Herb and Shirley Frazier began directing the EFC-MAYM bible quiz program in 1991. In its beginning years, they would borrow buzzers from the local public schools in order to have enough for each quiz tournament. On Sunday afternoons, they would visit churches and host mock quizzes with the hope that they would encourage participation in the program. Herb and Shirley retired from directing in 2001. While reflecting on their time spent as directors, Herb says, “It was a fun ten years and we have never regretted that we did it. I am thankful there is enough interest to keep it going. Shirley and I had no idea it would last this long.”

In honor of Herb and Shirley Frazier, the Frazier award is given to the top quizzer of the year. Please see this link for further information about the qualifications: Frazier Award Qualifications

2014 Nominees & Winner of the Frazier Award


This year the nominees (pictured above) were: Vivian Titus (Bethel Friends), Lucy Herter (Tribe of Friends), Nathan Lee (Haviland Friends), Isaac Stanfield (Chandler Friends), Leah Fitch (Argonia Friends), Sallianne Roher (Friendswood Friends), Ben Pohlman (Northridge Friends), Lauren Hinshaw (Haviland Friends) and Bailey Pohlman (Northridge Friends).


This year’s Frazier award winner was Ben Pohlman (pictured above).

At the final quiz tournament on April 26 at Friendswood Friends Church, Ben was honored and recognized and received $1000 per year ($500 per semester) towards room and board at Barclay College for a total of $4000. He also received a certificate from Barclay and a medal from EFC-MAYM.