What are the Eligibility Requirements for Wyoming Leadership Retreat applicants?

  1. Committed Christians submitted to Lordship of Jesus Christ as evidenced by regular Bible reading, active prayer lives, the sharing of Christ with others, and active involvement in ministry at their local church.
  2. People with servant hearts, interested in God’s work and open to God’s calling in their lives.
  3. Sr. High students or older (completed junior year of high school at time of trip). Adults are welcome too!
  4. Persons who are active in local church and regional church programs.
  5. People who are physically able to accomplish hiking and backpacking requirements.

Wyoming Trip Policies

  1. UNCONDITIONAL OBEDIENCE to Retreat leaders is Mandatory. Any direct defiance of this authority will result in immediate termination of your leadership retreat experience and you will be sent home at your own expense.
  2. Conduct is to be that expected of a Christian person – willing to give and take and maintain the spirit of unity and harmony of the group, to extend politeness and courtesy to those on the team and with those that we may come in contact with while on the Retreat.  You will be expected to have a positive attitude.
  3. No smoking or tobacco of any form, drugs, or alcohol permitted.
  4. Participation in ALL activities is MANDATORY. You will be expected to give your very best at all times during our work, hiking, setting up and tearing down camp, and all other activities.
  5. You will be expected to acclimate to the climate and conditions while on the trip.  This will mean paying attention to the packing list as well as bringing all gear to orientation. Furthermore, this may mean eating food you are unfamiliar with or don’t particularly like. Retreat policy is that you will be required to eat what is set before you unless previous notification concerning allergic reactions is given in writing by your doctor.
  6. Pairing off is Not permitted while on a Wyoming Leadership Retreat trip, as it tends to distract from the real purpose of the trip. There are no ‘couples’ on a Leadership trip unless you are married.
  7. Separation from a group is NEVER allowed unless led by a director or designated adult for a time of solitude.
  8. It is very important that you dress in a manner that allows you to stay warm and comfortable.  Furthermore, it is important that you pack accordingly so that you have all the necessary and appropriate gear.  The packing list will be provided AFTER registration
  9. Phone calls are not allowed on Leadership Retreat trips. E-mails may not be allowed or even available. Leadership Retreat experience has shown us that too much contact with home can be not only distracting to focus of the Retreat experience , but also can be a logistical obstacle to accomplishing the plan and schedule of the trip’s purpose.

Planning for the Wyoming Leadership Retreat
Team members will receive further communication on how to prepare, including a packing list, but here are a few things to keep in mind as you register and begin to make plans to attend the retreat:

Spending Money/ Fishing License
Most team members will want money to buy pop or snacks on the drive to and from Wyoming. However, this is not necessary as all food and drink items will be provided to you based on registration costs including meals and drinks during our travel time but you are welcome to bring spending money as you wish.  You are welcome to buy a fishing license on the trip at an extra cost to you.  We will make time to buy these once we are in Wyoming, but you will be responsible for the cost of purchasing one.  Details for the fishing license as well as the cost can be found at www.wgfd.wyo.gov/

You will probably want to bring back souvenirs from your trip. If so, you need to reserve money specifically for this. You should plan ahead as to how much you want to spend. There is a gift shop in the hotel where we will be staying, and there may some souvenirs on the road, but we will not specifically plan any “souvenir shopping” on the trip other than where we plan to stop for gas and hotel.

Wyoming Leadership Retreat leaders and EFC-MAYM are not responsible for any team member’s lost money, stolen money, damaged baggage, lost luggage, or loss of any personal property. Directors will do everything possible to prevent these unfortunate incidents; however, sometimes they are beyond the control of the leadership.

Altitude and Medication
It is highly recommended that you consult with your family physician regarding the potential benefits and risks of the use of the medication Diamox (acetazolamide) to aid in the prevention of altitude sickness.  All of our time will be spent above altitudes of 10,000 ft. where altitude sickness can be common and very dangerous.  In the back country it is difficult to get out and get to a lower altitude quickly in the event of altitude sickness.  This can pose great risk and difficulty for you and to the group in the event that you become ill.  Preventive treatment can minimize or avoid these risks and challenges.  It is highly recommended that you also be current on your tetanus vaccinations.

Travel Expense changes
Our Leadership Retreat budget is set according to travel cost estimates, which could change. If there is a dramatic increase or decrease in travel costs – price of gas or hotel, this change may be passed on to the team members (you’ll be notified in ample time of any changes).

Early Return Home and Cancellation Policy
In the event a team member has to return home due to illness or disciplinary action, it would be at the expense of the team member and/or parent/guardian.  You are fully responsible for any expenses incurred by the Leadership Retreat due to your commitment, deposit and acceptance to the team that cannot be refunded to EFC-MAYM, if you are not able to participate for any reason.

Emergency Contact
In an emergency situation, if a parent/guardian needs to contact a Leadership Retreat team member, you can contact the Friends Ministry Center (316-267-0391). Office staff will be able to contact the team to relay a message. Loved ones will be provided after-hour emergency contact information before the trip.  However, please note that most of the time the team will be in areas with NO CELL PHONE reception and so it may be days before we can be reached.

Since most students are covered by their parent/guardian’s insurance, NONE IS PROVIDED by EFC-MAYM, as it would greatly add to the registration cost of the Leadership Retreat. Please check your insurance coverage, and if you are not adequately covered, it is your responsibility to secure a short-term policy if you wish to.

Medical Attention
In the event that medical attention is needed, Parents/guardians are responsible for doctor and hospital bills. Of course, Leadership Retreat directors will see to it that team members are well cared for and any required medical attention is administered and paid for, but EFC-MAYM will expect full reimbursement for any such expenses once the team returns home.

Contribution Deadlines
Your deposit is due on the posted deadline – March 15 – in order to be considered a member of the team.
All registration payments must be turned in by the posted deadline before the trip, unless other arrangements have been made with Jesse Penna.

Cancellation Policy
If a team member cancels, for any reason, sixty days or less before the trip departure date, transportation costs, administrative costs, and project funds will be deducted, as that money will already have been disbursed and/or committed to the Leadership Retreat team’s budget. Contributions are not refundable in any case. Deposits are non-refundable unless an applicant is not able to be accepted for any reason, in which case EFC-MAYM will refund the deposit in full.

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