Saltshaker 2017 India/Bhutan Highlight Photos

Tuesday, July 11th, 2017

Check out this compilation of photos from Saltshaker 2017 to India and Bhutan. Each photo has a short caption below it submitted by one of the Saltshaker 2017 team members.

David Tamang

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David Tamang, the tenth member of our Saltshaker team, was such a blessing to everyone he met. From the moment he joined our team in India we felt complete. Not only was he encouraging and a humble servant but he pushed us all to be better. Having a better idea of what the culture was like, David helped us to have some context into how to love the people better in both countries. David, lead our team through example on a daily basis reminding us that Christ was at the center of everything we did. While in Bhutan he was our official driver and “tour guide” and wore the national dress everyday. We miss David so much as he created a space in each of our hearts. -Jenna

Saltshaker 2017 India/Bhutan Update #15: Final Reflections and Reports

Monday, July 10th, 2017

Saltshaker 2017 Final Reflections and Reports

The entire Saltshaker team was challenged in so many ways in both Bhutan and India. It is not easy to be a Christian in either of these countries. Americans don’t have to chose between their life, family, job, or social standing and the gospel. We met a lady who literally had to sneak out of her house in order to come to church services because her husband was Hindu. You see, often when Americans become Christian, they just add it as a title to their life, as if adding another line in their resume, but they don’t make it their life. I have been asked many times in reflecting on this Saltshaker experience, “How are you going to let it change you?” Well, I am going to start with making my life revolve around Christ. The past 18 days have been packed full of opportunity and change. Each of us has pushed our limits, gone outside our comfort zone, but now we all have a new comfort zone. I have felt a great challenge to make following Christ my comfort zone. He has no limits; therefore, when following His call, I shouldn’t have any either.

-Lynelle Bogan

Bethel Friends Church


I think that I could write a ten page reflection paper over this trip. I feel like I have said it a lot in the past few days but this has been one of the greatest joys and honors of my life, being able to see the international Church in action. Seeing what the Lord is doing overseas through EFM Bhutan and EFM Kolkata, I don’t think I’ll ever be the same or look at church the same way. 

I loved India even though my heart was broken over and over again watching the Indian people worship idols. Walking down the street and not being able to count to 15 without seeing another idol or prayer temple was sickening, like a constant reminder of the darkness at work in India. Specifically, one time when we were walking and there was a Hindu idol and a group of adults were chanting and giving some type of sacrifice. Then I noticed a small girl, maybe around the age of 6. Her parents were teaching her how to bow and how to give an offering to this idol and they were pushing her towards this idol she very obviously didn’t want to be looking at. She had no choice to the family she grew up in and I couldn’t help but think about her life to come. A life of constant offerings and worshiping hundreds of different gods and a life of hopelessness without joy. I thought about her teenage years when she was trying to figure out who she was and having to search that out through the idols she worshiped and finding her worth in how much she could offer to them. I thought about her first heartbreak and where she would turn, about her marriage and how that would be centered around rules and restrictions rather than love and the example Christ gave us. As well as her children and how that cycle would continue. I had never been more grateful to my parents for raising me in a Christian home. A freedom I take for granted nearly every moment of the day. 

I have felt challenged by the leadership of the churches and the way they are discipling the next generation, specifically the Church in Bhutan. Rupak himself, on top of all the ministry he and his family are doing, is discipling and equipping leaders that start churches, shepherd people, and make more disciples. Every bit of the Tamang family life revolves around the ministry the Lord has called them to. There is no higher priority or aim than to seek first the Kingdom. In my life, there are so many more things that take priority over the ministry the Lord has called me to, I refuse to let that take a backseat any longer. I refuse to live a life that has any other higher aim than to further the Kingdom of God here on this earth.

-Jenna Easley

Friends University/Northridge Friends


Saltshaker 2017 was my 3rd mission trip that I’ve ever been a part of. The other two were Spring Invasion trips to Mexico.  Although Spring Invasion is great, the Saltshaker experience is much more like the life of a missionary.  No matter what we did, God, relationship building, and spreading the news of the Great Faith was our main focus. We visited churches all over West Bengal, India and Bhutan.  Being able to see the work of God up close and personal was what changed my life the most. In this part of the world, once a person chooses to follow Christ they are cast out of their homes or villages (if their family/neighbors do not believe in the same way) for months sometimes even for life. Christians struggle everyday. In America we also struggle from persecution, but in a different way. We usually aren’t cast out of our homes or frowned upon by others but we can be kicked out of friend groups or made fun of because we choose to live a different lifestyle.  Being able to go on Saltshaker 2017 has opened my eyes to the troubles that I will face in the near future. Going off to college is a big step in a young person’s life and it’s during this step that most young Christian’s fade away from the faith and begin to live for themselves. This mission trip has allowed me to reevaluate my priorities in a way that may help me be a bright light for God in the atmosphere of a non-Christian college. Going on this Saltshaker has changed my life for the better and I am forever thankful for the opportunity to be a part of God’s ministry in Asia.

-Zack Leininger

Bethel Friends Church


Every morning since we left Wichita, we have had a morning devotion as a team. Each day during these mornings we prayed that our hearts would be broken for the same things that breaks God’s heart. On our last day in India we got the opportunity to view a Hindu temple, the idol being worshiped is the goddess of destruction. From the moment we entered the door of the temple, to the moment we left, my sprit was unsettled. On one end I witnessed men physically pushing each other to get close to the idol, on the other I saw women and children bringing offerings to the idol. At first I was angry at these people and at God for allowing his creations to stray so far away. But it was the smiling children with paint on their faces and offerings of food in their hands, that broke my heart for the kingdom. That same day we went to the Ganges River, a Hindu pilgrimage where they are to come and bath in the “holy” water. Although the site was unnerving and I wanted to leave immediately, God brought to my attention the young children. These six and seven year olds splashing each other with the water and seeming to have fun. I was once again made aware that this is not joy. This is happiness, that feeling is fleeting. My joy comes from the Lord. These people don’t know what true joy is, nor do realize that they are still searching. They are unsatisfied by their gods, they are hungry for something more. They are hungry for the one who created them in His image. These are the people my heart breaks for.  

-Hallie Mayes

Rose Hill Friends Church


Saltshaker 2017 was such an amazing experience. I am so thankful that God granted me the opportunity to participate and share the gospel. Normally, Saltshaker stays in one country for the whole trip, but we had the special privilege and honor of visiting two different countries: India and Bhutan. We were able to preach, sing, perform skits, and worship God with so many different people and churches. Both mission fields have impacted my life and faith forever. The believers in this part of the world have such strong faith and courage for God. I knew that Christians were persecuted for their faith, but I did not fully comprehend the extent of the persecution. When someone accepts Christ, both in Bhutan and India, they are instantly shunned and excommunicated from their villages, friends, and families. In America, we have complete religious freedom. We are not shunned from our towns or families when we accept Christ, and we do not have to hide our faith. In Bhutan, we had to be quiet and hurry into the churches so that we would not be seen or caught violating the terms of our “tourist visas”. I am so thankful that I live in a country where I am allowed to worship my God freely. Someone who impacted me a lot was this pastor from Bhutan. His name is Solomon and he is only 19 years old. He has been leading and pastoring this church in a slum since he was 15. I thought that was so amazing that he had so much faith as a 15-year-old that he would lead a church. His story really made me think about what more I could be doing for God’s kingdom. Seeing their faith and courage greatly encouraged me to be stronger in my faith. At the beginning of this trip, I was scared to let people see us pray in public or worship God because I was afraid of the persecution. Once I got to witness true faith in God from these people, I learned not to be afraid. I am not afraid to show my faith and worship my God. Both the mission fields of India and Bhutan have changed my life and my faith for the better. I have been so blessed by them, and I am excited to live fearlessly for God.

-Mark Persinger

Bethel Friends Church/Friends University


This trip has been an amazing experience! We saw so many wonderful things while in India and Bhutan. I got to see one of my oldest and closest friends get baptized, I got to see that the church in India and Bhutan is very much alive and well, I got to encourage youth in their faith, and I got to witness the incredible faith of a group of brave women who were a part of a house church. These were just a few examples of the amazing things that the team and I got to be a part of on Saltshaker 2017. Like on all other mission trips, we are listening for God’s voice and what he has to say to us and to show us. We prayed that our heart should break for what breaks God’s heart. While in India and Bhutan, my heart was broken. There were several times where we saw so many people practicing a religion other than Christianity. It broke my heart to see so many people who didn’t know of the one true God. Whether it was seeing Hindu’s give offerings to an idol, or merchants selling Buddha statues it broke my heart. I do not know for sure what God was trying to tell me, maybe He wants me to minister to people of other religions. This trip truly has been life changing. I have grown more mature in my spiritual life, and I realized some things. I realized that I don’t need a perfect testimony to make an impact on someone’s life. My crazy life is what will make the impact, not a seemingly perfect life. I also feel ready and willing when called upon to preach or share. Before the trip, I felt like preaching and sharing was for people with a Bible degree. After the trip, I realize that you can share and preach no matter who you are. These will stick with me for the rest of my life and will impact my walk with Christ. I am so thankful for the opportunity to be Jesus’ hands and feet and to share with the people of India and Bhutan!

Bailey Pohlman

Northridge Friends Church


I went into the trip pretty scared, scared of pushing my boundaries and going to a new place on the other side of the world. But I felt called to go to India and Bhutan so I decided to push my boundaries. Adam says I personally worked harder and sacrificed more than any other team member to fundraise for this trip. Throughout the trip I grew spiritually. As we did have a little suffering during the trip, I realized how there’s people worshiping God that were persecuted, kicked out of their family or village, maybe even stoned. But still they follow Jesus relentlessly. They still worship him loudly. Pray to him contently. And they still love him with everything they have. Through everything they had endured just to follow the one true God, they were still firm believers. And this really helped me in my faith. I realized how God really is there for everything, and no matter how bad it may get, we always can turn to God. You can see the joy of the Lord on all of their faces, a joy that I could do much better at showing. This trip also made me realize how willing I need to be, to be his hands and feet, how if I’m called to do something then to not even think twice, because whatever it is that God is calling me to do, he will empower me to do it. While we were in Bhutan I had felt called to get baptized in the Thimphu River along with five other Bhutanese youth. I felt ready to take the next step in my faith, to show that I am here and willing, that I’m His, that I want to be God’s hands and feet, I want God to work through me in any and every way that he needs. This trip has opened both my eyes and my heart. 

Alec Schenck
Northridge Friends Church


I want to thank God for the wonderful opportunity he gave to everyone of us on this Saltshaker mission trip. It gave me a great joy and blessing to participate on this trip with all the Saltshaker team with God’s leading and guiding us in every field and in every way. I have experienced God’s love and great mysteries of new and great blessings towards everyone of us. I even got a chance to know and feel about what it takes to serve and to suffer for our Lord Jesus Christ and that was amazing. In fact, I would give myself to serve and to suffer for him all my life. On the other hand, I know that he has great plans for everyone of us in this team and for everyone who he loves. 
But in every thing, it’s not about us but for the glory to our heavenly Father. I would say that I am in love with Him once again and that wouldn’t be possible without this team and this trip which was imparted from our Lord through EFM. I love you all and thank you so much.

-David Tamang
Thimphu Friends Church, Bhutan

22 year old eldest son of Bhutan National Leaders Rupak & Pramila Tamang


Saltshaker 2017 was an amazing experience for the whole Saltshaker team, the EFM ministries in India and Bhutan, and for me personally. It was an honor to work along side the missionaries in India and Bhutan. I enjoyed preaching, teaching, and learning with the Saltshaker team. We got to work alongside of many of the youth workers in India and Bhutan. In Bhutan, we got to lead a Youth Revival Meeting, which brought a lot of joy to my heart. In India we went from church to village church and even from house to house sharing encouragement and learning from the believers. This trip really affirmed my call into ministry. With the experiences we had with the youth, I feel God calling me into youth ministry. Not only do I feel called to minister in the future, I also feel called to do God’s work now. I have learned a lot about joy and trust. When hard or different times come, I have learned to have joy through those hardships and to trust God with everything. God is doing amazing things in Bhutan and India and also in each of the members of our Saltshaker team. I am so thankful for this opportunity to gain new perspectives and to further the Kingdom of God.

Parker Titus

Bethel Friends Church/Friends University


Top 10 Reasons To Go On A Saltshaker Mission Trip

Monday, July 10th, 2017

Top 10 Reasons To Go On A Saltshaker Mission Trip

Written by the Saltshaker 2017 Team that went to India and Bhutan.


1. Grow in life maturity. The Saltshaker trip helps you learn how to cope and endure suffering. It gives you an understanding of how others live and how to affirm yourself and others. I also learned life skills like being more assertive for both myself and others, how to extend and receive hospitality, work with a team, and how to speak in public. -Alec Schenck


2. Grow spiritually. Saltshaker helps you understand God’s purpose and role in the world, which helps you understand God’s purpose for you. During Saltshaker 2017 I grew so much spiritually and felt called to be baptized in the mission field of Bhutan. God was working in my life spirituality and He will in yours too. -Alec Schenck


3. Lots of laughter! Laughter is the best medicine for anything. On a Saltshaker trip, the cultural differences are so intense that the only way to compensate is to laugh. A lot! At everything! Also, your Saltshaker team becomes your family, so what do you do with family? You laugh. You will be filled with so much joy that you can’t help but laugh all the time. And it feels so good! -Mark Persinger 


4. It will leave you speechless. There are lots of things that happen on a Saltshaker that are amazing. They are so amazing that they will leave you actually speechless. God reveals his majesty in so many undeniable ways and it is amazing! -Lynnelle Bogan


5. Intense cultural experience. You get to try new food, learn different languages, and experience different church services. You get to have a front row seat to a new culture. -Zack Leininger 


6. It will change your life if you let it! If you let God work through your experiences and through the people you work with, it will give you a new perspective. Personally, it affirmed my calling to ministry. -Parker Titus


7. Relationships you build with the missionaries. You become more connected with the missionaries personally which connects them to your family and to your church. Choity was a very sweet lady and I enjoyed getting to build a relationship with her. -Hallie Mayes


8. You will be stretched! You will be used and stretched in ways you didn’t know you could be. It may even be something you needed, but didn’t know you needed it. Before Saltshaker, I didn’t really like talking in front of people a lot. During Saltshaker, I had to talk in front of people everyday. Because it stretched me, now I’m more comfortable talking in front of others. If you’re willing, it will change your life forever! -Bailey Pohlman


9. Capacity to suffer. We very rarely suffer here in America but when we do suffer we are able to understand somewhat of what Jesus experienced on the cross for us. Without great suffering can we really experience great joy?! Going on a Saltshaker allows us to suffer and in turn experience great joy. -Jenna Easley


10. Life is a missions trip! Saltshaker is the best training for the ministry that Jesus sends his followers out to in Luke 10, but that doesn’t just apply to 3 weeks out of the summer. The call to always be ready to share, preach, testify, and step up and lead is what it means to follow Jesus 24/7 for all believers. By the end of a Saltshaker trip my teams become fluent, confident, able and willing to serve. So confident that even 15 year old girls can preach the gospel on street corners to 200 Hindus gathered to listen. Ready to sign up for “Following Jesus Boot Camp?” Time to sign up for a Saltshaker mission trip!  -Adam Monaghan




Saltshaker 2017 India/Bhutan Update #14

Thursday, July 6th, 2017

July 5, 2017 

Don’t stop praying for Saltshaker 2017! Our team just arrived in Chicago at 6:05am Thursday morning weary, tired, and jet lagged from all the travel. But Saltshaker 2017 is not over yet. We have started and will continue the hard and important work of debriefing, processing and reflecting on the last nearly three weeks. We are asking questions such as “where do I see God at work in the Friends Churches of India and Bhutan”, “how will I live differently in light of what I have experienced”, and “what lesson does the persecuted church teach us in how to follow Jesus more faithfully”?

We have been reflecting on a quote that I am not even sure of its origin, but it says: “We don’t learn from our experiences, we learn from reflecting on our experiences.” When we arrive back to the Wichita airport at 1:40pm on Thursday afternoon we will not yet be greeted by our family and friends. Instead we will head straight off to a retreat center in north Wichita to stay overnight in order for our whole team to have the chance to reflect, rest and apply what God is saying to us. We will arrive to Northridge Friends at 1:30pm on Friday afternoon for our official release and goodbye from Saltshaker 2017. 

God has been very good to us all along the way and has blessed this team tremendously with great health overall, willing spirits and so many life and spiritual lessons learned. Please pray with us especially in the next 30 hours that we would be attentive to God’s spirit and leadings even while being tired and jet lagged in order to reflect on our experiences and respond accordingly. In many ways this next phase is the most important part of the whole trip. 

 Thanks for all your faithful prayers and support. 

Adam Monaghan

Saltshaker 2017 India/Bhutan Update #13

Thursday, July 6th, 2017

We landed in Kolkata around 4 in the afternoon on Tuesday where we were eventually greeted by D.K. and Choity. From there we drove to Seva Kendra (our Catholic mission guest house) and dropped off our bags before going to dinner. We drove across town and went to a really nice restaurant. D.K. said that it was authentic Bengali food. I thought it was really good!!!

At dinner we had an impromptu “program” right in the middle of the restaurant that included us giving testimony speeches and performing Boom Chicka Boom, of course. Many of the youth came as well as the EFM Kolkata team. Many speeches were given about how the trip had influenced the team and the youth. They all were very touching and inspiring to hear. Our main course was made up of chicken, fried potatoes, egg plant, fish, and of course rice and lentil soup. For dessert we had a cake that Alec got to cut with a “sword”, celebrating his baptism. Following the food, we took lots of pictures with the group so we can remember it forever!

Wednesday morning we woke up and had breakfast and devotions at Seva Kendra, where we started the debriefing and processing phase of our trip, according to Adam. We were then picked up by the bus and we loaded everything into it before heading out to visit a few of the important sites of Calcutta with Choity. We went to see Mother Theresa’s Home for the Dying. It was placed right next to one of the most popular Hindu temples to the Goddess of destruction, which we also visited. It was crazy to see the contrast between the two places. Afterwards, we went to the Ganges River and got to see the bridge that runs over it. We went to the Queen Victoria Memorial and then the St. Paul’s Cathedral. I really enjoyed getting to see the architecture and learn about the history of the sites. Our last spot was the Ganges River where the Hindus immerse themselves for a ritual pilgrimage believing it to be holy water. After that we grabbed some pizza at Dominos which was a nice “slice” of home (see what I did there).

We drove to the EFM Kolkata office and shared in a time of worship and sharing our testimonies of what the trip meant for us. It was a very emotional time and many of us were in tears. We had more cake and gave them our gifts. They were very kind and gave each of us a mug with our name on it and a picture of the EFM Kolkata team. They are amazing people and we will miss them so much!

We drove to the airport where we said our goodbyes to D.K., Choity, and Manti. I think I speak for the whole team when I say that they have become family to us and we will miss them dearly. We checked in and we are now flying over somewhere in India. We have a long day of traveling ahead of us, so please pray that we make it safely with little complications.

This has been an amazing trip and I have been so blessed by it! It has no doubt been a life changing experience and I have left a piece of my heart both in India and Bhutan. Thank you so much for all the prayers and support!

Bailey Pohlman
Northridge Friends Church

Saltshaker 2017 India/Bhutan Update #12

Thursday, July 6th, 2017

July 3-4

First off, being in Bhutan the past couple days has been one of the greatest honors of my life.  The entire Tamang family has been so inspiring and challenging to me in their example of ministry.  Bhutan truly has been a blessing to me.  I have loved seeing the beauty and breathing in the clean, fresh air.  I love the mountains and they reminded me of my Colorado mountains, which was definitely needed.  The Lord had been so challenging and good these past couple of days.

Today we started off the day early with breakfast and devotions. We then met up with all the youth of the Bhutan churches and headed deeper into the mountains for a hike.  We had about a 2 hour bus drive to reach the hiking destination and the entire trip was filled with tons of laughter and songs.  We all really enjoyed getting to know the youth and being able to talk to each of them directly, as most of them spoke English fairly well.

The entire hike took a little under 4 hours. All four of us girls rode horses about half way up.  The boys went the whole way on foot.  It was a super fun and exciting experience for all of us.  At the top of the mountain, after about a zillion flights of stairs, we reached a beautiful monastery called Tiger’s Nest which was set into the side of the mountain.  The views from it included the Bhutan mountain range and a lovely waterfall.  After the hike, we ate a picnic lunch of chicken curry and white rice with the whole crew.  We all really enjoyed the extra fellowship time we had with the youth.

We then drove straight to Thimphu Friends Church for an exciting celebration of the youth of the church.  We got to witness many graduations from the Sunday School discipleship program and I was able to give a brief message to the children about Sunday School’s (and Christian education/discipleship) importance.  It was so encouraging to see the joy on the faces of the entire church, as well as, the significance they place of raising the youth of the church up as warriors.  On that subject, the pastor of one of the churches in the slums was 19, which I find absolutely amazing and challenging for all of us.  We also had the opportunity to share some songs and a skit about the Feeding of the Five Thousand.  To top it all off, the program finished with a fun “fashion” show in which we each escorted the kids down the aisle while dancing and waving.  Dinner was the served, which was extremely good, although some interesting salad made me cry a little bit due to it’s spiciness.  Adam called it “suffering for the Lord”. And then after I had already finished it Adam mentioned I didn’t have to eat it if it this time if it made me cry, but it was too late.

On Monday we had a devotion time in which we had the pleasure of affirming and praying for David Tamang.  We spent the rest of the morning at the Tamang’s house.  There we had the amazing opportunity to hear the story of Rupak’s calling story and also the story of their family’s meeting with the King of Bhutan.  Saying goodbye to such a wonderful, Godly family was hard, but their lasting legacy and work is so exciting.  We are truly a man short without David and we will all miss him dearly.  Please continue to pray for them and the mission field in Bhutan as they seek to plant 108 churches before 2020.

We then headed back to Paro for our flight.  Before we got to the airport we had a chance to do a little shopping and eat lunch, which by the way there were these little baby potatoes and they were delicious. We then said goodbye to the Tamangs (so hard!) and went into the airport. We all got some coffee there, and FYI, it was not good, but you probably didn’t need to know that.  Anyway, we then boarded our flight back to Kolkata, which went smoothly.

The past two days were packed full of so many wonderful adventures, each proclaiming more and more of God’s majesty.

Lynnelle Bogan
Bethel Friends Church


Saltshaker 2017 India/Bhutan Update #10

Tuesday, July 4th, 2017

July 1

This morning we woke up and had our morning devotion like every morning but this morning it was especially needed. We were reminded that our strength comes from the Joy of the Lord, that He is calling us into a life of deep intimacy with him in every moment. We reflected on what those things were that the Lord was calling us into, when we were ready we responded with yes Lord. This reminder was needed and a great way to start our day, with open hands ready to receive whatever the Lord had for us that day. 

After our devotional time we went straight to the morning session for the conference. We started off with some songs and fun, introducing them to the gospel of Boom chicka Boom. It was a lot of fun and we laughed a lot. After that I taught from Mark 10 and the story of The Young Rich Ruler and how my life has been much like this story where the Lord has asked of me to let go of things that I held onto so tightly in order to step into the Kingdom of God. I walked them through a practice of visualizing those things they too were holding onto or finding their identity in and then releasing them in order to have open hands to receive what God was calling them into. The Lord was faithful in empowering me with his strength in my weakness in preaching in order for his light to shine through me. I was definitely reminded that in my weakness the Lord is made strong. Hallie and Zack both shared their testimonies with boldness and vulnerability. I was so proud of them both for allowing the Lord to use them. After that the revival was concluded and I have to say that it was one of my greatest joys and honors to be a part of what the Lord is doing through the young people here in Bhutan. The Tamang family is very passionate about growing and empowering young leaders. It was energizing to see church leaders that are passionate about the things that stir my passions for the Lord. God is at work in and through their family and churches. 

After lunch we headed to Wangdue, all we knew was the name of where we were going and nothing else. We thought we were going sight seeing because by law we have to go at least once a day to be in Bhutan. We drove through some of the most beautiful mountains I have ever seen, crossed many rushing rivers and was pleasantly surprised when we pulled off to the side of the road in what looked like a saw mill. We walked down a very narrow and steep mountainside to get to a small village church. We were accompanied by some of the youth from the revival. The congregation at this church was made up of many women and their children, they seemed hopeful and full of light. After the service they served us a very traditional Bhutanese meal that was by far the hardest thing the team has had to eat. The meal consisted of rice, dried pork fat, and what they called “pickles.” I love pickles so I took quite a lot however we soon found out that their pickles were actually peppers, the hottest peppers I have ever eaten and I would argue the hottest peppers in the whole world. The team ate as much as we could in order to receive the women’s hospitality but it was very difficult. 

After the service we walked back up the mountain to our vehicles where all of the girls road on one van that David (our Bhutanese teammate) drove. Much laughter took place in the van as we made the journey back to Thimphu. I was privileged enough to ride shotgun with David where we had a really great conversation, talking about his view of the trip so far as well as our shared love for X-Men. With the windows down and fresh air in our lungs we talked about the idea of finding the divine in the mundane and how we can seek to find God in the small things and in His whisper. The conversation and drive was energizing and refreshing. David has been such a blessing to our team and ministry. 

We arrived back at the hotel where we had dinner and debriefed our day. We spent time trying to see the day through each other’s eyes. We lived the same day but experienced it so differently. For me today was so good, such a peaceful day. I couldn’t think of a single moment that I didn’t feel the Lord near me, whispering his grace and placing his goodness before me. My heart beats faster here in Bhutan. Being able to see the Church, the heart behind it, and simply breathe in the Lord’s goodness has been a great honor and privilege. Friends, the Bhutanese church is thriving, passionate, and full of hope. Please pray that their spirits would continue, that the Lord would continue to shine His light here. For the leaders please pray that they would know their labor is not in vain, that they are making a mighty impact for The Kingdom of God. Thank you for your faithful prayers. The team is feeling strong and loving every moment of being in Bhutan. 


Jenna Easley

Saltshaker 2017 India/Bhutan Update #11

Tuesday, July 4th, 2017

July 2 

Today we woke up a little earlier so that we could go see the biggest Buddha in the world before church. Seeing the giant statue of the Buddha was crazy, but it broke my heart seeing people worship a statue, rather than the real true God. 

We then went to our first church service at the “Mother” church of Bhutan, Thimphu Friends Church. Here we each did an introduction and said a brief word to try and help build them up in their faith. 

After visiting our first church of the day we went straight to a church in the slums full of Indian refugees. When we arrived, there was Sunday school going on, so we spent time with the kids, prayed for them, and played with them. After we ate lunch, siting on the floor of the church eating with our hands, of course. But right after lunch I attend a smallbaptism class hosted by Rupac and Adam. I attended  because 5 Bhutanese youth and I were about to be baptized in the Thimphu River. I wanted to be baptized because I was ready to show that I am all God’s, that I’m ready and willing to be used in any and every way, and that I was ready for the next step in my faith. I had felt called to be baptized when Rupac had mentioned that some of their youth was going to be baptized (and I had been thinking about it for a while back at home too). So I talked to Adam and my parents, and I got to be baptized! To get to the river we had to take a fairly long walk. We walked through mud, trash, and over barbed wire to get there. Once we got there me, Adam, and Rupak got in the freezing mountain water and I was baptized by Adam. And seeing the other youth baptized by Rupac with Adam’s help brought joy to my heart because that’s 5 more people that are now publicly known as Christians. 

After the baptism we attended the church service. We had a brief time for introductions and short messages because we had a small service project to get done after. 

For the service project, we painted the inside of the church and helped begin to build onto the church because the building was too small for the amount that attended, which is a very good problem to have, and it makes me very happy to see a church so full that people are sitting outside the door. We served hand in hand and side by side with the Bhutanese youth in this service project working on this church in the middle of a slum. It was an amazing opportunity. 

After we finished the project we all left for a youth basketball tournament. Some of the youth and the Saltshakers all played together and had very much fun. 

Today was a fantastic and beautiful day. The Lord’s presence was very apparent today and it was wonderful. Thank you all for the support in prayer! 

-Alec Schenck 

Northridge Friends Church 

Saltshaker 2017 India/Bhutan Update #9

Tuesday, July 4th, 2017

June 30

After making the rigorous 4 hour journey by every form of transportation that exists back from Bali Island, we finally arrived in Kolkata around supper time. From there, we took some taxis and headed to a mall. The traffic was especially crazy that night because even though the mall was not far from the train station, it took us about 45 minutes (maybe 3 miles at the most). 

When we got to the mall, I was in shock. This mall was huge and very, very fancy. They had a beautiful fountain in the middle with lights and everyone was taking pictures in front of it. There were also a lot of fancy stores. It was extremely different from what we had normally been seeing in India. We then proceeded upstairs to eat at a Chili’s. We were all very excited to get to eat some familiar food. It was not the same as it is in America, but it was still really good. Zack and I ordered so much food that we couldn’t even finish it all (and for the first time since we arrived that was okay). Adam predicted, that because we got so much food, that either Zack or I would be up at 2 in the morning throwing up. Luckily, neither of us did. We slept great. 

The next morning, we had to get up early and head to the airport because we were flying out to Bhutan. When we were checking into our flight, we had to check our carry on bags because the plane was quite small. For some reason, they told us we had to take out any power banks or battery-powered devices from those bags. Zack and Jenna did not do this, so they had to be taken into a private room. We didn’t know how long they were going to be gone, so we ordered some breakfast. Then after about 20 minutes, they came back out and we proceeded through security. Thankfully, everything went fine and we were able to get into our plane. Our plane reminded me of the plane from Jurassic Park. This flight was very short; but nevertheless, they fed us. 

When we finally arrived in Bhutan, I was amazed at how beautiful it was. They had lush, green mountains, and rivers, and trees. It looks a lot like the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. The air was cool, and it was not crowded with people. It was a very nice break from the heat and busyness of Kolkata. We had an hour drive from the airport to our hotel in Thimphu. As soon as we arrived, we ate lunch quickly and then went upstairs to a youth conference hosted by the Bhutan Friends Church. The theme verse for this meeting was Isaiah 60:1, “Arise, shine for your light has come. Let the glory of the Lord shine upon you.” During the time we spent at this meeting, we sang songs, gave testimonies, played games, and encouraged the youth in their faith by our team preaching lots of messages. It was a very interesting youth conference. When we first entered, we got to wear the national dress clothes of Bhutan. They were not very comfortable and they were quite hot, but it was so neat to be able to do that. Also, when we entered the room, all the windows were shut and the blinds were closed. We had to be very secretive about what we were doing. Rupak told the youth not to post any pictures on Facebook until we left and to not answer anyone’s questions about what we were doing. This made us realize the challenges of practicing your Christian faith in a “closed” country. Please pray for Bhutan to be open to the gospel. I felt very blessed from this as well, and I could feel God moving in this place. We then proceeded to eat supper and socialized with the youth. I enjoyed this because most of them could speak English very well, so we could have real, meaningful conversations.

After eating supper, we went sightseeing. By this time, it was dark. We drove up a mountain, and when you looked down, you could see the whole city. It was such a beautiful view. I could have sat there for hours just looking at everything. We took pictures, but they did not do it justice. Bhutan is such a fascinating and breathtaking country.

I am so blessed to have the opportunity to come on this trip and visit both the countries of India and Bhutan. I have gotten to see the work of God firsthand, and it is so amazing. These people truly have a heart and soul and love for Jesus. I am constantly amazed by their faithfulness and willingness to do God’s will. I want to thank my family, friends, and Bethel Friends Church for all the support and prayers. I am truly honored. God bless you all!

-Mark Persinger 

Bethel Friends Church

Saltshaker 2017 India/Bhutan Update #8

Saturday, July 1st, 2017

Friday morning we woke up super early in Kolkata to go to the airport to catch our international flight. The flight was short and had a windy, bumpy landing on the short mountain runway. We arrived at our destination and traveled an hour from the airport to the capital city and checked into the hotel where the youth meeting is also being held. 

At the request of our missionary pastor host both to us and the nationals here that are a part of the conference we will wait until July 4th after we return to India to post our daily updates. We will still write them daily but just not send them to be posted until Tuesday afternoon at the earliest. 

The Saltshaker team is all heathy and well and learning a ton about what God is doing here and the vision of EFC/EFM. We are all grateful for the cool, dry mountain air and the incredible mountain beauty of this country. Thanks for your ongoing prayers and support for our work here. We are very excited for our 5 full days we have left before our return. 

-Adam Monaghan

Saltshaker 2017 India/Bhutan Update #7

Thursday, June 29th, 2017


On Wednesday morning we left for the island of Gosaba. We boarded a public train that was completely packed. After the train, we rode a van.  The boys got to ride on top of the van. We then boarded a boat that crossed the Indian Ocean Bay to the island of Gosaba.  

We then arrived at Emmanuel Hostel Orphanage and Gosaba Friends Church. The orphanage and church were right next to each other. The orphanage was full of happy faces and kids who had a lot of energy. The boys of the Saltshaker team played soccer with the kids in a mud field and they made us look very bad. During the soccer game, the girls were attending a church service and speaking at a Twilight service for the elderly at Gosaba Friends Church. 

After the Twilight service we cleaned up and started a night of worship and fun for the kids. We played many games including duck duck goose and other balloon games. We sang many songs both in English and in Bangla. We preformed a skit telling the story about Jonah, and the kids loved it. Bailey and I then presented short messages about Esther and Daniel. The kids loved our presence even though the language barrier was there. After the kids went to bed, we enjoyed dinner that included jackfruit, cucumbers, curry potatoes, and goat. 

Even though most of the kids were orphans, they still had so much joy. They felt blessed to be in such a great place instead of being out on the streets. The kids loved everything we did and were especially happy when we preformed the famous “Boom-Chicka-Boom.” All of the people that worked at the orphanage were very kind and compassionate. The facilities were very nice and made a great home for around 50 kids. 

That night, the boys endured a night of sleeping on the concrete floor of the church. Luckily, blankets and pillows were provided to make the night much more pleasurable. We enjoyed this time of bonding and we all got a decent amount of sleep.

On Thursday, we woke up to a ringing bell and very excited kids yelling our names. The kids soon left for school and we did our daily devotion led by Mark. After the devotion, we said our goodbyes to the orphanage and church and set out by boat for the island of Bali. Once we arrived, we rode a van and walked through muddy paths to Bali Friends Church. We met many happy faces and they actually invited us into their homes, and went from house to house. Their homes were all huts made of mud. Although she was too sick to speak, we got to meet the woman who was the first Christian of the Bali island. We blessed and prayed over all of the people and their houses. 

After that, we started our long journey back to Kolkata. Again, we rode a boat, a 3-wheel bicycle van, and the public train. 

I have learned so much about India and its culture. I feel so blessed to have this opportunity to minister to the people of India. I respect all of the believers here because of their bravery and faithfulness to Christ. I want to thank Bethel Friends Church and Northridge Friends Church for all of the support and prayers. I am very excited to see what God has for us for the rest of the trip.

-Parker Titus

Bethel Friends Church/Northridge Friends Church

Saltshaker 2017 India/Bhutan Update #6

Wednesday, June 28th, 2017

After the tour, we boarded a night train in Malada at 9 p.m. We slept through the night in the sleeper cars and arrived in Kolkata at 7 a.m. After resting a while and trying to recover from what we called “train lag” (like jet lag but from a train) we went on a search for breakfast. We found a street cafe and enjoyed an Indian “street taco” coupled with tea. 

After breakfast the team took a bus to the convent where Mother Teresa lived during her ministry. Visiting her grave and learning about her ministry gave us a better understanding of how to more effectively minister to the poor around the world and the people of Kolkata. It was inspirational and moving to walk the very steps she walked and to see how simply she lived. The ministry she started is still alive and well. 

Choity acted as our tour guide the rest of the morning as we were able to experience the Indian market and mall. Going out in public as a large group of Americans is always an event, although we are getting better at dealing with the crowds it is still disorienting. After an afternoon of shopping and touring the markets, we indulged in Bengali food for lunch. 

Our next stop was a house church in Kolkata. Upon arriving we were welcomed and encouraged to take rest on the floor of the bedroom. After a quick nap, we woke up to the realization that the church members had also congregated in the room. The service began with shouts of joy and songs of worship. I had the opportunity to teach and spoke over the love of Christ and the forgiveness of our Father. Everyone in this church is a first generation believer and their new faith is strong and passionate. Their zeal for the Lord ignited and rejuvenated us. We heard many stories of their backgrounds and families, many came from a Hindu background. 

There was a time during the service that the women shared their passion for Christ as Adam requested they answer why they want to follow Jesus. One women snuck in late, through Choity we came to know that this women comes from a Hindu family. She has to sneak out of her house to come to the service each week as to not let her husband know where she is going. The faithfulness of the women in this church is a testimony to the love of Christ in India.

I have felt implicated by the Lord to convey to these believers that the American church has not forgotten them. The Friends church in West Bengal is growing and has been found faithful to the Lord. I ask you to continue praying for the villages that we travel to, that they will feel encouraged and their hope would be found in the Lord. Safety for their churches as their faith is growing yet frowned upon by many in their communities. They send their greetings and ask for your prayers. The team appreciates and has felt your prayers from home.

-Hallie Mayes

Rose Hill Friends Church

Saltshaker 2017 India/Bhutan Update #5

Wednesday, June 28th, 2017

Monday morning we had our last breakfast at Golden Park Hotel in Malda. Lynnelle Bogan led devotion and she asked us to share blessings we have or blessings we have discovered during our time here in India.  After devotion time we drove to a Santali village, among whom we have several Friends Churches. They welcomed us with their traditional dances and songs. They even let us join in. The native women balanced glass bottles full of water and with a flower sticking out the top, and danced with gracefulness. When we attempted this, we failed miserably. 

Once we participated in their traditional dance, it was our turn. We taught the congregation Boom-chicka-boom, and if you are aware of that song, you’ll understand how fun/obnoxious it can be! It turned into a Santali-American “dance off” where we went back and forth in dancing. 

As we set down to cool off, we asked the pastor to share his testimony to us. Pastor Balaram is a 22 year old and has been a follower of Christ for 8 years. 4 years ago, in 2013, he began to pastor Khonta Friends Church. His wife is pregnant with their first child. She is due in September, please be in prayer for a healthy baby as well as a safe delivery. 

The congregation of this church currently meets outside of the pastor’s home. They are constructing a church but it is hard for them to build effectively because of monsoon season. In Santali villages the buildings are made out of mud. Then they stucco the outside to secure it and decorate. The stage of construction that they are on is still the mud foundation. So every time it rains the fresh mud “melts” away. The walls of the church are currently 3-5 feet tall and sturdy enough to stand on. The 10 of us, as well as DK, Choity and some of the congregation stood on the walls and prayed a blessing over the people and future of this church. 

Then they served us puffed rice, (very similar to Rice Krispies) with bananas, cucumbers, and hard boiled eggs for lunch. 

Our next stop was the “ruins” of a Compassion International facility, that the Friends church in Malda partnered with to serve over 100 children a year. The government of India has shut down all Compassion projects because of their slogan: “Releasing children from poverty, in Jesus name”. The Indian government offered for compassion to keep it’s doors open if they removed “…in Jesus name” from their slogan. They refused and Compassion of India was closed in January of this year. This refusal stood out to me personally because it is similar to what we are doing here in India. We can build relationships, help people, and even change lives, but if we are not going about our days in Jesus’ name then our mission would only help people for the rest of their lives, and not their eternal lives.  During our time at the facility we went to the chapel and prayed for the Indian government’s hearts to become soft towards the spread of Christianity in their country and also for the community around the church and the children affected by the Compassion closure to not stray away from what they have learned. 

On our way back to Hotel Golden Park we stopped at a 13th century mosque. This mosque is a memorial/museum. Since this day was a Muslim holiday, the end of Ramadan, it was very full. When the Indian people saw us Americans they surrounded us for pictures and selfies. It was the closest I’ve ever felt to being famous and chased by paparazzi. This distraction flustered the girls and made the tour of the mosque less enjoyable for us but nonetheless it was a beautiful place full of history. 

Everywhere I go I share of my personal relationship with India because my family adopted my brother from here. 

Keep us, as well as the people of India, in your prayers. 

     – Zack Leininger 

Bethel Friends Church


Saltshaker 2017 India/Bhutan Update #3

Saturday, June 24th, 2017

Friday morning started out very hot and humid (as normal). We had a breakfast of boiled eggs, bread, bananas, and a hot spicy soup (again). We then have a team-lead devotion, sing songs as a group, pray, and process what we have seen through out the trip so far. 

After breakfast we got onto a public bus, but when we went to get off they did not want to wait very long so they decided to continue moving before Adam got off. After we got off the first bus we went to get on another one that would take us to the Evangelical Friends Church office, this one did not want to stop to allow us to get on. After running after the bus for a block we were finally able to get on the bus. 

When we arrived to the office we celebrated a girl named Manti’s birthday. After we ate a very large meal of rice and chicken for lunch. 

After lunch we got into a van and drove on a very bumpy, crazy, and crowded road to a village named Hooghly. Here we were welcomed with open hands. They brought us tea and crackers and made sure we were comfortable. The Christians of the village then sang songs in Bangla. 

After they had finished singing, we began our program that we had planned. We started out with skits and songs acting out Jonah and the whale and singing some songs we had learned in English, Bangla, and Hindi. 

Then Lynnelle and I each shared a sermon. While speaking to the people in the village you could see the joy of the Lord in their eyes and face. Because most of the Christians there are first generation Christians, the stories and sermons we tell and show seem to really help them understand the work of God. 

After we had finished our program we rejoiced with cake and food. And then we headed back for our 2 1/2 hour commute. 

Our second day was amazing and eye opening! Thank you all for your prayers! 

-Alec Schenck

Northridge Friends Church

Updates from EFM

Tuesday, June 20th, 2017
Lazarus John, pastor of the Sudanese Evangelical Friends Church in Omaha, Nebraska, is currently on a two-month exploration trip to South Sudan and the border city of Gambella, Ethiopia (Gambella is ethnically Sudanese and a stable base for operations). He is visiting leaders who have been leading and planting churches under the name of Evangelical Friends Church. Please pray for Lazarus as he makes this difficult journey, and for his wife, Veronica, and their family and church, as they continue on in Omaha while Lazarus is away.  Thank you to all of you who have already been praying for Lazarus and have supported him financially for this Luke 10 trip.
Here are some of Lazarus’ objectives:
  • To visit the Great Upper Nile, Great Equatoria, and Great Bahra Ghazal regions in South Sudan and the Gambella region in Ethiopia.
  • To visit new churches that have been planted over the last six years.
  • To further discern possible relationships with EFM and/or EFC-Rwanda and EFC-Africa, including the role Lazarus and his family would have in these relationships.
  • To assist with the registration and licensing of churches in South Sudan and Ethiopia.
  • To train church leaders in discipleship and Friends church-planting structures.
  • To lead in the preparation of self-sustainable financial strategies.
  • To clarify organizational structures for local, regional, and national leaders.
  • To build relationships and healthy communication patterns.  
  • To establish a unified vision of Evangelical Friends for an exciting future. 
Other missions-sending news in Central Africa:
Please pray for Rwandan Friends as they are currently planting worship groups and churches in Kampala, Uganda. EFM is partnering with Rwandans who are discipling and training both Ugandan and Sudanese leaders who currently reside in Kampala, seeking the right leaders who might plant other churches in Uganda or South Sudan in the future. Rwandan leaders are also making Luke 10 exploration trips to Juba, South Sudan, as they discern where or how they may begin a new mission to plant the seeds of a new yearly meeting in South Sudan.
Please pray for Burundian Friends as they continue a missions-sending objective in Kigoma, Tanzania. They have a handful of churches and worship groups in the Kigoma area, including some Burundian and Congolese refugee camps, with a base church building on property in the outskirts of Kigoma. The current leader in Tanzania is Mopendo, a Muslim back-ground believer who was led to Christ through a dream and later joined Friends via Congolese contacts. He is working with Burundian leaders to get the church, a seed for a new yearly meeting, registered with the government.
Thank you for praying for these African missions-sending efforts among Friends!  It is also wonderful to see EFC-Africa and FUM African leaders being transparent with each other, partnering where it makes sense, and always cheering each other on in the Great Commission!
– Matt Macy, Associate Director of EFM
P.S.  Please make note of EFM’s current mailing address: PO Box 771139, Wichita KS 67277.  Although the USPS is to forward our mail for 12 months, we have heard of some mail being returned to sender.

Meet the Team | Saltshaker 2017 India/Bhutan

Monday, June 19th, 2017

Official Saltshaker 2017 Team Picture from Orientation on June 19 held at University Friends Church in Wichita, KS

Meet the Saltshaker 2017 India/Bhutan Team! Please pray for our EFC-MAYM Saltshaker 2017 mission trip team headed to serve this summer in India/Bhutan. The team requests prayer support from friends, family and from churches and church members across EFC-MAYM and beyond. Several team members are also still raising funds. Please contact adam@efcmaym.org if you are interested in supporting these trips with a financial (tax-deductible) donation or make a donation online here. See more information about Saltshaker 2017 here

Saltshaker Prayer Requests
*For Security & Safety, that we would “be strong and courageous” and not be “afraid or discouraged” (Joshua 1:9).
*For Unity, that we may “be made completely one, so the world may know…” (John 17:23).
*For Discernment, that we may “trust in the Lord with all our heart and not rely on our own understanding…” (Proverbs 3:5-6).
*For Health & Comfort, that we would “be in good health physically just as you are spiritually” (I John 1:2).
*For Leadership that we would “imitate” the Apostle Paul “as he imitates Christ” (I Corinthians 11:1).
*For the Mission Fields in Bhutan/Nepal, that we would “promote love and good works” (Hebrews 10:24).
*For Humility that we would “make our own attitude that of Christ” and “assuming the form of a servant” (Philippians 2:5-8).

Saltshaker Itineraries (Official Dates)
June 19 – Saltshaker Orientation in Wichita
June 20 – 4:40 AM meet at Eisenhower Airport for send off, 6am United Flight Wichita to Chicago, afternoon flight to Abu Dhabi
June 21 – 9 PM Team arrives in Kolkata
June 21-30 – Ministry in West Bengal, India
June 30 – Team departs Kolkata for Bhutan
June 30-July 4 – Ministry in Bhutan
July 4 – Team returns to Kolkata
July 5 – Team departs Kolkata for USA
July 5-6 – Special Youth Gathering in Kolkata
July 6 – Team returns to USA
July 7 – Saltshaker Post-Trip Debrief in Wichita

Note that India is 10:30 and Bhutan is 11 hours ahead of US Central Time.

The sending churches for Saltshaker 2017 include the Friends Churches of Bethel, Northridge, and Rose Hill.

My name is Lynnelle Bogan and I attend Bethel Friends Church in Hugoton, Kansas. I am currently a senior at Hugoton High School and I will graduate in May. The Spring Invasion mission to Mexico in 2016 was my first mission trip. Over the past year I have felt God’s calling to short-term missions and I am excited to pursue that call. India and Bhutan have a very low percentage of Christians and I am looking forward to being a part of the ray of light reaching in to these countries.


My name is Jenna Easley and I will serve as the Assistant Director for Saltshaker 2017. Originally from Odessa, TX, I am a 24 year old senior at Friends University in Wichita, Kansas studying Religion and Philosophy as well as Christian Spiritual Formation. I will graduate this May and hope to pursue a life of vocational ministry, whatever that may mean. In Wichita, I attend and serve at Northridge Friends. I have previously had the opportunity to serve with IGo Global in Tokyo, Japan, with the North American Mission Board as a Student Missionary in Delta, Colorado, and most recently served in Mexico during Spring Invasion 2016. I enjoy thrift shopping, flannels, and tacos.


My name is Zack Leininger. I am a senior at Hugoton High School and attend Bethel Friends Church. I am active in sports and music at school and currently serve as Student Council president. I participated in two Spring Invasion trips to Mexico. I felt a calling to be part of Saltshaker last year at Camp Quaker Haven, and when I knew the team was going to Bhutan/India, I was even more intrigued. My family adopted my brother, Nathan, from India and the country holds a special place in my heart. On this mission trip I hope to grow closer to God as well as the team who is going. I also hope to further the Kingdom of God by equipping believers that we meet. I am excited to see what God has in store for my life in the future and to share these blessings with my church and all of EFCMAYM.


My name is Hallie Mayes. I am 15 years old and I will be a sophomore at Andover High School next fall. I live in Wichita, Kansas and attend Rose Hill Friends Church where I am involved in youth activities. I am so thrilled to go on the 2017 Saltshaker trip to India and Bhutan. During my time at reGENERATION in Decmember I felt led to join the India/ Bhutan Saltshaker team. I could not be more excited for this incredible opportunity to see and be a part of the work of the Lord in other cultures. 


My name is Adam Monaghan and I am the Director for Saltshaker 2017. I am from Wichita, Kansas and I serve as Associate Superintendent for Evangelical Friends Church Mid-America Yearly Meeting. I also lead a ministry to college students at Northridge Friends Church where I attend with my family (wife, Sarah, and three kids). I am really excited to be a part of the Saltshaker mission team because God has called us to be his witness to the ends of the earth (cf Mt 28:19-20, Acts 1:8). My favorite thing about missions is that God gets the glory (Ps.46:10b), the nations get the gospel (Mt. 28:19) and the church gets the “good life” of abundant blessings for being obedient and faithful to go, send, give and pray! I also really love the Evangelical Friends Church all around the world and am excited to get to partner with our churches and missionaries in Bhutan and India. 2017 will be my 10th Saltshaker and I have been blessed with the opportunity to lead or participate in over 50 mission trips! 


My name is Mark Persinger. I am a freshman at the University of Kansas, and I am studying human biology. I plan on attending medical school and becoming a pediatrician. I grew up in Hugoton, Kansas, and I attend Bethel Friends Church. I have gone on two Spring Invasion trips to Mexico. I had such amazing experiences on both of those trips, and that has prompted me to want to do more short-term mission work. I have never been to another country besides Mexico, so I am excited to see what it is like there. I felt led to join the Saltshaker India/Bhutan team to experience something completely different than what I’m used to and to help spread the gospel by doing whatever I can. I am extremely excited to see what God has in store for us on this trip!


My name is Bailey Pohlman. I live in Sedgwick, KS and attend Northridge Friends Church in Wichita, Kansas. This fall, I will be a senior at Sedgwick High School. I am super excited to be going on this Saltshaker. I felt called to go on this trip after I heard Adam talk about it at reGENERATION. After an assignment in 4th grade, I fell in love with the Indian people and their culture. While I do not know much, I am excited to learn more about Bhutan. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to spread the love of God to the people in India and Bhutan.


My name is Alec Schenck. I live in Wichita, Kansas and attend Northridge Friends Church. I am in the 11th grade and go to Northwest High School. I am extremely excited about this trip! At first I was nervous to sign up, but then I prayed for guidance and I was called to go on the 2017 Saltshaker trip to Bhutan/India. I did attend Spring Invasion 2016. On this trip I learned so much and am hoping for a similar experience in India and Bhutan. I am blessed to be on the team and am looking forward to seeing how God is working in other countries.


My name is Shiddarth Tamang. David is my Christian name. I am from Thimphu, Bhutan, which is the capital city. I attend and serve in Bhutan Friends Church. I am a student in Royal Thimphu College, studying political science. I am leading Youth’s fellowship, as well as helping my Dad in his ministry here in Bhutan. It is a real blessing and encouragement to serve our Lord here in Bhutan and to see God’s mighty work being done in all parts of the world through EFM. My passion for our mighty God is to teach and train our believers and leaders in church planting and disciple-making. Thank God we just celebrated our ninth class of leadership training who have been trained successfully in our Bhutan Friends Bible School. This gave me a true feeling of happiness and joy. It has been a great blessing and privilege to share God’s amazing love and grace among the people of Bhutan. I am excited to participate with the Saltshaker team during our ministry in India and also we are very excited to welcome the youth team in Bhutan. 


My name is Parker Titus and I am from Hugoton, Kansas and attend Bethel Friends Church. I am currently attending Friends University and studying Computer Science and Christian Spiritual Formation. I am very excited to be on the Saltshaker 2017 team. I have always been very interested in going on an international mission trip, and EFC-MAYM has made it possible. Many young adults are given a huge opportunity to serve God through Saltshaker mission trips. I have always been interested in international missions and I feel called to go to India/Bhutan. On this trip, I hope to allow God to work through my life and allow for personal growth in the Lord. I hope to encourage and bring God’s love to the people we encounter, and hope to advance God’s kingdom through love and faithfulness. I am excited to get to serve in India and Bhutan! Here is a video I made about my trip.


Twaddells Raising Support in EFCMAYM | March-June

Thursday, March 9th, 2017
EFM Missionaries Roy and Jinky Twaddell are living in Haviland, KS for the next 4 months as they complete their deputation and support raising to prepare to go as missionaries to the Philippines to do ministry among Muslims. They are available March through June to speak in EFC-MAYM churches and to share about their ministry. You can contact Roy directly at rtwaddell@icloud.com or 949-633-8925 to schedule a visit to your church, Sunday School, small group, mission group, Friends Women group, etc.
Please pray for the Twaddells as they seek to complete their fundraising support. They are currently at 70% and need to raise the remaining 30% before returning to the Philippines.
Thanks for your love for missions, care for our missionaries, and partnership in the Gospel!
– Adam Monaghan, Associate Superintendent

Announcement | EFM Office

Friday, March 3rd, 2017
For some time we at Evangelical Friends Mission (EFM) have been asking a crucial question: How can EFM be better structured to mobilize Evangelical Friends worldwide to carry out the Great Commission of Jesus Christ? At its meetings last November the Board gave Dan Cammack, Executive Director of EFM, and Matt Macy, Associate Director, permission to develop a restructuring plan and to begin implementing it. They have been doing so with the help of several board members, the executive committee of the Board, and a consultant.  
The restructuring plan has the following goals:

  • To become more integrated with the yearly meetings/regions of Evangelical Friends Church – North America (EFC-NA)
  • To build our capacity as Evangelical Friends to sustain the mission work we already have as well as to plant new fields and partner with yearly meetings around the world that are or will be planting new fields
  • To enable EFM to be more efficient and effective in its work as well as a better steward of its resources
  • To engage the younger generations in Great Commission work
  • To see if we can finally put to rest the organizational confusion that has plagued EFM for most of its existence by developing closer working relationships with our yearly meetings/regions.

The more we thought and prayed about how to accomplish these goals the clearer it became to us that we need to regionalize our office staff and tasks; in other words, we foresee the likelihood that future EFM office staff will be scattered across EFC-NA’s yearly meetings/regions with no central physical office.  

On February 16 and 17 we began implementing the restructuring plan by taking a very painful step: We closed down our office in Arvada, Colorado and laid off John and Vicki Hinshaw, David Cordova, and Laurie Mortimore who live in Colorado and Sue Jones who lives in Southern California. This was painful because they are not only our co-workers but also our friends, and some of them have served with EFM for a long time. David has been with EFM for nearly 28 years, Vicki for 22, and Laurie for 15. They will always have a special place in our hearts and in the history of EFM.  
We are now entering into an interim period of about four months with an interim staff that will be based mostly in Wichita, Kansas. This interim period gives us time to bring our current system to an end and to grieve the many good things we are losing from this change, which is first and foremost our office staff. This interim period also gives us time to answer many questions like: Who will the new staff be? Where will they work? How will the yearly meetings/regions and EFM work more closely together? And many more questions. The consultants we are working with are taking the directors, Board, and others connected to EFM through an assessment process in the coming weeks and months that will help us answer many of these questions.  
We are doing what we can to minimize the effects of these changes on the lives and ministries of our missionaries. Please pray for them as they make adjustments along with the rest of us.  
Throughout this restructuring process we continue to depend on you for your prayers and financial support. We also ask for your patience. It’s going to take a little while to get the interim staff up and running, so for a time we may not be able to respond to your questions or requests as quickly as we have in the past. Please hang in there with us and don’t be afraid to follow up with us if you’re not getting a response.  
The contact information for EFM during the interim period is:  
Mailing address: PO Box 771139, Wichita, KS 67277  
Thank you for your attention to this announcement and for your prayers. May the Lord use this time of change to further his mission to the world.  
– Dan Cammack, Executive Director of EFM

Saltshaker Bhutan/India 2017

Tuesday, January 10th, 2017
The information has been published and registration is open for the summer 2017 Saltshaker mission trip to Bhutan/India. Saltshaker 2017 will be one trip visiting both the mission fields in West Bengal, India and Bhutan. See details and basic Saltshaker 2017 Information, including the link to apply. 
Saltshaker Bhutan/India – June 22-July 8, 2017
$4800 (exact cost still to be finalized)* 
Required Orientation on June 22. Location TBA.
Application and deposits are due by February 15 (or until the teams are full). 
*SPECIAL NOTE ON COST. All costs and dates are subject to change. Current estimated cost is $4800 (exact cost still to be finalized). This cost is more expensive than any Saltshaker we have had before but includes the added cost for the daily Bhutan tariff (4 nights = $1000 person), airfare (up to $2600/person), and then $1200/person for all other costs including orientation, all meals and transportation and lodging, and ministry and program expenses during our trip. I am visiting both mission fields on a prep trip in January and will know the final estimated cost for the summer trip by the end of January. I will be leading the Bhutan/India Saltshaker trip along with other adult leaders to be named.
Please share this information with the high school students, college students and young adults, and anyone else from your church that you think might be interested in representing EFC-MAYM for such a life-changing short-term missions experience. 
Adam Monaghan
EFC-MAYM Associate Superintendent
P.S. Check out these reflections and reports from the past few years of Saltshaker trips as the youth share their testimonies and the value of the short term missions experience on the Friends Church mission field.

Attention Farmers and Ranchers

Wednesday, December 7th, 2016

We are asking farmers and ranchers to consider participating in a unique ministry: STEER, INC. Giving through this ministry is much more than a tax advantage because STEER actually makes the cash investments. 

EFM is a member of STEER, INC which means that STEER desires to give EFM lots of money through the willing involvement of our agricultural community. And here’s the best part: farmers and ranchers can give to EFM without additional money being taken out of their pockets!

To learn more about giving options, click here and you will be taken to their website. The options include STEER’s cow/calf program, feeder project, dairy cows, God’s acres, and other projects.

Here’s how the program works:

Step 1.  Donors you don’t know invest with STEER, so you can actually skip this step because STEER has so much money that they currently won’t accept your donations! 

Step 2.  STEER uses funds they already have to purchase livestock (e.g., a cow) or a crop.

Step 3.  You (the rancher or farmer) feed and care for the livestock on behalf of EFM. In other words, the cow is owned by STEER but she is added to your herd. STEER will either buy one of your cows or bring you a cow. STEER also covers any vet or replacement costs for the cow because STEER is self-insured, so this cow can provide “forever” donations to EFM as long as you continue to participate in the program. Whether it is a good year or a bad year, you can give generously to missions without risking personal cash.

Step 4.  You sell the livestock (i.e., the cow’s calf goes to market) and send the money to STEER.

Step 5.  STEER sends 90 percent of the gain to EFM, which allows them to keep five percent for their self-insured fund and another five percent for their administrative costs.

Step 6.  EFM applies the money to EFM’s General Ministries Fund or to any specific EFM missionary or mission field you choose.

Step 7.  Missionaries reach people with the gospel.

Step 8.  Heaven rejoices when people come to faith in Christ. 

If you join this program, please let us know. If you want more information about STEER, please contact EFM at efm@friendsmission.com or 303 421 8100.

Thank you for supporting the ministries of EFM! 

– Dan Cammack and Matt Macy