Director of Multiplication Ministries

Home Missions Update

Friday, April 7th, 2017

New Church Planters – Doing the Work of the Church!

Missiologist and author Alan Hirsch believes that many people in the church of America today have forgotten that the gospel mandate is actually to “make disciples of the nations”. In his book “Forgotten Ways”, Hirsch highlights the missional priority of discipleship and helps leaders reframe their understanding and practice of evangelism in the context of disciple making. By reframing mission and evangelism around discipleship, not only do we grow more obedient, but also make space for long-term, authentic, loving relationships with the people in our lives. Hirsch points out that if every follower of Jesus simply did this with just two or three people in their lifetime and asked those people to do the same—disciples making disciples making disciples—in just a few generations we would accomplish what we have sought to accomplish through most of our evangelistic efforts. “Disciple making lies at the very core of the church’s ‘sentness’ and mission,” he writes. “It has never been an optional extra.” This work of discipleship very accurately describes the vital and strategic work of our new church planting leaders here in Evangelical Friends Church – Mid America. We are actively supporting and working with these leaders in eight active projects, and praying with other leaders in several other new mission points throughout our region. Please prayerfully continue to lift these leaders with us!

Gerald & Deloras Mendenhall – planters at Oasis Church in Dodge City KS ~~ please pray for this veteran new church planting couple, and for the strength and renewed energy for building up believers and reaching the lost in this city and beyond. Please pray for the established leaders there, and also for the new believer’s stepping up in ministry. Pray for Gerald this month as he travels to various prisons across this country ministering to those incarcerated and their families. Pray for new leaders who may be found to work with the growing community of young people becoming a part of this church. Pray that an intern would be found to work this summer.

Emilio Sanchez – planter at Iglesia Evangélica Amigos de San Antonio TX ~~ please pray for Pastor Emilio in these days of transition and for new leadership there in San Antonio. Pastor Emilio will be completing his ministry there at the end of March, and either returning to Guatemala, or engaging in other ministry here in the states. Pray with the Partner Church Advisory Team (PAT) and the local team searching for new leadership, especially during this time without pastoral leadership.

Lazarus & Veronica John – planters at All Nations church in Omaha NE ~~ please pray for this couple, along with children, Deng and Aguel (college age), and Chuok, Nyawuda, and Juoly in elementary school. Pray for the many new leaders that Pastor Lazarus continues to disciple and equip for ministry and leadership in the work of the church. He is working with several interns from area colleges on numerous community issues, and is hosting a youth ministry team from Northridge Friends Church in Wichita KS over Spring break. He actively leads the Omaha/Lincoln Sudanese ministerial Alliance and is also preparing to travel with EFM this spring to his homeland to establish new church planting efforts there. Veronica continues to support the family by working in an area hospital. Prayers are appreciated also for the PAT team comprised of leaders from EFC-MAYM and Iowa Yearly Meeting.

Isai & Sucely Ramos – planters at Iglesia Evangélica Amigos de Oklahoma City OK ~~ please pray for this couple, along with daughter Stephanie in elementary school, working to overcome some learning difficulties, and son Benjamin, growing and learning at their home. Continue to pray for some health issues that Sucely has been battling. Pray for the continued strength and energy for Isai, who is working at the Hobby Lobby store and striving hard to maintain and disciple new leaders. Pray for Sucely’s parents, the Aldana’s, who are now living in the city and assisting in this new ministry. Pray also for the leaders from First Friends and COK area that are supporting this ministry in so many ways.

Joel & Blanca Mayorga – planters at Iglesia Evangélica Amigos de Emporia KS ~~ please pray for this couple and the leaders here working alongside the members of First Friends Church to reach this community. Pastor Joel requests prayers for the work and for their personal financial support. They have need for new tires on the vehicle provided by the Zortman family from Fowler Friends Church.

Jeremiah & Wendy Williams – planters at Friends of Lawrence KS ~~   please pray for this couple, along with their little daughter Abi. This ministry team continues to reach out to their neighbors and to live their Friends witness to the community in new and exciting ways! Pray for Jeremiah as he works to renovate this historical church facility for God’s glory.

Dal (D.B.) & Sangita Tamang – planters at Living Friends Church in Ft Worth TX ~~ please pray for this couple along with their daughter, Neemah (20), and son, Silas (19) beginning this new Friends Church in northwest Ft Worth TX. Pastor D.B. is gathering new disciples from his apartment complex as well as numerous other communities from across the metro area. Their leadership team is requesting prayer for Pastor D.B.’s job situation and a feasible new worship location. I was privileged to preach there a couple Sunday’s ago. The congregation has around 50 men, women, and children gathered in, or I should say, packed into a member’s garage. A True Blessing!

Kumar & Jossuda Tamang – planters at St Paul Friends Church in St Paul MN ~~ please pray for this couple along with their two sons, Amrit (18) and Samuel (12) beginning this new Friends Church in the Roseville MN community outside of the St Paul MN area. The church shares a location with Galilee Lutheran Church and have around 30 new disciples in the ministry. They have an active community gardening ministry that is reaching into this predominantly Hindu refugee neighborhood. Their leadership team is requesting prayer for a ministry van to commute members to and from the church for services. Currently leaders are mobilizing their own vehicles for this outreach. Home Missions recently provided several new NIV and Nepali language Bibles for this ministry and the people were truly appreciative of the gift.

George & Beverly Miller missional planters in Caldwell TX ~~ pray for this couple beginning a new Friends vision in a community outside of the College Station TX area. Pray for acceptance and fellowship with neighbors and community to receive this new vision.

Lowell & Melissa Adams missional planters in Dripping Springs TX ~~ pray for this couple beginning a new Friends vision in a community outside of the Austin TX area. Pray for acceptance and fellowship with neighbors and community to receive this new vision.

– Randy Littlefield, Director of Multiplication Ministries

Burundi Friends’ Mission to Tanzania

Tuesday, January 10th, 2017
I wanted to acknowledge this important milestone in the life of the Evangelical Friends Church of Burundi as they have launched church planting efforts into their neighboring country, Tanzania. Matt Macy shares the details on behalf of EFM below as well as how and where to contribute. This is an exciting opportunity for our EFC-MAYM churches to partner with our sister church in Burundi to help with the costs of officially registering this new church/mission field with the government of Tanzania. 
— Adam Monaghan
We continue to celebrate mission-sending efforts by our Friends in Africa. The Evangelical Friends Church of Burundi has been developing a mission at Kigoma, Tanzania with plans to launch church-planting efforts throughout Tanzania. Burundi Friends recently “recorded” Pastor Mapendo Songoro, and groups of Burundian Friends have been making regular ministry and encouragement trips to Kigoma over the past three years. 
Burundi Friends have asked for assistance in costs of $2,600 associated with registering the EFC-Tanzania mission and church with the government of Tanzania in Dar-Es-Salaam. This has been an important “next step” that leaders in Burundi have been talking about in recent years, but some newly enforced mandates by the government call for an immediate registration of the church. EFM has been looking for appropriate opportunities to partner with Burundi Friends in this missions-sending work. Burundi Friends have been self-funded in all of their efforts in Tanzania up to this point, and we believe this request for assistance is a wonderful opportunity for partnership.
Please pray for this young mission that’s based in Kigoma, Tanzania! If you would like to partner financially with Burundi in this mission, please note “Tanzania registration” with your gift. You can use any of these giving options:
If excess funds are raised, they will be allocated to other EFM Luke 10 projects. EFM’s Luke 10 Initiative is focused on discerning where Evangelical Friends might participate in opening new mission fields. 
– Matt Macy, EFM

EFCMAYM’s Newest Church Plants & Project Updates

Wednesday, December 7th, 2016


God’s Holy Spirit is at work among the cities and towns of our yearly meeting, including some new points of ministry. It has been some time since you heard an update on all the active new church planting projects. I want to begin with our newest mission points.

Caldwell, Texas. A growing central Texas community located between College Station and Waco is our newest mission point. This opportunity came to us from Booker Friends pastors Steve and Linda Patterson. After a discussion with Linda’s cousins, George & Beverly Miller, former members of Bayshore Friends in Bacliff Texas, I heard their vision and burden to reach their neighbors for Jesus Christ. They live in this growing community of around 5,000 people and they believe the Friends message and tradition is a valuable way to reach out to their neighbors. Please pray for this new mission point.
St. Paul, Minnesota Friends Church. Through referrals from EFM missionaries, John and Sangi VanLal, who have served in Nepal for many years, two refugee churches have begun. The newest church includes five to six families meeting in a house church led by Pastor Kumar and wife Jossuda Tamang, and their two teenage sons, Amrit and Samuel. A Partner Church Advisory Team (PAT) has been established. Riverbend Friends of Tecumseh, Michigan from Eastern Region YM, Hay Springs Friends in Nebraska, From Rocky Mountain YM, Bear Creek Friends in Des Moines from Iowa YM, and Northbranch and All Nations Friends from our YM make up the team. While ministering in Nepal, Pastor Kumar Tamang was a good friend and disciple of Pastor DB Tamang who is now ministering in Ft Worth, Texas.  Even though they share a last name, they are not related. Our Home Missions Board recently approved funds to purchase Nepali and NIV Bibles for this new ministry. Please pray for Pastor Kumar and the St Paul team.
The Ft Worth, Texas Nepali ministry called Living Friends Church continues to expand in three huge apartment complexes where many refugees have settled. Pastor DB Tamang, and his wife Sangita, along with their teenage children Neemah and Silas, have started several bible studies. He is also preaching each Sunday in the community of Haltom in north Ft Worth where his mother and brother live. He currently uses their large garage for a meeting location, but they are at full capacity there.  Pray for the Partner Church Advisory Team (PAT) as we discern a larger location for meetings. PAT chairman is David Moses, and wife Andrea (Byrne) Moses. Steve Patterson, David Byrne and myself complete the team.   More PAT churches are needed to work with this exciting new ministry.  Thanks to Western Area for responding to the need for Nepali Bibles!

Friends of Lawrence, Kansas. Another team couple, Joey and Lanie Spiegle have relocated from Miami, Oklahoma to join pastors Jeremiah and Wendy Williams in this work. They are intentional in building multiple relationships with those they meet in their workplace, apartment complex and the neighborhood community of the Lawrence Friends Church.  Jeremiah is working hard to refurbish and remodel the church facility. This ministry is supported by representatives from Spring Grove, Tonganoxie, Crossroads, Rose Hill, Northridge, and Haviland Friends Churches. Continue to pray for God’s direction as they reach out to people in Lawrence.
Iglesia Evangelica Amigos de Oklahoma City, Oklahoma with Pastor Isai and Sucely Ramos and family. The Aldana family from Guatemala (Sucely’s parents and brother) have acquired U.S. Residency status and joined the ministry team in Oklahoma City. Pastor Isai is bi-vocational, and in addition to discipling his church family, works at Hobby Lobby and reaches out to the Hispanic community in numerous innovative ways. After ministering in this community for several years, the passionate prayer request from Pastor Isai is that the Holy Spirit might break through Satan’s stronghold in the hearts of people in the community who are not open to the Gospel message. Pray also for Sucely’s health and the ongoing issues of insurance coverage for their family.

All Nations Church (Sudanese Community) in Omaha, Nebraska. A new team has formed to support the ministry efforts of pastors Lazarus and Veronica John. Team members are Rob Talbot from Quakerdale Ministries in Iowa YM, Pastor Cliff Heckman from Bear Creek Meeting in Des Moines, Iowa, Rebecca Achai-Denver, Aislynn Rookwood and Martha Mut from All Nations Church in Omaha. Lazarus’ ministry is to both the local Sudanese community as well as those who remain in South Sudan. This team is focused on spiritual leadership to help provide support for local medical and legal needs, housing, and employment. They minister to youth through sports teams, while coordinating interns from the University of Nebraska, Omaha. Another service they provide is using their handicap-accessible van for urgent transportation needs in the community.
Iglesia Amigos de San Antonio, Texas, with Pastor Emilio Sanchez: This team is well-established with local leadership and oversight by the Partner Church Advisory Team (PAT), led by Bob Mardock and David Byrne.   Bible studies are active now to feed the souls of seekers. They pray often for local growth, and for their families still in Guatemala, Mexico and other Spanish speaking countries. God’s spirit is evident in all ministries of Iglesia Amigos. Continue to pray from Pastor Emilio and the team there.

Oasis Church of Dodge City, Kansas is led by Pastor Gerald Mendenhall and his wife Deloras. With leadership and support from the Partner Church Advisory Team (PAT), Keith and Barbara Whitney, Craig and Treva Custer, Chuck Townsend, Wayne Powell and Dave Reimer, great strides are made weekly as worship attendance grows dramatically with many new believers. Jesus Torres, who spoke at EFC-MAYM sessions a few years ago, was recently released from federal prison and is now part of this Dodge City ministry. Celebrate Recovery is another vital substructure.

Thanks for your prayers.

– Randy Littlefield, Director of Multiplication Ministries

“Leading A Multiplication Movement” | Update on Multiplication Ministries

Saturday, August 27th, 2016

Most transformational organizations, religious or otherwise, are launched with a certain ethos and energy that starts with a seminal vision/idea and swells like a wave to impact society around it. Take the Celtic Christians, the Moravians, early Pentecostalism, and closer to our time, the Vineyard, for examples of dynamic movements that have had global impact. It is perfectly true to say that most groups that have impact on either a local, national, or international level almost always begin with a form that sociologists call a movement. That is, there are some common characteristics that mark off the early phase of dynamic social movements that are distinct from the social structures of the later institutions that arise from them. This is as true for ecclesial, para-church, and mission agencies, as it is for corporations, community projects, political parties, and many other secular organizations.

However, in the midst of the rapid change and hyper-growth of almost everything around us, we as the Church have almost lost our voice to impact the culture. Now more than ever, what is “new and improved” becomes “old and worn out” in just a fraction of the ti21549278-b14a-4c56-a546-f1145ebadb26me. This dramatically impacts the mission of the church. As leaders responsible for our generation, we simply cannot expect significantly different outcomes using outmoded understandings of the church and culture. If churches are not prepared for what is here today, how will they respond to what lies ahead? So the good news is that we can become the church as it was always meant to be – a rapidly spreading, high impact, movement. We need not settle merely for striving in this rapidly changing world; Jesus’ people can actually thrive in it, and God willing, even redirect it. But if we are to do so, we will have to change. Our Heavenly Father has given us everything we need to get the job done.1

Church multiplication matters! First of all, because the church is the bride of Christ, but also the church is God’s intended vehicle to advance the gospel and grow believers into the image of Jesus. New churches matter because they are the most effective of all churches in reaching the lost around us. New church planting is no longer on the fringes of church life. It is now an anticipated and even preferred destination for new church leaders. It must be a priority for denominations, networks, and local churches. In our Friends Church movement our response to this challenge is a new non-profit organization that we have chosen to call, Multiplication Catalyst Ministries, or MCM Associates, which is easier to say!   Persons wiser than I have rightly recognized, that a committee or a board sometimes paralyzes the movement of God’s Holy Spirit.  Although you see, we are not planting churches so much as we are planting a movement; the movement of the Friends Church! We will identify, train, empower and champion any ready churches and Friends regions in North America over the next few years. Our mission is to reanimate a church movement by deeply embedding “a go with Jesus!” challenge into our local ministry culture.

With momentum coming out of our 2016 National Friends Church Multiplication Conference, my task along with our EFC-MAYM Home Missions Team, is continuing to oversee our new church planting projects, and also working with MCM Associates to complete the not-for-profit ministry incorporation, and raising future funding support, while actively recruiting regional point catalysts’ from each geographical entity across America. Once incorporated here in the state of Kansas, with Barclay College as the formal address, the core team of active apostolic leaders including Jim LeShana, Vice-President at Barclay College; David Byrne, Executive Director of Coalition of Hispanic Ministries; Mike Dennis, Pastor of Riverbend Friends in Tecumseh MI, and an EFC-ER Multiplication leader; Tom Palmer, former new church planter and leader in Iowa Yearly Meeting of Friends; Thayne Thompson will bring his experience, enthusiasm, and business background in as Treasurer; and I will be leading this newScreen Shot 2016-08-27 at 11.00.33 AMvision. Please pray with us, and also as God leads, challenge your local congregation to make a monthly financial commitment to this ministry. Make these pledges payable to MCM, and send them directly to Thayne Thompson at 807 N Timberleaf Dr. in Derby, KS 67037. Reap the blessings!

– Randy Littlefield, Associate Superintendent of Multiplication Ministries


From the Desk of Matt Macy

Monday, September 21st, 2015

EFM is happy to release the ninth Igniting the Hope video, featuring Edwin and Maria Grion, who are serving in Mexico. We invite you to use this video, which is available on the EFM YouTube Channel for a missions focus at your church on Sunday morning.

EFM Mexico, GironEFM – Mexico Igniting the Hope

You may also choose to distribute the accompanying printable/insertable flyer to your congregation.

You can find all available Igniting the Hope video links, inserts, and quarterly funding status updates at friendsmission.com/donate

Matt Macy
Associate Director, EFM

Home Missions Board Update

Monday, September 7th, 2015

blogg-01Following an active search and an intense time of shared leadership by the local team, the Partner Advisory Team, chaired by Bob Mardock, is pleased to announce, effective August 1, 2015, that Pastor Emilio Sanchez (pictured 3rd from left) has been called as Lead Pastor at Iglesia Amigos de San Antonio, TX.

In the beginning of this plant, founding Pastor Runy Moscoso completed over two years of pioneering work to plant and launch this new church project. Lay leaders have guided the work the past year seeing growth while actively looking for a new pastor.

Please pray for Emilio and his team who are ministering in San Antonio. If you’re in the area, you would be blessed by attending their 10:30am services at

4450 Walzem Road, San Antonio, TX, 78218.

– Randy Littlefield, Associate Superintendent of Multiplication Ministries

Harvest Offering

Monday, September 7th, 2015

With new momentum and increasing desire to live life and do ministry in light of our new “We Have A Dream” document, the EFC-MAYM Home Missions  Board is launching a new offering for the Fall of this year, and we have chosen to call it the Harvest Offering. Harvest is a well-known theme in this bread-basket area of Middle America, and this theme also supports the idea of recognizing our God’s theme of working in His Harvest field of souls here in Mid America.

Prairie life has long relied on the concept of life-giving water pumped to the surface via the windmill powered by the mighty southwest winds blowing across the plains.  The seeds for the Windmill Fund were sown at Ministry Conference 2015.  This concept encourages established churches to give critical finances to support new church planting.  The cycle of support continues ultimately, as the new churches also begin returning a portion of their tithe back to support future new church plants.  As we envision the life drawn by the Windmill and the hope that is attached to a bountiful fruitful Harvest, we see these concepts combined in this offering.  Your gracious giving for the Harvest Offering for Home Missions will help our dedicated planters, families, and ministries to survive and thrive as they proclaim God’s truth to a lost and hurting world.

Information regarding this offering will be distributed to every Friends Church within the next two months, so as to allow time to gather the Offering.  Our desire is to begin an annual tradition, so continue to pray and plan for each November.  I am always available to come and meet to give further information as needed.  Please direct any questions to either myself, or to our Home Missions Board chairman, Charles Mullen.  May we each one be found faithful!   

– Randy Littlefield, on behalf of the Home Missions Board

EFC-MAYM Church Planting Update: April 2015

Friday, April 24th, 2015

church_plantingIt’s been an exciting season for the past 4 and half years. Let’s look at the current modes for multiplication:

1) Communitas is on the go with multiple ministries in and around Wichita with the homeless, men’s and women’s Life Transformation Groups, one-on-one coaching, teaching English to immigrants, neighborhood clusters, nursing home troops, and Discipleship training among EFC-MAYM and beyond. 

2) Dodge City continues to grow with new Christians at Oasis Church; Easter Sunday was exciting with 80+ joining and celebrating the risen Lord; we praise God that the community of both English and Spanish speakers are fed faithfully by Gerald and Deloras Mendenhall. 

3) Iglesia Amigos in San Antonio is growing in numbers and those following Christ have a renewed fervor. The church is in the pastor search process as they welcome a family from Mexico Friends background along with new neighborhood attenders.  Please pray for Jorge, Eddy, Luis, Francisco, and Isabel. 

4) Sudanese Community Church (Omaha, NE) sent Pastor Lazarus along with lay leaders to the Northeast Area leaders’ retreat.  He, Simon, Samuel and Antony gained new perspective on the broader picture of EFC-MAYM.  Lazarus looks forward to Pastor’s Sabbath Retreat in Colorado next month. 

5) Isai and Sucely Ramos (Iglesia Amigos de OKC) continue to make new contacts for this active Spanish Speaking church plant via door-to-door canvassing, participation in the community soccer club and library, area flea market and participating in English classes at OKC Community College. 

Please pray for all these servants of our Lord Jesus Christ!

– Randy Littlefield, Associate Superintendent for Multiplication Ministries

Burundi Sister Church Update #3

Friday, February 20th, 2015

burundi2_2An update on the official requests that have come in from Burundi to the EFC-MAYM Missions Mobilizers for the new Burundi Sister Church Program. See 2014 September Burundi Sister Church as finalized summer 2014. Please prayerfully consider whether your church or individuals might be willing to partner with this and/or other Burundi church building projects to bless our friends for the sake of the Great Commission. The Mobilizers have worked with Burundi Yearly Meeting leadership to adapt the former Sister Church Program. We are excited about seeing Burundi leadership choosing projects according to criteria that we have chosen together, which is shaped around Burundi Friends’ vision and priorities.

1. SURE ($534 has been donated as of 2/19/15)

The Sure (pronounced “Sue-ray”) Church was started in 1956. This historic church was planted by Kibimba Monthly meeting and had Bahenda as their first pastor. In 2014, Sure has 200 members and has already started the construction of their new church building. They have completed the construction up to the top of the walls. EFC-MAYM and Burundi Yearly Meeting have agreed that it would be a great help for us to provide funds for tin roofing, nails for the roof, and cement for brick tuck-pointing, in order to save their new walls from being damaged in the rainy season. Their next vision after finishing their church building is to plant a new church in the nearby area of Mwaro Province. See the proposal here: SURE Church Project.The total estimated amount in this project request is $2,136.

2.   KAMENGE (Monthly Meeting)/Kamesa (Local Church) ($2894)

3.   NKANKA ($2250)

4.   NYARUKENKE ($2230)

5.   KAYANZA ($1040)

6.   RUTSIRI ($3784)

7.   MUTAHO ($3000)

8.   NYAKABANDA ($1500)

9.   NYARUNTANA ($1570)

10. NYANGUNGU ($2481.48)

See descriptions and details for all of the above Sister Church Project proposals in the following document: Burundi Sister Churches #2-10 (No funds have been received as of 2/19/15).

The Missions Mobilizers are seeking churches and individuals in EFC-MAYM who are willing to partner with them in this way. An EFC-MAYM church could partner with all of part of the project. As other churches in Burundi meet qualifications for this program and are added to our fundraising list, the Missions Mobilizers will keep you informed. We can work with your congregation to know exactly where your donations go so that you can celebrate a relationship with a specific Burundian congregation. Any funds that come in above and beyond the Sure Church project needs, will be reserved in the Burundi Sister Church fund to be used for upcoming projects.

Please send donation to: EFC-MAYM, 2018 W. Maple St., Wichita, KS, 67213 marked “Burundi Sister Church Project.”