Hurricane Harvey Update

Wednesday, September 6th, 2017

Here is the latest update from our Friends in south Texas (as of September 5, 2017) as they recover from the impact of Hurricane Harvey:

  • The folks in Friendswood were hit especially hard by Hurricane Harvey, but they have also been given a unique opportunity to provide ministries of compassion to their friends and neighbors.  According to Molly Black, at least 36 homes of church members were seriously damaged by the flood waters.  At least 24 of these homes have already been gutted (with most belongings, carpeting and drywall out on the curb while things dry inside), and they hope to finish with the remaining homes by the end of this week.  Over 100 volunteers have been actively involved in these efforts, many of whom have provided ministry to more than 50 young children who are trying to make sense of it all.  The congregation met for worship on Sunday morning, and the church office reopened today (the office will be closed on Wednesday and Thursday for additional recovery time, but will reopen again on Friday).  You can find additional updates on the Friendswood website.
  • Pastor Jim Barclift reports that his home on the north side of Houston is still in the process of repair, but he and Cindy are safe and sound and living with their daughter in a nearby neighborhood.  Lighthouse had three homes of church members that were flooded, but since the church property was not damaged it is now being used as a Relief Distribution Center, providing food, clothes and other essential items for the residents of League City.
  • At nearby Bayshore, Pastor Karl Newmann is leading efforts to assist the three or four church families whose homes were flooded, but he is also giving thanks for minimal damage to their church property, which they hope to offer to work crews in the coming days as a base for long term rebuilding projects.
  • The church property at Friends Community (Angleton) was also spared any serious damage, as well as Pastor David Davenport’s home, due in large part to the timely efforts of the entire Davenport family, who laid sand bags around the perimeter of the house before the nearby rivers and creeks crested.  David remains concerned for four of their church families who live in the Lake Jackson area, since the flood waters are not expected to crest until later this week.
  • David Davenport also reports that three or four homes of members from Liverpool were flooded, but the church property was not damaged.  Pastor Bubba Rouse and his wife, Shelly, are staying with family in the area as they wait for the flood waters to recede.
  • Our Friends from Northshore had over a foot of water in the church last week, and are continuing the process of clean up and recovery.  Pastor Robyn Burns-Marko currently serves as our Texas Area Elder, and will be meeting today with Karl Newmann, our Texas Area Superintendent, to put together a strategic plan for ongoing recovery and rebuilding efforts among our Houston area churches in the days ahead.  David Byrne, Director of the Coalition for Hispanic Ministries (CHM), will be assisting them as well. 
  • Our yearly meeting office in Wichita is serving as the primary collection and distribution center for financial assistanceto our Friends in south Texas.  You can send your donations directly to the Ministry Center (2018 W Maple, Wichita, KS, 67213) or you can contribute online here.  Just make sure and clearly designate any gifts for “Hurricane Harvey Relief.”
  • Here is a link to a video that was prepared by a member of Morningside Friends Church in Port St. Lucie, Florida (please keep these folks in prayer as well as they brace themselves for Hurricane Irma).


– David O. Williams, General Superintendent