Conventional Track

Journey Toward Maturity

This list, with measurable objectives for each stage, is used in the following ways:

  • As a tool for the church planter to use for planning and prayer.
  • As a tool for the church planter to use with his leadership team and his coach to track progress.
  • As a tool for reporting progress to the Partner Advisory Team and EFC-MAYM on a regular basis and whenever the Partner Advisory Team meets. (NOTE: This is required.)
  • As a reminder to celebrate the achievement of objectives.

Candidate Assessment

  • Candidate Resume submitted to EFC-MAYM
  • Candidate completed consent form and background check completed by EFC-MAYM
  • Candidate submitted five references with contact info to EFC-MAYM
  • Self-assessments completed (DISC, Myers-Briggs, Planter Profile, Spiritual Gifts, Pre-assessment Questionnaire)
  • Spousal support essay submitted to EFC-MAYM
  • Church Plant Commitment Covenant and “What it Means to be a Friends Church in EFC-MAYM” agreed, signed, and submitted to EFC-MAYM
  • Behavioral interview completed
  • EFC-MAYM leadership and planter completed “The Expectations” Interview
  • EFC-MAYM CMT sanctioned planter.  If in agreement, then the planter signs the Planter Financial Agreement

Planter Preparation

  • CMT appointed Planter Coach
  • Planter and coach signed Coaching Covenant
  • Church planting boot camp attended by planter and spouse (and coach and core team, if possible)
  • Personal Growth Plan completed.
  • Coaching Growth Plan completed
  • 100 prayer supporters identified and published
  • Support raising boot camp attended by planter and spouse
  • Theological Prep: Planter completed Minister’s Information Guide and submitted to EFC-MAYM
  • CMT sanctioned New Planting Project


  • The PAT (Partner Advisory Team) is formed and operational
  • Demographic study on ministry focus area
  • Rough Draft of mission and core values completed
  • First budget drafted and approved by PAT
  • Pre-evangelism and outreach evangelism begun
  • Small group/core group meetings begun
  • Church plant web page published
  • Church Planting Proposal completed and submitted to PAT and EFC-MAYM
  • CMT (Church Multiplication Team) approved Church Planting Proposal
  • Ministry Action Plans (MAPS) completed from boot camp training

Prenatal Development

  • First year ministry planned
  • Legal documents filed with the state
  • Working draft of Mission, Vision, Values Statements written
  • Gathering strategy developed
  • Small group ministry multiplied
  • Request for first preview service made to PAT
  • Adequate meeting facility secured
  • PAT secures liability insurance policy
  • Preview Service “W” Strategy developed
  • Preview service(s) held


  • Worship services have begun weekly
  • Project has begun to tithe back to EFC-MAYM
  • Spiritual formation and discipleship begun for all ages
  • Assimilation Plan prepared and published
  • Ministry “fit” identified and believers deployed in service

Growth Toward Maturity

  • Membership applicants interviewed and approved
  • Final Draft of Constitution and Bylaws developed and submitted to the CMT
  • Initial missions strategy developed
  • Full church membership status requested in writing
  • Annual church health survey conducted

Maturity and Reproduction

  • Plans in place to become a Partner Church
  • Full church membership approved by EFC-MAYM