Brief History and Overview

The Kickapoo Friends Center (Kickapoo, Oklahoma) was founded in1883 to share the Gospel of Christ with the Kickapoo people, minister to their needs, and assist them in their daily lives. Over 130 years later, the purpose for the mission remains the same.

Today, much of the work is centered around church activities with Sunday and midweek services.  The biggest outreach time is Wednesday night when thirty to fifty young people come for Bible study.  Vans provide transportation to those who do not have a ride.

Educational support for Native youth has also been a concern since the foundation of the Center. In its early years, school for Kickapoo students was held here at the Center.  Later as public education progressed, missionaries often taught at the local country school.   Today, Christine serves at the local high school as the ELL instructor and support person for Native students.

The Center is currently constructing a new building to house its “Work Training Program.”  The program, still under development, will help teen age students acquire basic work skills and knowledge that will benefit them later. The program will hopefully instill a good work ethic in these young lives.  The program will also help us make contacts with more Native families thereby giving us more opportunity to share the Gospel.

The Center is funded on faith by caring Yearly Meetings, local churches, church groups and individuals with whom the Lord burdens to share.

The Center is located on a 65-acre farm, so the work includes some farming and livestock care.  There are several buildings at the Center including facilities to house volunteer groups.  Of course, maintenance on these buildings and grounds require continual work.

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