Step Two: Behavioral Interview

Behavioral Interview

Once you have completed the self-assessments, the next step is to schedule a behavioral interview.  Our church planting leaders oversee assessment teams that have been trained in behavioral interview evaluation.  The behavioral interview is a three-four hour interview that you complete with your spouse to explore in depth the foundational skills of church planting.  The next step in the assessment process is to make an appointment with the Church Planting Director or simply contact the Ministry Center in Wichita Kansas.  Our church planting leaders have been trained with behavioral interviewing skills to help you confirm and unpack the strengths and weaknesses you would bring to a church plant.  They assess in teams of three to five people so you get the advantage of a broad perspective of experienced leaders.  After preparation of the Team Report that includes a Team recommendation regarding you as a new church planter, then next steps are established.

Pre-Assessment Interview Questionnaire

Sample Church Planter Assessment Report