Ministry in San Antonio

Wednesday, July 11th, 2018

Under the weight of immigration pressures, the Spanish-speaking people of San Antonio are often reluctant to make new friends or even to talk with people on the street.  When Pastor Runy goes out to the Home Depot to meet people as they are coming and going, the people often turn away from him when they see him approaching. There is fear and distrust even among fellow Hispanics.  That is only one of the challenges that has faced the San Antonio Friends Church over the last 6 years since they began meeting.

But God has been faithful and the Lord has brought fruit in its time.  Pastor Runy and the other Friends have waited expectantly and served faithfully, seeking ways to honor God and minister in the community while sharing the good news of God’s salvation.  It didn’t happen all at once

Day by day Friends have prayed.  They have seen healings and they have also seen tragedies and loss.  They have faithfully met for worship and had times of encouragement and infilling with God’s presence and have faced long periods of drought while those they had ministered to turned their back on the one who gave his life for them.  They have studied God’s word together and sought ways to care for other people in Jesus’ name, and yet for one reason or another people have for the most part heard and moved on.

But over the last few months, there have been people who have heard and responded.  In the home group studies new people have come in and said “yes” to Jesus. Three new families have recently become a part of the church and through meetings in their homes there are another three families and friends who are also responding.  There is a sense of the power and glory of God at work.

Attendance is still only about 30 and there is still a long way to go.  They have plans for camping together and a baby shower along with pastoral visits, ongoing Bibles studies, prayer, and worshiping the Most High God.

There are churches across EFC-MAYM that are looking for a key to growth and expanded ministry and sometimes just looking for a key to survival.  Maybe when we say “key” we mean something simple and easy. It seems to me that faithful ministry and worship is enough. May the Lord bring the harvest in its time and let’s pray for one another as we walk as obedient friends.

David C. Byrne, Director: CHM