Leach Graduate Scholarship

Policies and Guidelines

The purpose of the Leach Scholarship Endowment is to assist students who are members of the Friends Church and who are involved in graduate studies in preparation for ministry. This includes, but is not necessarily limited to, pastoral ministry, missionary service, Christian education and youth ministry.

  1. Applicant shall be a member in good standing of a Friends Church and shall be in harmony with the Faith and Practice of their own Yearly Meeting.
  2. Applicant must have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and must be preparing for full time Christian ministry within the Friends Church.
  3. Enrollment is not limited to specific institutions; however, those with an evangelical orientation will be given priority when reviewing applications for scholarships.
  4. Enrollment shall be for a minimum of 12 credit hours per semester. (Please include an explanation if the enrollment will be for less).
  5. A new application is required each year. An incomplete application will not be considered.
  6. The previous semester’s grade point average shall be not less than 2.0. (Please provide a transcript for all undergraduate and graduate studies).
  7. A maximum assistance of $500 per semester shall be granted to an applicant but final determination will be based on funds available and the number of eligible applicants.
  8. Recipients of scholarship assistance shall reapply by June 1 for the next school year. Continuation of the scholarship shall be determined by need and by funds available.
  9. The maximum anyone can receive under this scholarship program is $4,000 or eight semesters, whichever first occurs.
  10. The scholarship is a grant conditioned on the recipient’s return to serve in the Friends Church. Otherwise, it becomes a loan to be repaid in accordance with the payback schedule attached as Exhibit A.

Exhibit A
Scholarship Credit or Payback

    1. If the student returns directly from graduate school work to begin serving a Friends Church:
      1. Each twelve month period of service offsets $1,000 of tuition assistance.
      2. No interest shall be charged so long as the student continues in school or continues in Friends ministry.
    2. If the person leaves the Friends ministry, either to minister elsewhere or out of ministry altogether:
      1. Uncredited balance becomes payable with the term negotiable.
      2. Interest shall commence, effective the date of termination from the Friends service.
    1. If the student goes into ministry elsewhere, or does not enter Friends ministry:
      1. Total balance becomes payable with the term negotiable.
      2. Interest shall commence, effective the date of conclusion of semester immediately preceding.
    2. If the person later returns to serve a Friends church:
      1. Unpaid loan balance, including interest, which must be current in accordance with agreement established in B. 1. above, shall then be offset as defined in A. 1. above.
      2. Interest shall cease on the date that a Friends service commences.
    3. If the person later leaves the Friends ministry before the grant is fully credited, procedures of A. 2. shall apply.

Online Application

Personal Information


Additional Information


Application Information


Education Background


Personal Testimony

  • Please provide the following to EFC-MAYM, 2018 Maple, Wichita, KS 67213 or efcmaym@efcmaym.org. When sending the following, please attach a note with your name and the name of the scholarship you are applying for.
    • A copy of your transcript for each graduate or undergraduate school attended.
    • A letter of reference from your pastor or youth pastor.
    • A letter of reference from a mentor or teacher.

Statement of Agreement

  • "In sensing God’s calling to prepare for Christian Service, I am making this application for scholarship assistance. It is understood that this is a grant conditioned on my returning to engage in pastoral ministry, ministry service or other designated Christian Service within the Friends Church. Each year of service will offset an amount of the grant.

    If I do not return to serve in the Friends Church, or if I should terminate from service before the grant is fully earned, I understand I shall be obligated to repay the balance in accordance with the payback schedule attached hereto as Exhibit A"