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Jr. High Bible Quiz | Final Tournament

Friday, April 28th, 2017

The 2017 Quiz season came to a close with the final tournament held at Northridge Friends on Saturday, April 22.  Fourteen teams from 8 churches competed over the chapters of Matthew 1-14.  Taking top honors was Bethel Blue followed by Bethel Red.  Third place went to Northridge Blue and Argonia Blue came in 4th.  The other teams placed as follows:

5th – Chandler , Friendswood Blue
6th – Friendswood Red, Friends Community
7th – Argonia Red, Friendswood White
8th – Tribe of Friends, Haviland Blue
Honorable Mention – Haviland Red, Northridge Red

In addition, the top average scorers for the year were recognized as “All Star” Quizzers.  This year the awards went to  Aubreigh Haxton of Argonia with an average of 103 points per tournament, Rolanda Gerber of Bethel averaging 148, Aspen Sohm of Bethel with a 150 average, and Hannah Harvey of Northridge scoring an average of 162 points per quiz.

The Frazier Award was also given to an outstanding quizzer who exemplified great leadership and good Christian testimony as well excellence in quizzing.  The nominees were Luke Ballard, Cooper Dawson, Hannah Harvey, Aspen Sohm, Madelyn Campbell, Grayson Bergquist, Rowan Davenport, Ky Leslie, and Aubreigh Haxton. This year’s winner is Rowan Davenport of Friends Community Church.

Congratulations to all the quizzers and coaches for a great quiz season.


Jr. High Bible Quiz | Update

Monday, April 10th, 2017
The third quiz of the season was held in South Texas.  For the first time ever, Friends Community Church in Angleton, TX hosted our quiz.  The competition was fierce as 14 teams from 8 churches quizzed over Matthew 1-11.  Bethel ended up taking top honors with Bethel Red taking first and Bethel Blue coming in second.  Northridge Blue took 3rd while Friends Community came in 4th. 
The others teams ended as follows:

5th–Argonia Blue, Friendswood Blue
6th–Haviland Blue, Friendswood Red
7th–Chandler, Argonia Red
8th–Northridge Red, Tribe of Friends
Honorable Mention–Friendswood White, Haviland Red

The finals will be held at Northridge Friends on Saturday, April 22.


Jr. High Bible Quiz Update | March 4

Friday, March 24th, 2017
Bethel Friends Church in Hugoton Kansas hosted the second quiz tournament on March 4.  Eleven teams from 8 churches competed over Matthew 1-9.  The home team, Bethel, took 1st place while Friendswood finished in 2nd place, Northridge Blue in 3rd, and Friends Community in 4th
The other teams standings are as follows:
5th–Argonia Blue and Tribe of Friends
6th–Haviland Blue and Argonia Red
7th–Northridge Red and Chander
8th–Haviland Red
Congratulations to all the quizzers on a job well done.
(Order of photos from left to right: Haviland Red, Chandler, Northridge Red, Haviland Blue, Argonia Red, Argonia Blue, Tribe of Friends, Friends Community, Northridge Blue, Friendswood, Bethel)

Jr High Bible Quiz | Update

Wednesday, February 15th, 2017
The first quiz of the season was finally held on Feb. 11, hosted by Haviland Friends church.  Twelve teams from 8 churches competed over Matthew 1-6.  The final standings are listed below along with photos of each team.

| Bethel Blue
2nd | Northridge Blue
3rd | Friends Community
4th | Friendswood Blue
5th | Chandler, Argonia
6th | Friendswood Red, Bethel Red
7th | Haviland Red, Haviland Blue
8th | Tribe of Friends, Northridge Red


Jr. High Bible Quiz – Finals, April 23

Friday, April 29th, 2016

The 2016 Jr. High Bible Quiz season came to a close with Friendswood Friends hosting the final tournament on Saturday, April 23.  Ten teams competed over John 11-21, displaying a great deal of knowledge and scripture memorization.  The top four teams received ribbons, plaques, and gift certificates towards an MAYM event.

The top finishers were:

1st–Bethel Blue
3rd–Bethel Red
4th–Rose Hill

The other teams finished as follows:

5th – Tribe of Friends and Northridge Blue
6th – Haviland Blue and Friendswood
7th – Haviland Red and Northridge Red


In addition to the regular tournament awards, the finals tournament recognizes and awards two additional honors.  The first is the All Star Award. The top 4 quizzers with the

highest average scores are awarded an “All Star” Medal.

This year’s All Stars are:

Rolanda Gerber – Bethel
Bailey Broomfield – Ramona
Aspen Sohm – Bethel
Aubreigh Haxton – Argonia


The second award is the coveted Frazier Award.  This award is named for Herb and Shirley Frazier who started the MAYM quiz program in the early 1990’s.  The award is given to one student who exemplifies excellence in quizzing, leadership, and Christian testimony.and consists of a trophy and a scholarship to Barclay College.

This year’s nominees were:

Carly Wilson – Rose Hill
Emily Price – Northridge Friends
Olivia Skeeter – Friendswood Friends
Riley Fisher – Argonia Friends
Jenna Morford – Haviland Friends
Aubrey Haxton – Argonia Friends
Trinity Looney – Ramona Friends
Rolanda Gerber – Bethel Friends

The 2016 winner of the Frazier Award is
Rolanda Gerber of Bethel Friends.

Congratulations to all the teams for a great season!



Jr. High Bible Quiz Update, April 2

Tuesday, April 5th, 2016
For the first time ever, Ramona Friends Church hosted a Jr. High Quiz tournament on Saturday, April 2.  Eleven teams representing eight churches competed over John 11-20.  In the end, Bethel Blue came out victorious in 1st place, Northridge Blue took 2nd, 3rd place went to Argonia, and Bethel Red captured 4th.

The other standings are as follows:

5th–Tribe of Friends, Rose Hill
6th–Haviland Red , Ramona
7th–Friendswood, Northridge Red
8th–Haviland Blue

Jr. High Bible Quiz Update | March 5

Tuesday, March 8th, 2016

Our third quiz was hosted by Rose Hill Friends Church on Saturday, March 5.  The competition involved 11 teams from 8 churches quizzing over John 11-20.  Bethel’s 2 teams took top honors with Bethel Blue coming in 1st and Bethel Red taking 2ndArgonia secured 3rd Place and Tribe of Friends came in 4th.  The other teams finished as follows:

5th–Northridge Blue , Ramona
6th–Haviland Blue, Rose Hill
7th–Friendswood, Haviland Red
8th–Northridge Red

Argonia 3 Bethel Blue 3 Bethel Red 3 Tribe of Friends 3

Jr. High Bible Quiz Update | Feb 6

Wednesday, February 17th, 2016
Booker Friends Church hosted the 2nd quiz of the season on Feb. 6.  A round robin tournament allowed all teams to play every other team. In the end, the two Bethel teams held the top spots with Bethel Blue taking 1st Place and Bethel Red placing 2nd.  The other standings were as follows:
3rd–Rose Hill
4th–Northridge Blue
5th–Tribe of Friends
6th–Northridge Red
Tribe of Friends


Jr. High Bible Quiz Update | January 9

Wednesday, January 13th, 2016

EFCMAYM_logo (1)

The first quiz was at Northridge Friends on Jan. 9 with 10 teams competing over John 11-13.

Argonia took first place,
Bethel Blue placed second,
Ramona came in third, and
fourth place went to Bethel Red.

ArgoniaBethel Blue

RamonaBethel Red
















The other placings were as follows:

5th Place–Rose Hill  and Northridge Blue
6th Place–Northridge Red and Tribe of Friends
7th Place–Haviland Blue and Haviland Red

Jr. High Bible Quiz Update

Tuesday, April 28th, 2015
The 2015 Quiz Finals were held on Saturday, April 18 at Northridge Friends Church.  The competition over John 1-10 was fierce with several close matches.  The finals ended with Bethel taking 1st, Argonia coming in 2nd, Friendswood Blue finishing 3rd, and Northridge Blue in 4th place.  The other teams finished as follows:

5th – Ramona, Haviland Blue
6th – Rose Hill, Haviland Red
7th – Northridge Red, Northridge White
8th – Haviland White, Haviland Green

In addition to the normal awards, the final meet included All Star Awards for the 4 top quizzers overall and the Frazier Award. The All Star Awards were earned by Grace Jones, Friendswood; Rachel Harvey, Northridge; Baylee Broomhall, Ramona; and Emma McClure, Bethel.  The Frazier Award honors Herb and Shirley Frazier who started the quiz program in the early 1990’s and recognizes a quizzer who demonstrates excellence in leadership, quizzing and Christian testimony.  This year’s award went to Emma McClure of Bethel Friends.

Frazier Award Nominees: Baylee Broomhall, Vivian Titus, Jordan Schenck, Emma McClure, Cambrey  Ballard, Grace Jones, Aubreigh Haxton, SalliAnn Roher.

Bethel - 1st Place: Emma McClure , Vivian Titus,  Trevor Bogan, Alikx Briggs

Bethel Team – 1st Place: Emma McClure, Vivian Titus, Trevor Bogan, Alikx Briggs

Argonia Team - 2nd Place: Aubreigh, Noah, Zac, Riley

Argonia Team – 2nd Place: Aubreigh, Noah, Zac, Riley

Friendswood Blue Team: - 3rd Place: Ian Bivins , Grace Jones, Brittany Harris, SalliAnn Roher

Friendswood Blue Team: – 3rd Place: Ian Bivins, Grace Jones, Brittany Harris, SalliAnn Roher

Northridge Blue Team - 4th Place: Colton Steinacher, Emma Price, Kassie Kinniburgh, Rachel Harvey

Northridge Blue Team – 4th Place: Colton Steinacher, Emma Price, Kassie Kinniburgh, Rachel Harvey



All Stars: Emma McClure, Rachel Harvey, Grace Jones, Baylee Broomhall

All Stars: Emma McClure, Rachel Harvey, Grace Jones, Baylee Broomhall

Frazier Award - Emma McClure

Frazier Award – Emma McClure

Friendswood Quiz Report

Thursday, April 2nd, 2015

Saturday, March 28 was a beautiful day in Friendswood, TX for the fourth quiz of the season.  Twelve teams competed over John 1-8.  Once again, Bethel came out on top with first place overall.  Friendswood Blue took second, followed by Argonia in third place and Northridge Blue coming in fourth overall.

The other teams ranked as follows:

5th – Haviland Blue, Friendswood Red

6th – Northridge Red, Haviland Red

7th – Northridge White, Haviland Green

8th – Haviland White, Friendswood White

1st: Bethel – Emma McClure, Alikx Briggs

2nd: Friendswood Blue-Grace Jones, Sallianne Roher

2nd: Friendswood Blue – Grace Jones, Sallianne Roher

3rd: Argonia--Noah, Zach, Aubreigh, Riley

3rd: Argonia – Noah, Zach, Aubreigh, Riley

4th: Northridge Blue--Rachel Harvey, David, Kintzel, Emma Price, Kassie Kinniburgh

4th: Northridge Blue – Rachel Harvey, David, Kintzel, Emma Price, Kassie Kinniburgh


Chandler Quiz Report

Tuesday, March 17th, 2015

The Chandler Quiz was held on Saturday, March 7 with fourteen teams competing over John 1-7.  The competition was fierce with several close matches. Bethel again took first, followed by Northridge Blue in second, Ramona in third, and Argonia in fourth.

The other teams finished as follows:

5th–Friendswood Blue and Haviland Red
6th–Northridge Red and Rose Hill
7th–Haviland Red and Friendswood Red
8th–Northridge White and Haviland White
Honorable Mention–Haviland Green and Friendswood White.

Bethel Team--Vivian, Emma, Trevor, Alikx

1st: Bethel Team – Vivian, Emma, Trevor, Alikx

Northridge Blue--Kassie, Rachel, Emilee, Colton

2nd: Northridge Blue – Kassie, Rachel, Emilee, Colton

Ramona Team- Bailee, Trinity

3rd: Ramona Team – Bailee, Trinity

Argonia Team--Noah, Zach, Aubreigh, Riley

4th: Argonia Team – Noah, Zach, Aubreigh, Riley


Junior High Bible Quiz Report, February 14

Tuesday, February 17th, 2015

Saturday, February 14 we saw a first ever in Junior High Bible Quiz history–we were hosted by Miami Friends Church!! Fourteen teams from seven churches competed over John 1-6. Many rounds ended in very close scores and three teams tied for 2nd place in one pool! These teams are very evenly matched! In the end, Bethel took 1st, followed by Haviland Blue in 2nd place. Northridge Blue took 3rd and Argonia was 4th. The other teams ranked as follows:

5th–Haviland Red and Ramona
6th–Rose Hill and Friendswood Blue
7th–Friendswood Red and Northridge Red
8th–Northridge White and Friendswood White
Honorable Mention–Haviland Green and Haviland White

– Linda Stratton, Junior High Bible Quiz Director

1st Place - Bethel Friends

Picture 1 of 4

Junior High Bible Quiz Report: Hugoton, KS

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2015

The first quiz of the season was held at Bethel Friends Church in Hugoton, KS on Saturday, Jan. 17. The competition included 11 teams from 6 churches–including the first team ever in quiz history from Ramona, OK Friends Church. Several matches ended in close scores, but in the end, the home team took first place with the other teams stacking up as follows:

1st–Bethel (Vivan Titus, Emma McClure, Trevor Bogan, Alikx Briggs)

Haviland Blue

2nd–Haviland Blue (Hannah Lee, Brecken VandenHoek, Cambrey Ballard, Ben Stewart)

Northridge Blue

3rd–Northridge Blue (David Kintzel, Rachel Harvey, Kassie Kinniburgh, Jordan Schenck)


4th–Ramona (Baylee, Trinity)
5th–Northridge White / Argonia
6th–Haviland Red / Northridge Red
7th–Haviland Green / Haviland White
8th–Rose Hill

EFC-MAYM 2015 Quiz Tournament Schedule

Thursday, December 4th, 2014

2015 Jr High Bible

The 2015 Junior High Bible Quiz schedule is available! The cost is $65.00 per team per tournament. Please email quiz@efcmaym.org with questions.

January 17 – Bethel: John 1-4
February 14 – Miami: John 1-6
March 7 – Chandler: John 1-7
March 28 – Friendswood: John 1-8
April 18 – Northridge FINALS: John 1-10

2014 Jr. High Bible Quiz Finals

Monday, May 5th, 2014

The quiz final for the 2014 season was held at Friendswood Friends Church on Saturday, April 26. Fourteen teams competed against each other. The top four teams were awarded a plaque and coupons usable toward future EFC-MAYM youth events.

The final stands are as follows:

Tribe of Friends

1st–Tribe of Friends: Lucy Herter, Megan Buck, Joel Macy

Northridge Blue

2nd–Northridge Blue: Colton Steinacher, Rachel Harvey, Bailey Pohlman, Ben Pohlman

Friendswood Blue

3rd–Friendswood Blue: Kelsea Newton, Salianne Roher, Grace Jones, Camryn Bish


4th–Bethel: Vivian Titus , Emma McClure

5th–Haviland Blue and Haviland Red
6th–Northridge Red and Argonia
7th–Haviland White and Friendswood Red
8th–Chandler and Friendswood White
HM–Northridge White and Haviland Green

All Star Team

In addition to the final, the All Star team was named. These are the top 4 quizzers for the season.
1st–Lucy Herter–Tribe of Friends with an average Score of 168
2nd–Ben Pohlman–Northridge with an average Score of 146
3rd–Isaac Stanfield–Chandler with an average score of 102
4th–Vivian Titus–Bethel with an average score of 92

Finally, the Frazier Award was given to 1 quizzer who exemplified excellence in quizzing, good sportsmanship, and a Christian testimony in word and action. This year the award went to Ben Pohlman from Northridge.

– Linda Stratton, Jr. High Bible Quiz Director

2014 Frazier Award Nominees and Winner

Monday, May 5th, 2014

Herb and Shirley Frazier began directing the EFC-MAYM Bible Quiz program in 1991. In its beginning years, they would borrow buzzers from the local public schools in order to have enough for each quiz tournament. On Sunday afternoons, they would visit churches and host mock quizzes with the hope that they would encourage participation in the program. Herb and Shirley retired from directing in 2001. While reflecting on their time spent as directors, Herb says, “It was a fun ten years and we have never regretted that we did it. I am thankful there is enough interest to keep it going. Shirley and I had no idea it would last this long.”

In honor of Herb and Shirley Frazier, the Frazier award is given to the top quizzer of the year. Please see this link for further information about the qualifications: Frazier Award Qualifications


This year the nominees (pictured above) were: Vivian Titus (Bethel Friends), Lucy Herter (Tribe of Friends), Nathan Lee (Haviland Friends), Isaac Stanfield (Chandler Friends), Leah Fitch (Argonia Friends), Sallianne Roher (Friendswood Friends), Ben Pohlman (Northridge Friends), Lauren Hinshaw (Haviland Friends) and Bailey Pohlman (Northridge Friends).


This year’s Frazier award winner was Ben Pohlman (pictured above).

At the final quiz tournament on April 26 at Friendswood Friends Church, Ben was honored and recognized and received $1000 per year ($500 per semester) towards room and board at Barclay College for a total of $4000. He also received a certificate from Barclay and a medal from EFC-MAYM.

Congratulations to all of the Frazier award nominees and to our winner!

– Jesse Penna, Associate Superintendent of Youth and Pastoral Care

Northridge Jr. High Bible Quiz Standings

Monday, March 3rd, 2014

The 3rd Quiz of the 2014 Junior High Bible Quiz session was held at Northridge Friends Church on Saturday, March 1. Fifteen teams (from seven churches) competed, answering questions from Luke 13-20. The final standings were as follows:


1st–Tribe of Friends (Megan Buck, Joel Macy, Lucy Herter in photo)


2nd–Northridge Blue (Ben Pohlman, Conner Buller, Lauren Whiteman, David Kintzel)


3rd–Haviland Blue (Brecken VandenHoek, Lauren Hinshaw, Nathan Lee, Hannah Lee)


4th–Northridge Red (Bailey Pohlman, Rachel Harvey, Alec Schenck, Jordan Schenck)

5th–Friendswood Blue, Haviland Red
6th–Argonia, Bethel
7th–Chandler, Friendswood Red
8th– Haviland White, Northridge White
HM–Friendswood White, Haviland Green, Pratt

The next quiz will be on April 5th at Derby Friends Church.

Argonia Friends Junior High Bible Quiz

Thursday, February 13th, 2014

The February quiz was hosted by Argonia Friends Church. Due to several weather related cancellations, we only had 8 teams competing. Rather than pools, we had a round robin tournament with each team playing every other team. At the end of the day, the standings were as follows:

1st–Northridge Blue (Ben Pohlman, Alec Schenck, Rosa Linda Saenz, Rachel Harvey)

2nd–Tribe of Friends (Joel Macy, Lucy Herter, Megan Buck)


 3rd–Haviland Red (Cambrey Ballard, Seth Lingafelter, Ben Stewart, Lauren Kendall, Jenna Morford)

4th–Haviland Blue (Lauren Hinshaw, Hannah Lee, Nathan Lee)

5th–Northridge Red
7th–Northridge White
8th–Haviland White

– Gene and Linda Stratton, Junior High Bible Quiz Directors

Haviland Junior High Bible Quiz

Monday, January 13th, 2014

The first quiz was hosted by Haviland Friends Church on Saturday, Jan. 11. It was an exciting day with lots of fierce competition and many close rounds! The team standings are as follows:


Rachel Harvey, Benjamin Pohlman, Rosa Linda Saenz, Bailey Pohlman, Alec Schenck

1st–Northridge Blue


Lauren Hinshaw, Hannah Lee, Brecken VandenHoek, Nathan Lee

2nd–Haviland Blue


Joel Macy, Lucy Herter, Megan Buck

3rd–Tribe of Friends

4th–Chandler Blue
5th–Friendswood Blue, Bethel
6th–Argonia, Haviland Red
7th–Chandler Red, Pratt
8th–Haviland White, Friendswood Red
Honorable Mention–Northridge Red, Haviland Green

To see the 2014 Junior High Bible Quiz Schedule, click here.

-Quiz Directors, Linda and Gene Stratton