Leadership Institute, Aug 6 | Leadership & Administration

Wednesday, July 11th, 2018

We have a wonderful blessing coming our way in the Church Leadership Institute for Ministry. Tom Showalter will be teaching our new course on “Leadership and Administration,” with the first class on August 6, 2018. We are all well aware that the strength of our churches is directly related to the strength of the leadership, so Tom has graciously agreed to share ideas and experiences that he has gained during many years of effective Friends Church leadership.

Tom Showalter is the General Superintendent of Iowa Yearly Meeting of Friends Churches.  He enjoys the opportunity to work with pastors and other church leaders to challenge them toward church health.  Tom is involved with various boards and committees, including two college boards (Barclay College and William Penn University) and Friends United Meeting board.

Tom was recorded as a Friends minister in 1994 and served in pastoral ministry in various locations and settings throughout Ohio as part of the Evangelical Friends Church-Eastern Region.  He is married to Rose and has four children. His eldest daughter, Paige, is a NICU nurse in Columbus, Ohio; his second daughter, Victoria, is married and lives in Des Moines, Iowa. Tom resides in Oskaloosa, Iowa, with his wife, who homeschools their two younger children, Grace and Josiah.

Tom is a 2014 graduate of the Barclay College Master’s Program in the Transformational Leadership-Professional Studies tract.  The capstone project for the degree was based upon research completed regarding millennials and entitled, “Understanding Millennials to be More Effective in Disciple Making.”  His undergraduate work was completed at Malone College in Canton, Ohio.

Jesus’ model of servant leadership as found in John 13 provides the example and framework for Tom’s ministry as he strives to follow in the footsteps of Jesus.

We invite you to hear Tom, and to share in discussion with Tom and other members of our Institute family. Here are the locations where the technology is set for videoconferencing with WebEx: Friends Community Church (Angleton), Fowler Friends Church, New Hope Friends Church, Kickapoo Friends Center, Marshalltown Friends Church, Lighthouse Fellowship Church (at the home of Jerry and Mary Louthan), Indianapolis, with Steve Turner, Neighborhood Friends Church (at the home of Tom and Bonnie Bousman), Friends Ministry Center (Wichita), Bangor Liberty Friends Church, Barclay College (Jackson Hall), North Newton (at the home of Merl and Eunice Kinser), Bethel Friends Church, St Paul, MN Friends Church (at the home of Kumar Tamang, with Friends from Nepal and Bhutan), Canadian Yearly Meeting (Montreal Monthly Meeting at the home of David Millar, and the  homes of Paul Etienne Mungombe and Jonathan Esongo, Friends from Congo), (Quebec City Meeting with Musato L. Dems and Alphee Ndahond, Friends from Congo), All Nations (formerly Sudanese Community) Friends Church in Omaha, NE, Palmer, Alaska (at the home of David Miller), Noatak, Alaska (Robert Sheldon, Superintendent), Louisville, KY Friends Church and Stone Mountain Friends Church in Atlanta (with Friends from Rwanda and Burundi), Samson Retnaraj (EFM missionary in Nepal), Mncedisi Nkomo (pastor in Zambia), James Nduwayo (pastor in Rwanda), Faniyi Paul in Nigeria, Amuri Edouard with African Friends in Chicago, Linnette Moodie, a Jamaican Friend, Anthony Moodie Pastor at the Dover Friends Church in Jamaica, and Mary Carter-Haynes Pastor at Amity Hall Friends Meeting in Jamaica.

If you would like to receive a WebEx invitation for you to log in at a more convenient place, please inform me, and I will send it to you.

Some of you will need to view the video-recorded session, which will be available on YouTube, thanks to Drew Davenport, when you click here.

Whether participating in the live session or listening on YouTube, you will prosper, because Tom will provide valuable guidance to us through his teaching. The class begins at 7:00 p.m. central time on Monday, August 6, 2018.

Looking forward to being with you and Tom,

Dave Kingrey, Director of Leadership Institute