Saltshaker 2017 India/Bhutan Highlight Photos

Tuesday, July 11th, 2017

Check out this compilation of photos from Saltshaker 2017 to India and Bhutan. Each photo has a short caption below it submitted by one of the Saltshaker 2017 team members.

David Tamang

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David Tamang, the tenth member of our Saltshaker team, was such a blessing to everyone he met. From the moment he joined our team in India we felt complete. Not only was he encouraging and a humble servant but he pushed us all to be better. Having a better idea of what the culture was like, David helped us to have some context into how to love the people better in both countries. David, lead our team through example on a daily basis reminding us that Christ was at the center of everything we did. While in Bhutan he was our official driver and “tour guide” and wore the national dress everyday. We miss David so much as he created a space in each of our hearts. -Jenna