Hurricane Harvey Recovery Update

Tuesday, September 19th, 2017

Here is the latest update from our south Texas leaders regarding recovery efforts among our Houston area Friends churches:

The clean up is mostly done and out to the curb.  The sheet rock, carpet, and other ruined items have been removed from homes.  We did not have the wind damage with Harvey and so the clean up of trees and lawn debris is minimal. We are now somewhere between the waiting and reconstruction phases.  We are waiting for insurance adjusters, rejection letters, FEMA awards, and available supplies.  YES, we are needing to reconstruct our homes and churches.  YES we need SKILLED manpower to do this.  The time for massive groups of unskilled, grunt type labor is past.  We are beginning to look for skilled labor that can drywall, tape/float, paint, install cabinetry, flooring, siding, roofers, etc.  This includes small groups of people that have a balance of skilled and teachable volunteers. Some of our churches/homes will be ready for these groups very soon.  We will have need of groups for a few months to come.  If you are able to provide a group or groups please contact Robyn Burns at Please indicate how many workers, what skills they possess, and when they are available so we can plug that into the needs present.  With God’s help and a lot of prayer, we hope to plug the right group into the right church to help the right situation.

We have received close to $10,000 so far in donations from our extended family of Friends from across EFC-NA.  Thanks so much for your ongoing encouragement and support!

– David O. Wiliams