Oasis Church | Dodge City, KS:
This new Church Planting project began in the early 2000’s & re-launched with Western and South Central Areas partnering in 2011. This vibrant ministry sees those of all ages and from all walks of life coming to Christ. Their new worship center is utilized throughout the week for outreach and encouragement. If you visit on a Sunday morning, your spirit will be revived as you worship with more than 60 others as the congregation gathers with great enthusiasm and fervor.   Pastor Gerald and Deloras Mendenhall work tirelessly in the local community and jails, serving and assisting those in need.

Communitas | Wichita, KS:
Communitas is a Wichita area network of people following Jesus, to be a reflection of the Kingdom of God, begun in 2011. The mission is to join with the Holy Spirit, wherever He is working, to proclaim and demonstrate the Good News of the Kingdom, living individually and gathering corporately in these three ways: Simple, Organic, and Incarnational. Communitas is a vigorous form of community that works to build relationships in each one’s neighborhood and beyond. This development work has reported directly to the Church Multiplication Team of HMB and EFC-MAYM Elders recently have given their affirmation and approval. Pray for Communitas leaders preparing discipleship training for those engaging in missional living.

Iglesia Evangelica Amigos | Oklahoma City, OK:
This project began in 2011 and is now in full swing with top-notch young pastoral leadership. Excitement continues to build as they prepare to launch. Many Latinos have engaged with the pastor couple through neighborhood canvassing and participation in sports leagues. First Friends assists by hosting events, offering English classes, service with children, and a multitude of other support endeavors. Central OK Area churches financially support this ministry as well as serving with leaders on the Partner Church Advisory Team.   Pray for Pastor Isai and Sucely Ramos and the new leaders they are training.

Sudanese Community Church | Omaha, NE:
This project began as a new plant among the ethnic Sudanese immigrants in Omaha NE in 1999, and affiliated with EFC-MAYM through efforts of the Home Mission Board in 2012. They gather at 1:00 pm on Sunday afternoon each week at a local church for services. Many community children and as many as 50-60 youth gather on Saturdays. The John’s also lead a full service Day Care ministry during the week at another location, as well as serving the Sudanese community with health and immigration services and transporting people for other community needs. Pray for Pastor Lazarus and Veronica in this ministry.

Iglesia Evangelica Amigos | San Antonio, TX:
This church began in 2011 when Guatemalan immigrants connected in San Antonio and shared a common vision for a new Friends Church in their city. Runy and Noemi Moscoso and their two sons had lived and worshiped with the Friends Church in Las Vegas NV before relocating to San Antonio where they have given leadership as planters until recently. Julio and Elma Theresa Madrid and their two daughters offered their home for the initial meetings and vision casting. Dr David Bryne was contacted, and eventually in 2012, led this group to join with EFC-MAYM Home Missions to launch this new work. The ministry center is now located in northeast San Antonio where Spanish-speaking Texas Area Friends churches partner and send leaders to help guide this new ministry. Pray for the next new church planter/pastor to be found to give leadership for their future.