What are the Eligibility Requirements for Saltshaker Applicants?

  • Committed Christians submitted to Lordship of Jesus Christ as evidenced by regular Bible reading, active prayer lives, the sharing of Christ with others, and active involvement in ministry at their local church.
  • People with servant hearts, interested in missions work and open to God’s calling in their lives.
  • Sr. High students or older (completed first year of high school at time of trip). Adults and families welcome!
  • Persons who are active in local church and regional church programs.  We recommend Spring Invasion experience.
  • People who are physically able to accomplish mission project requirements.

Saltshaker Trip Policies

  • UNCONDITIONAL OBEDIENCE to Saltshaker Directors and Hosts is mandatory. Any direct defiance of this authority will result in immediate termination of your mission trip experience and you will be sent home at your own expense.
  • Conduct is to be that expected of a Christian person – willing to give and take and maintain the spirit of unity and harmony of the group, to extend politeness and courtesy to those with whom we come in contact – missionaries, nationals (people in foreign land), directors, and team members. You will be expected to have a positive attitude.
  • No smoking or tobacco of any form, drugs, or alcohol permitted.
  • Participation in ALL activities is MANDATORY. You will be expected to give your very best at all times during work, evangelism, and all other activities.
  • Due to cultural consideration, practical jokes are not permitted.
  • You will be expected to acclimate to the culture whether you are overseas or in the U.S. This may mean eating food you are unfamiliar with or don’t particularly like, or participating in foreign customs. Saltshaker’s policy is that you will be required to eat what is set before you unless previous notification concerning allergic reactions is given in writing by your doctor.
  • Pairing off is Not permitted while on a Saltshaker trip, as it tends to distract from the real purpose of the trip. There are no ‘couples’ on a Saltshaker trip.
  • Separation from a group is NEVER allowed unless accompanied by a director or designated adult.
  • It is very important that you dress in a neat, clean, and modest fashion. Your appearance is important not only for the missionary’s reputation, but in the way the local people will perceive you. You may have to submit to certain restrictions regarding dress (no shorts), body piercing (only girls may wear small earrings), and hair restrictions (hair length for guys).
  • Phone calls are not allowed on Saltshaker trips. E-mails may not be allowed or even available on some Saltshaker trips. At most, if e-mail is available, team members may take turns sending a brief report home via a Saltshaker blog. Short term missions experience has shown us that too much contact with home can be not only distracting to focus of ministry on the mission field, but also can be a logistical obstacle to accomplishing the plan and schedule of the trip’s purpose.

There will be more specific expectations and guidelines communicated to the team as appropriate for destination and ministry.

Planning for Saltshaker
Team members will receive further communication on how to prepare, including a packing list, but here are a few things to keep in mind.

Once you are accepted on the team, you will need to apply for a Passport. You can obtain the application and instructions at any U.S. Post Office. See for more information.

Spending Money
Most team members will want money to buy pop or snacks (if it’s available). Also, if any optional sightseeing opportunities come up (not planned in our budget) – such as entrance into a museum or ?? – it would be at your own expense.

You will probably want to bring back souvenirs from your trip. If so, you need to reserve money specifically for this. You should plan ahead as to how much you want to spend. Your Director will give you a rough idea of what things might cost in the country you are visiting.

Usually, team members will not only feel a need to give of their ability, time, and talents on these trips, but will also feel compelled to give an offering. This is sometimes given in church offerings or in the form of a gift to the missionary. Your director will give you instructions on how to give and how much is appropriate to give. Your registration already will provide appropriate host gifts and pay for team expenses as appropriate. Many problems can be caused on the mission field when team members give too much or don’t give it properly – NEVER make donations to anyone without having the blessing and insight of your director first!

Money Exchange
Your directors and hosts will assist you in exchanging money if necessary.

Saltshaker and EFC-MAYM are not responsible for any team member’s lost money, stolen money, damaged baggage, lost luggage, or loss of any personal property. Directors will do everything possible to prevent these unfortunate incidents; however, sometimes they are beyond the control of the leadership.

Travel Expense Changes
Our Saltshaker budget is set according to travel cost estimates, which could change. If there is a dramatic increase or decrease in travel costs, this change may be passed on to the team members (you’ll be notified in ample time of any changes).

Travelers checks/Credit Cards
Many of the places our Saltshaker trips go to, absolutely do not accept travelers checks or credit cards, nor do they even have banks that can provide you with cash. We suggest that you bring cash in clean, unmarked, crisp bills no larger that $20’s unless otherwise recommended by your director.

Early Return Home and Cancellation Policy
In the event a team member has to return home due to illness or disciplinary action, it would be at the expense of the team member and/or parent/guardian. All flights are ticketed as group fares; therefore, you will have to pay an adjusted cost if you have a situation, either before or during the trip, that causes you to not use the purchased ticket. You are fully responsible for any expenses incurred by Saltshaker due to your commitment, deposit and acceptance to the team that can not be refunded to Saltshaker, if you are not able to participate for any reason.

Emergency Contact
In an emergency situation, if a parent/guardian needs to contact a Saltshaker team member, you can contact the Friends Ministry Center (316-267-0391). Office staff will be able to contact the team to relay a message. Loved ones will be provided after-hour emergency contact information before the Saltshaker trip.

Since most students are covered by their parent/guardian’s insurance, NONE IS PROVIDED by EFC-MAYM, as it would greatly add to the registration cost of Saltshaker. Please check your insurance coverage, and if you are not adequately covered, it is your responsibility to secure a short-term policy if you wish to.

Medical Attention
Doctors and hospitals are available in most all areas. Parents/guardians are responsible for doctor and hospital bills. Of course, Saltshaker directors will see to it that team members are well cared for and any required medical attention is administered and paid for, but EFC-MAYM will expect full reimbursement for any such expenses once the team returns home.

“All resources are limited, but NEVER LACKING for HIS assignments!”  Carol Davis, Mobilizer

It is important for you to remember, from the beginning, that the challenge and joy of being a missionary, is in depending on God. You must trust and obey! Dedicate every detail of His mission to God in prayer. If it is God’s will that you be a part of this mission trip, He will provide a way. In our experience of students raising funds for Saltshakers, we have not had even one student who wasn’t able to raise the necessary funds to pay their registration and expenses!

This is your chance to experience on a very small scale what a career missionary experiences for their lively-hood on the field.
In approaching people to ask for help with your financial support, it is important to help them understand what you will be doing, that you believe this is God’s will for your life, and what the purpose of Saltshaker is – including if it is something you are doing to explore a possible career-ministry ‘calling’ on your life. Some suggestions of people you might want to contact include: Family relatives, church leaders, church members, neighbors, and people in your community.

In looking at the amount of money you may need to raise for your trip, it may seem overwhelming. Remember that funds can come from a number of sources over a period of a few months, which will make it seem more attainable.

You will be provided with a sample fundraising letter upon acceptance to the team.

Responding to Donors
As with any missionary, it is important that you keep a list of contributions and donors. These are people who, among others who support you in other ways, you will need to send thank you letters and, at least, a brief report on your Saltshaker experience. This list may also include some people who you will want to brief on your schedule and specific prayer requests before you embark for Saltshaker.

Tax-Deductible Contributions
Contributions to the Saltshaker mission may be tax-deductible in the United States when handled as follows: Checks or money orders from contributors MUST be payable to Evangelical Friends Church of Mid-America (EFC-MAYM). This is the only way they can be tax deductible, with the exception of the check being written to your local church, then asking your local church to pass it on to EFC-MAYM. The team member’s name is NOT to appear on the check. All gifts eligible for tax-deduction consideration are donations to EFC-MAYM in the name of Saltshaker. Contributors whose gifts meet these guidelines will be provided a receipt for their tax-deductible contribution.  As you are collecting the funds, please do not wait until all funds are collected before sending deposits to the yearly meeting office.  Please send contributions on a weekly basis.  You are not required to send the response forms to the office – keep those for your records so you can send thank you notes and other updates.  Keep an excel list of email addresses for those donors who want to be updated while you are on your trip, and send that excel list of the email addresses, to Janet Penna at no later than June 1st.

Contribution Deadlines
Your deposit is due on the posted deadline in order to be considered a member of the team.
All registration payments must be turned in by the posted deadline before the trip, unless other arrangements have been made with Adam Monaghan.

Team Members cannot personally receive money contributed in their behalf to EFC-MAYM, even if it is over the mission trip expense. Therefore, if a person wishes to give spending money to a team member after the mission trip registration has been covered, it should be given to the team member personally, and not made to EFC-MAYM. This money is not tax-deductible.

Any moneys received by EFC-MAYM that is over the required registration for a particular team member will be applied to other Saltshaker expenses and mission trip projects/gifts. Over pledges are non-refundable and non-transferable to other team members.

Cancellation Policy
If a team member cancels, for any reason, sixty days or less before the trip departure date, transportation costs, administrative costs, and project funds will be deducted, as that money will already have been disbursed and/or committed to the Saltshaker team’s budget. Contributions are not refundable in any case. Deposits are non-refundable unless an applicant is not able to be accepted for any reason, in which case EFC-MAYM will refund the deposit in full.


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