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Tuesday, June 20th, 2017
Lazarus John, pastor of the Sudanese Evangelical Friends Church in Omaha, Nebraska, is currently on a two-month exploration trip to South Sudan and the border city of Gambella, Ethiopia (Gambella is ethnically Sudanese and a stable base for operations). He is visiting leaders who have been leading and planting churches under the name of Evangelical Friends Church. Please pray for Lazarus as he makes this difficult journey, and for his wife, Veronica, and their family and church, as they continue on in Omaha while Lazarus is away.  Thank you to all of you who have already been praying for Lazarus and have supported him financially for this Luke 10 trip.
Here are some of Lazarus’ objectives:
  • To visit the Great Upper Nile, Great Equatoria, and Great Bahra Ghazal regions in South Sudan and the Gambella region in Ethiopia.
  • To visit new churches that have been planted over the last six years.
  • To further discern possible relationships with EFM and/or EFC-Rwanda and EFC-Africa, including the role Lazarus and his family would have in these relationships.
  • To assist with the registration and licensing of churches in South Sudan and Ethiopia.
  • To train church leaders in discipleship and Friends church-planting structures.
  • To lead in the preparation of self-sustainable financial strategies.
  • To clarify organizational structures for local, regional, and national leaders.
  • To build relationships and healthy communication patterns.  
  • To establish a unified vision of Evangelical Friends for an exciting future. 
Other missions-sending news in Central Africa:
Please pray for Rwandan Friends as they are currently planting worship groups and churches in Kampala, Uganda. EFM is partnering with Rwandans who are discipling and training both Ugandan and Sudanese leaders who currently reside in Kampala, seeking the right leaders who might plant other churches in Uganda or South Sudan in the future. Rwandan leaders are also making Luke 10 exploration trips to Juba, South Sudan, as they discern where or how they may begin a new mission to plant the seeds of a new yearly meeting in South Sudan.
Please pray for Burundian Friends as they continue a missions-sending objective in Kigoma, Tanzania. They have a handful of churches and worship groups in the Kigoma area, including some Burundian and Congolese refugee camps, with a base church building on property in the outskirts of Kigoma. The current leader in Tanzania is Mopendo, a Muslim back-ground believer who was led to Christ through a dream and later joined Friends via Congolese contacts. He is working with Burundian leaders to get the church, a seed for a new yearly meeting, registered with the government.
Thank you for praying for these African missions-sending efforts among Friends!  It is also wonderful to see EFC-Africa and FUM African leaders being transparent with each other, partnering where it makes sense, and always cheering each other on in the Great Commission!
– Matt Macy, Associate Director of EFM
P.S.  Please make note of EFM’s current mailing address: PO Box 771139, Wichita KS 67277.  Although the USPS is to forward our mail for 12 months, we have heard of some mail being returned to sender.

Burundi Friends’ Mission to Tanzania

Tuesday, January 10th, 2017
I wanted to acknowledge this important milestone in the life of the Evangelical Friends Church of Burundi as they have launched church planting efforts into their neighboring country, Tanzania. Matt Macy shares the details on behalf of EFM below as well as how and where to contribute. This is an exciting opportunity for our EFC-MAYM churches to partner with our sister church in Burundi to help with the costs of officially registering this new church/mission field with the government of Tanzania. 
— Adam Monaghan
We continue to celebrate mission-sending efforts by our Friends in Africa. The Evangelical Friends Church of Burundi has been developing a mission at Kigoma, Tanzania with plans to launch church-planting efforts throughout Tanzania. Burundi Friends recently “recorded” Pastor Mapendo Songoro, and groups of Burundian Friends have been making regular ministry and encouragement trips to Kigoma over the past three years. 
Burundi Friends have asked for assistance in costs of $2,600 associated with registering the EFC-Tanzania mission and church with the government of Tanzania in Dar-Es-Salaam. This has been an important “next step” that leaders in Burundi have been talking about in recent years, but some newly enforced mandates by the government call for an immediate registration of the church. EFM has been looking for appropriate opportunities to partner with Burundi Friends in this missions-sending work. Burundi Friends have been self-funded in all of their efforts in Tanzania up to this point, and we believe this request for assistance is a wonderful opportunity for partnership.
Please pray for this young mission that’s based in Kigoma, Tanzania! If you would like to partner financially with Burundi in this mission, please note “Tanzania registration” with your gift. You can use any of these giving options:
If excess funds are raised, they will be allocated to other EFM Luke 10 projects. EFM’s Luke 10 Initiative is focused on discerning where Evangelical Friends might participate in opening new mission fields. 
– Matt Macy, EFM

Attention Farmers and Ranchers

Wednesday, December 7th, 2016

We are asking farmers and ranchers to consider participating in a unique ministry: STEER, INC. Giving through this ministry is much more than a tax advantage because STEER actually makes the cash investments. 

EFM is a member of STEER, INC which means that STEER desires to give EFM lots of money through the willing involvement of our agricultural community. And here’s the best part: farmers and ranchers can give to EFM without additional money being taken out of their pockets!

To learn more about giving options, click here and you will be taken to their website. The options include STEER’s cow/calf program, feeder project, dairy cows, God’s acres, and other projects.

Here’s how the program works:

Step 1.  Donors you don’t know invest with STEER, so you can actually skip this step because STEER has so much money that they currently won’t accept your donations! 

Step 2.  STEER uses funds they already have to purchase livestock (e.g., a cow) or a crop.

Step 3.  You (the rancher or farmer) feed and care for the livestock on behalf of EFM. In other words, the cow is owned by STEER but she is added to your herd. STEER will either buy one of your cows or bring you a cow. STEER also covers any vet or replacement costs for the cow because STEER is self-insured, so this cow can provide “forever” donations to EFM as long as you continue to participate in the program. Whether it is a good year or a bad year, you can give generously to missions without risking personal cash.

Step 4.  You sell the livestock (i.e., the cow’s calf goes to market) and send the money to STEER.

Step 5.  STEER sends 90 percent of the gain to EFM, which allows them to keep five percent for their self-insured fund and another five percent for their administrative costs.

Step 6.  EFM applies the money to EFM’s General Ministries Fund or to any specific EFM missionary or mission field you choose.

Step 7.  Missionaries reach people with the gospel.

Step 8.  Heaven rejoices when people come to faith in Christ. 

If you join this program, please let us know. If you want more information about STEER, please contact EFM at efm@friendsmission.com or 303 421 8100.

Thank you for supporting the ministries of EFM! 

– Dan Cammack and Matt Macy

Nepal Update from Dan Cammack, EFM

Thursday, November 3rd, 2016

During the first week of January 2017, some of us will travel to Nepal to celebrate John and Sangi Vanlal’s almost 40 years of ministry. You can join this celebration by contributing to a love offering that we are collecting between now andDecember 15.

The Vanlal’s ministry has unfolded like this:

  • 1978-1983 | Missionaries in the state of Assam, India under the Presbyterian Mission Board of Mizoram (PMB)
  • 1983-1990 | Missionaries in Nepal under the PMB and the United Mission to Nepal
  • 1991-1994 | Manager and principal of the Chhatarpur Christian High School in Central India under Evangelical Friends Church – Eastern Region (EFC-ER)
  • 1994-2016 | Missionaries in Nepal under Evangelical Friends Mission (EFM)

Vanlal2013_df949f6a126d7f463b8a11c2dce9b832Over the last 22 years as missionaries with EFM, the Lord has used the Vanlals and their leaders to plant over 40 Friends churches in various regions of Nepal. They also organized the churches into a yearly meeting called Evangelical Friends Church – Nepal (EFC-Nepal). There are more than 4,000 Friends in EFC-Nepal.

Many of their leaders, along with a delegation from the US, will be meeting in the capital city of Kathmandu on January 4-6 to celebrate the Vanlal’s ministry. Shortly thereafter, John and Sangi will move back to Mizoram, India where they will begin a new chapter in their lives called “retirement.” Although they look forward to being closer to some of their children and grandchildren, they also look forward to finding new avenues for ministry.

We wish you could come with us for the big celebration in Kathmandu, but since you probably won’t make it, you can still participate through a love offering that we will present to John and Sangi when we are with them. Please send your gifts to our EFM office by December 15 at the latest. 

Options for how to give to the John and Sangi Vanlal Love Offering:

  1. You may give online at friendsmission.com/donate now . Under “comment,” please type “Vanlal Love Offering.”
  2. You may give by credit card over the phone by calling EFM at 303.421.8100.
  3. You may mail a gift to EFM, PO Box 525, Arvada, CO  80001.  Please include notation for “Vanlal Love Offering.”

Please keep John and Sangi and EFC-Nepal in your prayers as they all go through some major transitions in the months to come. Thank you for your gifts and prayers.

– Dan Cammack, Executive Director of EFM


NOTE: EFM and EFC-Nepal will continue our partnership to plant churches in Nepal, so we will keep you informed about our ongoing need for financial support. Even though the Vanlals will no longer be in Nepal, there will still be many opportunities to pray for and give to this important ministry.

Thank you for your prayers. If you would like to be part of our prayer and financial support team, further information is available at friendsmission.com

2016 EFM Christmas Catalog | Now Open!

Tuesday, October 25th, 2016


The 2016 EFM Christmas Catalog online store is open! You may honor a friend or family member with a gift to the mission field in their name.

What is God’s goal for you and me? According to Romans 8:29, it is to conform us to the image of his son.

How can we tell if God’s goal is making headway in our lives? One sign is the offering of our treasures. The more we become like Jesus, the more we are willing to part with our treasures for his sake and the sake of others. We become givers like the one who gave his life for us.

As you look through this catalog, I encourage you to pray something like this: “Lord, how do you want to use my treasures to provide gifts for your people in Asia, Africa, and Latin America?” May this be an act of worship for you as it was for the Magi who bowed down and offered their treasures to the Christ child 

Merry Christmas from all of us at EFM!

– Dan Cammack

Pastors Only Nepal Mission Trip | Jan 2017

Monday, October 10th, 2016

Send your Pastor to the Mission field! This trip is designed primarily for EFC-MAYM Pastors but could be open to other missions leaders or church leaders as well, assuming space will be available.

You are invited to participate with me in a “Pastors Only” mission trip to visit and minister among our 3 EFM fields in Nepal in January 2017. This will be a great opportunity to learn more about Friends missions, visit a field that is impacted by persecution, to encourage and bless our missionaries, and fellowship with fellow Friends pastors while serving. The trip will take place January 3-13, 2017 and cost $3300. Our team will participate in a pastors conference and a retirement celebration service for John & Sangi Vanlal, our retiring EFM missionaries who have been serving in Nepal since the early 90s. Then the team will visit the churches and ministries of both Samson & Priscilla Retnaraj and B. & D. A., spending a few days with each missionary. We will visit villages and churches in different parts of Nepal and bring encouragement, fellowship, and plenty of opportunities for preaching and teaching.  

If you are interested in participating in this trip:

1. Let me know within a week if you are interested in going. Apply for passport if you don’t already have one. Expedite processing if necessary.
2. Send in $300 deposit, Registration Form and Liability & Medical Release Form to EFC-MAYM form by October 25. Plane tickets will be purchased around this date.
3. Final payment due to EFC-MAYM on December 21.

$3300 total cost (subject to change based on actual costs – air ticket biggest variable) includes airfare (international flight to Nepal and domestic flight in Nepal), all lodging, all food and meals within Nepal, host thank you gifts, all travel in Nepal, etc. The total amount does not include passport, airport travel meals, immunizations, souvenirs, etc. Immunizations are optional. It is up to you to ask your doctor and/or see this link so you can decide what immunizations to get. Visit your county health department for cheapest immunization costs. 

I can send you advice on fundraising for the trip, if requested. All team members will be asked to read “Cross Cultural Connections” by Duane Elmer prior to the trip and participate in a video conference orientation session in the weeks leading up to the trip.

More details and information about the trip will be sent to the team and those interested. Please let me know if you have any questions.

– Adam Monaghan, EFC-MAYM Associate Superintendent

Updates from EFM

Monday, October 3rd, 2016



EFM Update | Hughes Family to Mexico

Tuesday, September 27th, 2016


EFM is happy to announce that Anthony, Micaiah, Adryan, Annalisa, Cooper, Jeshua, Brogan, and Titus Hughes have said “Here am I, send me.” EFM has been asking the Lord of the harvest to send workers into his field in Sinaloa, Mexico. Anthony, Micaiah, and their children currently live in Haviland, Kansas; they have worked with Haviland Friends, which is their home church, and others in a discernment process concerning their ministry and vocation. This process included family trips to Siete Ejidos, a village in Sinaloa State where a Friends church was started several years ago. EFM is now pleased to send the Hughes family to Mexico for a one-year field experience that will begin once their support is raised, which we hope will be in 2016. As the Lord leads, please consider helping us send the Hughes family by joining their team of prayer and/or financial partners.

Please read the following testimony about Anthony’s family and their call to Mexico.

We are embarking on a new family adventure that we are calling “The Gabriel Trek.” After the birth and death of our son Gabriel, we felt the Lord calling us to MORE: more of him; more service to others; and more effort in spreading the gospel of truth to the nations. Mexico has been in our hearts for many years. In fact, Micaiah’s family has served in Mexico since 1990, and we have been on many short-term mission trips to various places in Mexico.

The mission in Sinaloa was brought to our attention a few years back, so we are excited to join the believers in Sinaloa as they preach the gospel to the nations. In order to do this, we are currently raising support to complete a one-year “field experience” in Sinaloa, Mexico with EFM. Our main challenge during this field experience will be for Anthony and our children to learn Spanish. We will also be partnering with the local church as they reach out to the community and spread the gospel. Right now we see our primary role in the church as being encouragers. During and after this year in Sinaloa, we ask for your prayers as we discern with others what might be next for us in Sinaloa or elsewhere for the long-term.

EFM and Mexico Yearly Meeting are working together to build a team in Sinaloa in order to launch a disciple-making and church-planting movement in that part of Mexico. Please pray for three other families from three different areas in Mexico who are discerning whether to join us or not. One family is from Aguascalientes, and they might move to Sinaloa next year while we are there. 

Our personal challenge comes from the book of Haggai. God used Haggai to inform the people that God was displeased because they were building their own houses while the house of the Lord remained in ruins. Our goal is to seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness (Matthew 6:33).

Pray with us as we pursue God and his plans, and if the Lord leads you, please join our team of prayer and/or financial partners. (donate here). 

– Anthony and Micaiah, Adryan, Annalisa, Cooper, Jeshua, Brogan, and Titus Hughesefm_logo_final_2014

EFM | Update from Matt Macy

Wednesday, August 31st, 2016

Thanks so much for your donations to Burundi’s Kibimba Willard Ferguson Seminary dorm fire-aid project. Donations came in from all over the country. The project has been fully funded and EFM sent the funds to Burundi this week.

An electrical fire partially destroyed the Kibimba Ferguson Seminary men’s dorm earlier this summer while a Mid-America Friends team was visiting. These funds will enable Friends in Burundi to immediately rebuild the facilities with very few disruptions to the students when they return to classes in September. Remember that while our Friends in Burundi call this a “seminary,” it is a private Friends high school-level Bible school.

– Matt Macy, Associate Director of EFM

p.s. Abby Brown is from Chandler, Oklahoma Friends Church, and she found this page that came out of a Kirundi Bible. It was on the ground outside the dorm the morning after the fire. When Abby showed it to her grandpa, David Kellum, he immediately recognized that Psalm 23 was included on the page.

From the EFM Desk of Matt Macy…

Tuesday, August 9th, 2016
Taken by Abby Brown, Granddaughter of David and Mae Kellum, the morning after the fire.

Taken by Abby Brown, Granddaughter of David and Mae Kellum, the morning after the fire.

EFM is announcing an urgent rebuilding fund for Burundi Friends and your help is appreciated. The men’s dormitory at Willard Ferguson Seminary in Kibimba caught fire this summer. We wish to raise $5,000 to help with the costs of rebuilding the dorm right away, which will allow our Burundian Friends to complete the work in time for school to reconvene in September.  

As the Lord leads, please mark donations to “Burundi fire” and send checks to EFM, PO Box 525, Arvada, CO 80001 or give online here. Type “Burundi fire” in the comment box. You may give with a credit card over the phone by calling our office at 303-421-8100

EFM has partnered with Burundi Friends through the leadership of the Great Lakes Leadership Training (GLLT) committee to establish two high-school-level private Bible schools in the two Burundi yearly meetings: Kwibuka Willard Ferguson Seminary and Kibimba Willard Ferguson Seminary. 

At the end of July, the same night an EFC-MAYM student team called Saltshaker arrived in Burundi, a fire broke out and heavily damaged the dormitory section of the Kibimba seminary. They believe the cause of the fire was a rigged phone charger cord that shorted out. The fire was in an older section of the facilities, not the newer classroom sections that some of you may have contributed to in the past. The fire destroyed several windows and doors, some roof rafters, most of the electrical wiring, mattresses, student clothing, bed slats, and all the ceiling materials. Only one student was injured; his arm was cut when breaking through a window. 

David Williams, EFC-MAYM Superintendent, requested a budget for the rebuilding of the facilities. David Kellum reviewed the budget and was pleased with the low cost of the rebuild and how appropriate all items on the request were.

Abby found this page on the ground outside the dorm out of a Kirundi Bible…Psalm 23.

Abby found this page on the ground outside the dorm out of a Kirundi Bible…Psalm 23.

The Saltshaker team enjoyed the opportunity to spend about two-and-a-half days with the seminary students tearing out and removing damaged sections and cleaning the facility. They also had wonderful fellowship and heard those boys sing with amazing harmony. There were about two-dozen male students working with us, but the female students had already left for home before the fire. The Saltshaker team provided funds to replace taxi fares for the boys to return home because their money was destroyed in the fire. The team also replaced the funds the boys had pooled together for an “end of the year celebration.” The seminary students went home with just the clothes on their backs. Bibles that were burned will be replaced in a Youth Bible Project that the Saltshaker team had already raised funds for.

Please pray for the students of Kibimba Willard Ferguson Seminary as many of them will have to return to school and re-take some of their classes because their books and notes were destroyed in the fire and they were unable to complete their final exams. 

Thanks for responding as the Lord leads you!

– Matt Macy

***If additional funds come in above this project’s needs, those funds will be applied to other EFM GLLT projects in Burundi, Rwanda, and Congo. 

EFM Summer Offering

Monday, June 13th, 2016


Meet the Girons, Retnarajes, Carpenters, and Badgleys!

Here is an opportunity to introduce your children to four EFM missionary families from four continents. Watch their videos, learn about their ministries, and collect offerings that will help EFM missionaries and their churches to keep spreading the good news of Jesus Christ around the world.

Go to friendsmission.com/summer-offering to find the videos and printable information for these missionaries. The materials can be used in VBS, kids clubs, camps, and Sunday school classes. 

Thank you for supporting EFM!

Burundi Bible Project

Thursday, May 12th, 2016

Burundi Bible Project…every $5 helps put a Bible in the hands of a Burundian youth!

We have been presented with a special opportunity to partner with the two Yearly Meetings of Evangelical Friends Church Burundi to distribute Bibles at a partial cost. The Burundi church wants to be able to distribute Bibles especially to the youth of Burundi who don’t currently have their own.

We have the privilege to help offset costs for as many as 3,000 Bibles in the Kirundi language. Burundi youth will pay $2 and we will match with $5. At $5 each, this would be as much as $15,000 to raise in order to get these Bibles into the hands of Burundi youth!  On June 1, we will let Burundi leaders know how much our gift will be and they will purchase Bibles accordingly. burundi2_2 flag

The deadline to receive funds to our office is June 30th.

EFC-MAYM is a sister church to the Friends Church in Burundi and this is a great chance to come alongside their ministry to support what God is doing through the largest Evangelical Friends Church in the world which is Burundi!

We are excited about sending two teams to the mission field this summer on behalf of EFC-MAYM. We have a team of 8 planning to serve on our EFM field in Nepal and a team of 21 headed to serve in Burundi. Updates and reports from both of these trips will be shared with you from the field later this summer. Both teams leave Wichita on June 22nd.

Thanks for your timely consideration!

– Adam Monaghan, EFC-MAYM Associate Superintendent for Global Ministries

P.S. Don’t forget about the other current Burundi project list including:

Pastor Lazarus John’s Mission Trip to South Sudan

Thursday, May 12th, 2016

Greetings in the mighty name of Jesus!

My name is Lazarus John, and this is my story.

When I was 17 years old, I was employed by the Sudanese government and attended church services regularly. During that time, the persecution of the church increased. That’s when I heard the voice of the Lord Jesus Christ. He told me to leave the government position and serve the church full-time. After much prayer and study of the Word, I left my government job and began to serve the church. I have no regrets.

Lazarus and Veronica for book markWhen the Sudanese government saw our church growing stronger, they sent military forces, attacked us, and killed our senior pastor. The church disbanded for several months; however, a church-leadership meeting was called and I was asked to serve as senior pastor. God led me to accept the position even though intense persecution continued.

When the church re-assembled, the disciples multiplied and we became even stronger. Once again, the soldiers attacked the church. They killed my uncle and three elders, and the soldiers threatened to kill me if I continued to preach the gospel. I replied, “I will never stop spreading the Word of my Lord Jesus Christ. If you kill me, I will go to my home in heaven.” Although the persecution continued, the church flourished and many more people came to Christ. But the government’s soldiers came and attacked the church again. This time the building was destroyed, and members of the congregation who survived the attack fled into the countryside.

My parents agreed that the Lord was leading me to leave Sudan to prepare for Christian ministry so I could return home and plant churches. But the persecution escalated quickly, which meant the doors that had been open to study outside Sudan were closing. Nevertheless, I obeyed God’s leading to leave my wife, Veronica, and our family until we could reunite. Since I had become a polio victim as a seven-year-old, I crawled on my hands and knees to escape the persecution. I eventually left Sudan in 1982. After a series of moves from one place to another, the US government accepted me in 1998. I was finally allowed to bring my wife and children to the US in 2000. They joined me in Omaha, Nebraska, and we are all US citizens today.

I met Rev. Randy Littlefield in 2005, and in 2007 Randy and I traveled to Sudan for a fact-finding mission. We learned that the church in Sudan was still reproducing leaders who were planting evangelical churches, which was very encouraging. My relationship with Randy Littlefield eventually led to our Sudanese church in Omaha becoming affiliated with Evangelical Friends Church-Mid America Yearly Meeting (EFC-MAYM) in 2011.

Over the years I have been in conversations with EFM leadership because EFM’s Luke 10 Project is focused on discerning where Friends might start new mission fields. I also spent time with the “Luke 10 Think Tank” at the board meetings, and we discussed how EFM could be connected to the work in South Sudan. In May of 2014 I participated in the Luke 10 trip to Ethiopia to meet with these Sudanese and Rwandan leaders: John Paul Nsekanabo, Nicodeme Basebya, and Brad Carpenter.

The Nebraska Sudanese Community Church of EFC-MAYM has been supporting the Friends churches in South Sudan and Ethiopia, but our finances are limited. I hope to return to South Sudan and Ethiopia in August for two months, and I am praying that my travel expenses of approximately $10,000 will be raised through EFM supporters. My schedule for these two months will be quite intense, and will involve several domestic flights within South Sudan in order to visit various leaders and worship groups. Will you donate to help cover these expenses?

This is the purpose of my trip:

  • to visit the Great Upper Nile, Great Equatoria, and Great Bahra Ghazal Regions in South Sudan and the Gambella Region in Ethiopia;
  • to visit new churches that have been planted over the last six years;
  • to clarify the EFC-Rwandan and South Sudanese church relationship;
  • to assist with official Sudanese and Ethiopian registration and licensing;
  • to train church leaders in discipleship and Friends church-planting structures;
  • to establish a unified vision of Evangelical Friends for an exciting future;
  • to lead in the preparation of financial strategies;
  • to clarify possible EFM roles and how I will interact and function with them;
  • to provide organizational structures to local, regional, and national leaders;
  • to continue exploring what kind of relationship EFM will have with the churches;
  • and to build relationships and healthy communication patterns.

I know God will bless you as you consider assisting me in my travels to South Sudan and Ethiopia, and may he continue to honor your generosity to the ministry of EFM.

– Pastor Lazarus John, All Nations Church, Omaha, Nebraska


P.S. All tax-deductible donations should be made out to Evangelical Friends Mission. Please complete the enclosed response form by June 10, and send your reply to:

PO Box 525
Arvada, CO 80001