SCAMP 2018


Senior Camp 50 and older


October 1-3

Camp Quaker HavenArkansas City, Kansas

Speaker: Dr. Adrian Halverstadt

(Jim LeShana was planning to be the speaker at SCAMP, but due to a recent diagnosis of his son’s health, he will not be able to attend this year.)


** 2018 SCAMP Speaker has changed to: Adrian Halverstadt 

Family – Lisa and I were childhood sweethearts.  We both grew up attending First Friends Church in Salem Ohio.  I proposed to Lisa at age 15 but she turned me down.  I continued my quest to make her my wife by popping the question each year until she finally agreed 4 years later.  We were married June 20, 1980.  We have 3 married sons: Adrian (Indiana), Joel (Haviland, KS) and Tim (Ohio).  At this time we have 5 granddaughters and a grandson (ages range from 9-2).  Lisa and I enjoy camping, biking, and playing table games together. 

Ministry – Most of our pastoral ministry time was in EFC-Eastern Region before moving to Haviland in 2010.  There I pastored 2 churches, Mount Pleasant (OH) and Willoughby Hills (OH).  In addition I served as superintendent of the northern district of Eastern Region and taught Bible and ministry classes for Malone University.  Shortly after moving to Kansas I was blessed to be the interim pastor at Pratt Friends for a year.  Currently I serve as the superintendent of EFC-Rocky Mountain and as the Director of EFC-North America. 

Academics – In addition to teaching at Malone University (and before moving to Kansas) I built the current Barclay College online Christian Leadership in Ministry degree and continue to chair the program.  In 2019, the plan is for me to direct a new Criminal Justice program. On campus I teach the Doctrine of Holiness and several online graduate courses.  My PHD is in conflict management with an emphasis in systems theory.  I have a Master’s degree in Christian Ministry and Criminal Justice (in process).  Throughout the 1990’s I taught college classes and directed life skills programs at 2 maximum security penitentiaries in the pan-handle of Ohio/West Virginia. 

When we moved to Kansas in 2010, my title was Vice President of Academic Services and Provost of the Graduate School.  Since then, my title/role has changed to Chancellor.  As Chancellor I serve as the national/international ambassador for Barclay College, mostly networking among Friends/Quakers, for the glory of God. 


2018 Scamp Brochure