Church Plant Update: Oasis Church, Dodge City, KS

Thursday, February 14th, 2013

God continues to bless the Oasis Church replant in Dodge City, under the pastoral leadership of Gerald and Dee Mendenhall!

Through their consistent outreach in the local jail, Gerald and Dee have led over 70 inmates to Christ!  Two of the former inmates are now enrolled in a Bible correspondence class.  As these two men grow in their faith, the Leadership Team at Oasis is encouraged to see them also developing leadership skills!

A new single mom whose boyfriend was in prison has been faithful at Oasis and is really growing in her faith, while attending the junior college in Dodge.

The Leadership Team at Oasis continues in negotiation efforts to lease another building.  The location under consideration is much larger than their current facility (which is severely limited).  In fact, if Oasis is able to make the move, the church will be saved from making a couple of intermediate moves that would otherwise drain time, energy, and resources!  Please pray for God’s clear direction in their relocation; the Oasis congregation could really thrive in the building under consideration!

Ed Lofgren has taken the children’s ministry and is doing a tremendous job!  Oasis plans to send kids to camp at Quaker Haven this summer- mostly third through sixth graders.

Local giving to Oasis remains a challenge, as many attendees are new believers who are looking for work and trying to get on their feet.  Praise God that giving from the outside is strong!  The Friends churches who provide monthly support are Booker, Fowler, Plains, and Crossroads. Generous donations from other churches and individuals also have been coming in and are much appreciated!

Prayer Requests:

–       for growth towards maturity among the new Christians.

–       for the Oasis Church to recognize God’s solution to their need for relocation.

–       to be able to add Spanish translation in the services; this need has been requested from time to time.

–       For more open doors for ministry in the community.  And some doors are opening!

The Oasis Church replant is led by a dedicated Partner Advisory Team, half of which are from the local church and half are from other nearby Friends churches.

On the last Sunday (Feb. 10) before this report was written, Oasis had five first-time guests!  Let’s rejoice together at the fruitful ministry of the Holy Spirit among these Friends!