Camp Makeover | March 2017

Friday, January 13th, 2017

Greetings on behalf of the camp board!

As many of you may recall, we did an “extreme camp makeover” in 2009 with many improvements and additions to the camp.  The camp board, along with our new camp managers Joe and Carole Corder, have approved the following projects.  We would invite our EFC-MAYM churches, families and individuals to consider the following 2 options: 

1. Give towards one of the projects below.
2. Bring your church, family,  youth group or yourself down to camp to help work on one or more of the projects below.


Camp Makeover | March 2017

Adopt a CQH Project!

  • $1500 to pay for a new roof – 10 more roofs to go!
  • $1500 for a pool light so we can swim at night
  • $5000 for a kitchen remodal
  • $2000 for 2 new RV spots
  • $1500 for new windows on the Grace house
  • $20000 for DREAM need for a skid loader
    Several of these items are still being researched for a final choice and price.

Please contact us for more information:
Joe Corder: 918 – 694 – 7032 | Camp board manager and main contact for these projects
Spencer Linville:  | Camp board chair
Jesse Penna:  | Student Ministries Director, EFC-MAYM

If you or your group, church or family would like to help work on any projects, please contact Joe Corder ASAP!


Mini Camp Makeover | Spring break, March 2017

Register Now

Please consider taking time off work to help with projects or hospitality at Camp Quaker Haven (CQH).  Registration cost of $200 per person due Feb 25 goes 100% towards project costs, as CQH is funding all meals and hospitality.  Mid America Friends Youth Ministries is partnering with the Camp Board to renovate CQH during spring break. Providing a facility for students and adults to renovate their walk with Jesus Christ has been a mission of Mid America Friends through CQH since 1949.  This is the mission that we carry forward for coming generations as Friends Youth Ministries implement a Mini Camp Makeover.  Please contact Joe Corder for a project list and other details that may not be included in this note. We need lots of help from adults and students; individuals or groups, so please consider going, sending, or donating towards a project! Registration is open now. Please fill out the form and mail it in. Camp Makeover Registration Form


These items above are prioritized by the Camp Board and will be completed as funds are available.  Mini Camp Makeover’s goal is to fully complete this list this spring with a dream to also purchase a skid loader to help with some of these projects!  Please make plans to participate or give!

On behalf of the camp board,

– Jesse Penna, Student Ministries Director, EFC-MAYM