Step One: Self Assessment

The first step we call self assessment and includes the following steps:

  • Download – complete – upload several documents
  • Link to external sites for temperament testing
  • *Retain/save all output to forward or upload if determined to proceed

These pieces are foundational and help prospective planters evaluate privately if they possess the all-important call and character needed to succeed, as well as  their own potential rating in the skill areas.

1. Planter Profile: This inventory gives ratings of potential in the critical areas.

2. MBTI Interpretive Report: The Myers-Briggs type indicator is taken by 2.5 million people annually. It will take about 25 minutes and output will be a 10-page report that covers your type clarity, work style & preference, communication style, type preference and problem solving approach.  Recommended reading: “Personality Type and Religious Leadership” by Roy M. Oswald & Otto Kroeger
MBTI Sample

3. DiSC classic 2.0: DiSC is taken by several million people annually.   This instrument measures four behavioral orientations.  It will take you 20 minutes and you will receive a 23-page report that covers your DiSC graph, highest dimension, intensity index, profile pattern, motivation, work habits, and growth insights.
DiSC Sample

4. Couple Checkup:  This instrument is based upon the industry standard Prepare-Enrich marriage assessment that has been used for the past 40 years.  Twenty areas of a marriage relationship are measured.  It takes around 20 minutes and output is an 18-page report that covers key relationship areas, special areas, couple and family maps, and SCOPE personality scales.
Checkup Sample

5. APEST:  This instrument is a ministry assessment based upon Ephesians 4 and will take about 10 minutes.   Output is a five-page report that indicates leadership strengths in the areas of apostle, prophet, evangelist, shepherd, and teacher.  Recommended reading: “Forgotten Ways” by Alan Hirsch.
APEST Sample

6. Uniquely YOU:  Uniquely You Spiritual Gifts Online Profile with 16 Spiritual Gifts is a cutting-edge online tool that details your personalized spiritual gifts. The UY Profiler analyzes your responses and generates a personalized report that reveals your three primary spiritual gifts.

Uniquely YOU Eng

Uniquely YOU Esp

7. Behavior Questionnaire – Prepares candidate for a strategic interview.